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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arnthorr

Solo Shen.

Arnthorr Last updated on March 14, 2011
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This guide is for solo laning as shen, you can use it for dual laning but I would recommended getting level 3 Feint and Taunt before maxing Vorpal blade.

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Items are never a "set best", if you are fighting against a Karthus and plenty of AP, a banshies Veil is a must. Also, if they have almost no AD, Thornmail is a waste and you don't need it, never get AD or AP items, ever. I've seen people do it and it's like throwing a wet sponge on a forest fire, no use, and just a waste of a sponge.

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These are MY preferred runes, although you can go with movement speed for Quint, I find the health to help more early game, while the Quint help late game more. But having a good early game will lead to a better late game in most cases.

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Early game

I would recommended always going top, there is more room than the lower part of the map.
It is nice to group with a champion who can harass effectively.

If you have a melee champion up top with you (Very likely) you will want to use half of your vorpal blades to hit him, and the other half to last hit minions.

When you have a Ki strike charged either use it to last hit a minion, or as I often do Vorpal blade then smack a champion in range.

You want to use vorpal blade and hit a champion followed by shielding and falling back behind a minion, if you are able to repeat it you will get a kill by level 4.

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Mid game

During the middle game you need to watch the map constantly, place two wards in the bushes right behind their first towers so you can teleport in and get a kill if need be.

The whole middle section of the game it's your job to ultimate in so save people/get kills, teleport to towers to protect them.

If you guys are ripping them apart, try to teleport in to kill their towers and push relentlessly.

If you guys are getting turned into ground beef and getting cooked on the grill, then try to trick them into pushing top/bot so that you can defend while your team pushes the other side.

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Late game

By this time your team SHOULD be winning, unless you have some morons that think they are invincible.

If you are winning then of course, you want to push mid, take them out, etc.

If you manage to get an ace, tank a tower then B and port back in to continue pushing.

Remember not to taunt in the start of a fight, wait till someone activates an ultimate and taunt them out of it, such as Nunu, Katarina, Karthus, etc. Using your taunt to early can lead to a lost team fight, be careful with it since it has a fair cooldown and team fights usually end quickly.

Do NOT try to tank the last 2 turrets, they will most likely be your death, and than more than likely your team will be without a tank and lose a team fight.

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Final notes

This is my first guide and I hoped you liked it, it's a bit simple but straight forward and easy to understand.

Leave a comment on how it could be improved and I will test it then add it and give props if it's a good idea.

If you don't have anything nice to say, well, that's your choice and I'll just ignore you anyways.

Thanks for looking, and kill some people!(unless it's me, I don't like to die)