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Kassadin Build Guide by Arnthorr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arnthorr

Kassadin, Making your enemies null and void.

Arnthorr Last updated on May 24, 2014
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This was the first guide I wrote, and I haven't really updated it in awhile since dominion seems to have really taken a back seat in recent months. I'll update the info over the next week or so. If anyone wants a specific guide, send me a private message.

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--~--Warning!: Read the whole guide or you won't get the reasons I chose everything I did!--~--

For all intents and purposes this is my first guide on Mobafire so bear with me. This guide tries to make you efficient with all of your skills and passive in dominion. I have been playing Kassadin a lot in Dominion as of late. I've been tweaking the build since the day it came out and decided to turn it into a guide. I have gone versus other Kassadins, and they always build pure AP burst, and every time I can take them and leave with over 75% health.

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I may be adding the new guys to the list of champions, but I've been very busy doing things as of late.

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Pros, and Cons.

This is what the Pros, and Cons of this guide


~High damage
~High survavability
~High mobility
~Rewarding to play
~Very good at contesting points
~Able to 1v1 almost anyone at full build

~Takes some momentum to get going
~Not the greatest early game, Level 3-5
~Not the easiest to use very well
~Takes some work to get used to

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Skills and use in Dominion.

- Kassadin takes 15% reduced magic damage and transforms this damage into bonus attack speed.

Normally this skill isn't much use because you don't auto attack as you build pure AP burst, but in Dominion you are constantly fighting so you can utilize it with Hextech Gunblade and Nether Blade.

- Kassadin fires an ethereal bolt of void energy, dealing damage and silencing the target for a duration.
Kassadin fires a void bolt dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.7) magic damage and silencing the target for 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds.

You really want to use this wisely, if you get into a fight and want to kill a target, for example, master Yi. But there is a Rammus flying at you at the speed of sound you will want to silence him instead of Master Yi so you won't get taunted, and you can kill Master Yi or escape. You can make great use of this skill in making people waste cooldowns, an example would be Rammus uses Defensive Ball Curl you silence him with Null Sphere, Riftwalk away, slowing and casting spells while he can't taunt you till after it's on cooldown, keeping you from taking damage from auto attacking him.

- Passive: Kassadin's melee attacks draw from the void, restoring 8/11/14/17/20 mana each hit. If this effect is triggered from attacking a champion the amount of mana restored is tripled.

Active: Kassadin's normal attacks become charged, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+15% of ability power) bonus magic damage for 5 seconds.

This is actually a very useful skill with your passive, building tanky enables you to gain attack speed all the way to 2.5 mid-late game. Coupled with Hextech Gunblade you will deal large damage while spell vamp and lifesteal goes to work. Although it has it's use, it's only good later on in the game, so you want to max it last. I used to forget to use this one since I wasn't used to auto attacking as Kassadin. remember to active this one as you Riftwalk in to max your damage. With this build at full items you will do 106.47 magic damage (0 Magic resist) and in a fight your Void Stone will get you to 2.5 attack speed doing 196 damage a second (with 0 magic resist) and with doing 450 a second (with 0 armor) that's 646 damage a second from your auto attacksn a second for 6 seconds.

- Kassadin draws energy from spells cast in his vicinity. Upon charging up, Kassadin can use Force Pulse to damage and slow enemies in a cone in front of him.
Kassadin draws energy from spells cast in his vicinity, gaining a charge whenever a spell is cast near him. Upon reaching 6 charges, Kassadin can use Force Pulse to deal 60/120/180/240/300 (+0.8) magic damage and slow enemies by 30/35/40/45/50% in a cone in front of him for 3 seconds.

This ability is spammable in Dominion because of the constant fighting, you will almost always want to use it as much as you can. An example of saving it is if your enemy team is coming to your point to cap, walk back, wait for them to start, hit them all, riftwalk through the wall, repeat. Playing like that makes it almost impossible to cap a point your protecting and lets your team to cap/contest other points while they waste time with you. Remember to cast this first if you have it, then your other spells in a stand up fight or a chase.

- Kassadin teleports to a nearby location dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Additionally, multiple Riftwalks in a short period of time cause them to cost additional mana and deal additional damage.
Kassadin teleports to a nearby location dealing 60/90/120 (+0.4) magic damage to surrounding enemy units. Additionally, each subsequent Riftwalk in the next 7 seconds costs 100/100/100 additional mana and deals 60/90/120 additional damage.

This is the skill that makes Kassadin such a great champion in Dominion, you can jump over almost any wall in the entire map. Once you get used to the CD of it you can move from one end of the map going through certain walls at the right time making the most use of it. I would recommend playing a custom game with yourself and just practice going through the walls at spots to get used to it.

~~Skill Sequence and reasoning~~

Maxing your Null Sphere first is a must, it has high damage, and a very long silence maxed while having far range.

Your second skill to max should be Force Pulse for it's slow and spammable damage in a large fight

Your third skill (of course) to max is Riftwalk it gives you great mobility, making you almost impossible to chase or escape from.

The last skill you want to max is Nether Blade although I love this skill on Dominion your other skills are of more use, but don't look past this one.

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When it comes to a casters marks, there is really only one good choice Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

For seals I use either Greater Seal of Resilliance or Greater Seal of Defense these are great runes for Dominion since more often than not 3 or more attack damage champions will be played. If you don't have/like these runes these are suitable replacements, Greater seal of Vitality, Greater Seal of Health.

When it comes to Glyphs there are lots that I like to use, but because of Kassadin's fair cooldowns I run Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. If you don't like , or don't own these runes,(I strongly suggest you use Focus or Celerity) these are some suitable replacements Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. If you still don't have/like those runes (you need more runes) Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, Greater glyph of Potenct.

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I prefer 9/21/0 because initially Kassadin is very weak and in Dominion the initial fight for top means a lot for the rest of the game and being able to soak up some damage without dying helps a lot. Although 9/0/21 has a bit more burst this guide is not for pure burst, and is made for taking/defending points without dying. The sustain Kassadin has with this build lets him fight for much longer without having to back, preventing them from capturing points you defend/contest whereas burst Kassadin dies if he gets CCed. With your passive, Tenacity , and Odyn's Veil the damage you will be taking will be very low compared to burst Kassadin, while your damage won't be that much lower.

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Summoner spells.

BAD. You can already see half the map, why would you ever need this.

BAD.You don't need the mana, and it has a long cooldown.

Ideal.A good summoner for Kassadin, I prefer to buy a Quicksilver Sash if I need a cleanse, but if you do take it, remember to get improved cleanse.

Ideal.My personal favorite of all summoners,reduces their damage output, while slowing them, what's not to like? It can turn a battle, or help you escape.

BAD.You have Riftwalk you don't need an extra flash, plus with a long cooldown you wouldn't be able to use it very much.

Not ideal, but not bad.You can go with this, but I personally don't like the spell that much, I don't have a problem fighting people in their point since Kassadin has such high mobility and fair range.

BAD.With a fair cooldown, and speed that's not needed, this summoner is a pass.

BAD.This in my eyes, is the second most useless summoner in the game, it heals very little in Dominion because of the maps passive, and has a long cooldown.

Ideal.My second favorite summoner in the game, it keeps them from healing, while doing true damage. Have a Tryndamere that's eating you? Thornmail + Ignite and he loses.

Not ideal, but not bad.I can see this working in some cases, but generally I kill the champion(s) at the point then just take it.

BAD.The most useless garbage in the game, I would rather stack AP on Garen without a lichbane, then get this summoner.

BAD.With a cooldown that lets you use it an average of 4 times a game, it can't be used that well on Kassadin, and other summoners can be of more use.

BAD.Farming isn't a thing you do, so smite isn't a thing you get.

~Why I chose Ignite exhaust.

and make a great combo for the Crystal scar, with Kassadins innate mobility he doesn't need Flash or Ghost. With this combo you can 1v1 anyone in the game, you can use both at the same time, or exhaust a Tryndamere or Master Yi While you kill someone else, then ignite one of them to finish them, and escape with Riftwalk, only to return again because of your sustain and win!

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~Boots: Most of the time you will want Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic penetration, other boots that I will sometimes use (but usually not as good are) Mercury's Treads, Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Boots you "never" want are Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness(your Force Pulse and Riftwalk are all you need), Berserker's Greaves ( Void Stone Is all the attack speed you need).

~Core items:

Catalyst the protector Possibly the strongest early to mid game item in Dominion, with constant leveling this item adds insane sustain + mana and HP.

With your you can jump straight in and start hitting for some decent damage, and the mana helps you fight for just that slight bit longer.

The best boots for Kassadin since he doesn't need extra move speed because of

My personal favorite item on Kassadin is the infamous gunblade, at first I was skeptical of using this item because of the reduced healing on the Crystal scar, but after using it that extra damage, and another slow just can't be beat.

~Mid game items.

A great item because of the 10% reduced magic damage + magic resist, just don't forget to use the stored damage in a fight.

The cooldown reduction, mana, and armor are a group combo, if the game lasts long enough you can build it into a Frozen Heart as your last item, but that doesn't happen often.

Some extra AP for your damage, and getting ready to build a Rabadon's Deathcap.

~Last items

Adds lots of AP, a great item overall, but sometimes I'll build Zhonya's Hourglass if they have a lot of AD and I die slightly too fast.

With your Rabadon's Deathcap, hextech gublade, and Greater quintessence of potencty This item gives you a lot of burst, it's a good idea to rift walk in, cast your spells (other than Nether Blade then use Nether Blade to get another proc from it, and by that time you can usually cast your Force Pulse followed by a Null Sphere for two more procs of the blade.) you can always use Riftwalk for an extra hit from lichbane if needed, don't be scared to use it, it has a very low cooldown.

~Situation items

(replaces Rabadon's Deathcap) Only get when they have 3-4 attack damage champions that are killing you.

hextech sweeper (replaces Glacial Shroud) If they have a stealth champion, or two, this is a very good item. Often times you will run into shaco/Akali, although straight up fights with them you will most likely win, they can stealth and burst you while you can't see them to cast spell/attack them.

(Replaces Glacial Shroud) If they have that pesky lifestealing attack damage champ that you just can't quite kill, this is the item for you. Keeps them from regenerating health while protecting your hide from their weapons.

(Depending on their team replaces either Glacial Shroud or Odyn's Veil.) For those times where they have so much CC that you get to cast 1 spell every minute. If they have very little attack damage(not common) you can replace the Glacial shroud, or build it instead of an Odyn's veil(Keep the catalyst till you need to buy your last item).

(Replaces Glacial Shroud) A great item for Kassadin on the Crystal scar, it helps with the 20% reduced healing from the maps passive, while giving you HP, magic resist, and cooldown reduction.

(Replaces Odyn's Veil) When the enemy is stacking magic resistance because your team has just a bit too much AP casters, and the added magic resist warrants it over a voidstaff.

Items to never get

The movement speed is not needed, the health regen doesn't add a lot because of the maps passive, the magic resist is nice, but 1 out of 3 is not good odds.

It takes too long to stack, plain and simple.

This is for pure AP bursters, you don't need the massive mana pool since you will have Odyn's Veil, Sheen, and Glacial Shroud, and there is no laning phase so you almost never run out of mana.

The added damage for the mana isn't a lot, the cost is just a bit too much, and you don't need the extra mana from the Tear of the Goddess part of it.

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Champions and their danger to you.

Blue, These champions you can stomp on them a dozen at a time with ease.
Green, Usually easy to fight, but can beat you if lucky or very good.
Yellow, Slightly dangerous, but usually not a problem.
Orange, These champions can be deadly, but you can beat them if you outplay them.
Red, These champions are the ones you really have to look out for, wether they keep you from killing their allies, or they kill you, watch out for them.

Green, Ahri can be a pain very early (levels 3-7) because of her Charm, and Spirit Rush. Until level 11 Ahri will be able to outrun you with her ult, but, she cannot jump over walls with it, so hug a wall if you might need to jump away from her, and don't jump on her while low HP because of her decent burst and you should be fine. If she is dominating your team, consider getting an Odyn's Veil before your Hextech Gunblade.

Yellow, Akali can be a threat if you stay near/inside her Twilight Shroud, fight her outside of it where you can make use of Void Stone, Hextech Gunblade and Nether Blade. Your auto attacks will beat hers, while you can silence her.

Green, Alistar by himself is weak vs Kassadin, and you will turn him into a skin rug, but beware of his CC in a team fight, since it can't be reduced. Stay off to the side, and if you see him lunge for you with Headbutt, aim over a wall and quickly smart cast Riftwalk if you cast it fast enough you will still Riftwalk over the wall.

Green, With a slow stun that's easy to dodge, a slow movespeed, and an ult that has a long cooldown Amumu isn't a threat most of the time, but he can chain CC you with Curse of the Sad Mummy then use Bandage Toss.

Blue, Anivia is very weak VS Kassadin, with Void Stone and Odyn's Veil she does little damage to you, and you can silence and burst her down since she is squishy, overall, watery weak sauce.

Blue, Kassadin is naturally anti caster, and Annie if very weak vs anti caster, silence her and burst her, even if she gets all her spells off on you, you will still win. But with any CC champ, care for the group chain CC burst.

Blue, Ashe is very weak early game, take advantage of that and eat her alive. With you being able to burst her down fairly fast, and having fair resistances (if you have Thornmail excellent resistances) she is almost no threat at all.

Orange, because of his massive CC, and tankyness, he is a large threat in a 2v2,2v1(Bigger fights you probably won't be the first focus). Blitcranks aren't that much of a threat if you fight them 1v1 outside any of their points, but care for the Rocket Grab, Power Fist.

Green,Caitlyn is usualy not a problem to take, but if she is doing that well against you Thornmail will make her think twice. Just care for her ult, if she goes to ult you, Riftwalk to her and silence her with Null Sphere then Riftwalk through a wall for a hasty retreat.

Blue, with spell spamming doing all her damage, and her being very squishy, you can Riftwalk on top of her nullsphere and just kill her with ease.

Green,With Rupture having a long time to actually come out of the ground, you can Riftwalk away, Feral Scream can be slightly irritating, but not bad. Feast is his only real threat twords you, but it being a close ranged cast, you can silence him when he starts to get close, slow him, then back off with Riftwalk.

Green, squishy and easy to burst, another champion that has no CC so easy to escape from or chase down.

Blue, you will almost never see him in dominion since the 20% reduced healing makes him virtually usless, easy to counter with ignite and not a big problem.

Blue, With mid level burst and no stun/silence she is easy to kite and not a large threat, if she becomes a problem a hextech sweeper should put her in her place.

Green, Easy to defeat since you can outburst him, silence makes him basically useless, silence early so he doesn't get his spells off and activate his passive.

Green, A nice snack for a Kassadin, he is nothing without his drain in a 1v1 Null Sphere takes care of that, just beware his ult.

Orange, Fizz is a very large danger early and mid game, he has very high mobility early, and has reduced healing with his Seastone Trident, at level 6 if he hits you with his ult, and is running ignite, there is a fair chance you will die before really getting to move. When fighting him try to Riftwalk behind him if you think he is going to engage on you, chances are he will launch Chum the Waters at you and you will dodge it. Till late game you should not fight him at point blank unless needed, and take the poke approach, whittling away his health with Null Sphere.

Yellow, Galio can be a bit tricky to deal with, because he stacks magic resistance your spells will bounce off of him, but auto attacking him with his Bulwark won't do a lot either. Try to wait get him with his Bulwark on cooldown.

Yellow, gangplank can be a deadly foe if he knows what he is doing, but with him having only Parrrley and his ultimate for ranged, you should be able to kite him. (remember that Remove Scurvy removes all CC so Null Sphere first, then Force Pulse after he uses Remove Scurvy)

Orange, Garen can be a deadly adversary with his Decisive Strike for movement speed and a silence, while his judgement removes slows. Because of Demacian Justice Don't try to fight a Garen upclose with less than 50% health.

Green, Gragas is mostly useless vs a Kassadin, with Riftwalk being able to dodge all of his spells and being able to run/chase much further.

Yellow, Heimerdinger is useless without his turrets, fight away from them and you will win with ease.

Yellow,Irelia has a fair cooldown on her charge, just Riftwalk away and kite her, care for her stun when she is lower health than you, and her ult to turn a fight.

Blue, With very little to no damage Janna is an easy kill, Riftwalk can easily dodge her Howling Gale or counter her Eye Of The Storm aswell your Null Sphere can do the same.

Orange, Jax can be a very big problem in Dominion, he can force you to fight him, or lose/not gain a point. And because of his tankyness he is very hard to take. Even when kiting a Jax he can just leave and survive only to return and eat you. Almost never do you want to auto attack/fight him straight up.

Blue, Dealing almost no damage to you, and being a caster she is easily killed by a Kassadin, the only time a Karma is a problem would be in a team fight, where she shields their damage and speeds him up.

Blue, a little bit obvious why he is weak vs Kassadin, spell spamming just gives you more Force Pulse's, while you can silence him, and burst him down with ease.

Red, If he is hybrid Kassadin he is a red, if he is pure AP he is a yellow. If he is pure AP just fight him straight on while silencing and slowing as much as you can.

Green, Another caster that is easily countered by Riftwalk and Null Sphere.

Red, Kayle is the champion I've had the most problems fighting against, when they are fully build they can chip away at you very, very fast, and with her ult she can take you down. Try to get her to half HP saving hextech gunblae and all of your spells, then silence and burst her before she gets to ult.

Green, Since you hit level 6 early on in dominion, Kennan is of no real threat, you can dodge his ultimate while bursting him fairly easily.

Orange, Kog Maw is a fairly deadly champion in the right hands, try not to fight him for prolonged times, and just try to nuke him down from afar.

Yellow, Once you have Odyn's Veil she won't be able to do anything to you, but be aware that she has more initial mobility than you, and has a silence and a snare.

Red, In my opinion Lee Sin is a little too strong, with his insane mobility, and large burst + sustained damage. If you get hit by his
Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike wait till either, it runs out, he jumps to you, or you get out of range(don't underestimate it, it's far) to Riftwalk. If you start to Riftwalk he can activate Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and will follow you the whole way.

Yellow, As long as Leona doesn't hit you with Zenith Blade you should be fine, you can dodge Solar Flare with Riftwalk. When fighting her in a team fight, don't stop moving, and don't let her get to close, she has three stuns, and can keep you immobile for long enough to a burster to take you down.

Blue, An easy snack, she will do almost no damage to you, just avoid Finales Funkeln, and remember that if she starts casting it, to get out of the way.

Green, Malphite isn't really a problem since he doesn't have that high of damage, just watch out for his Unstoppable Force and you should be fine.

Orange, If you can burst him before he gets Nether Grasp and Null Zone off you will be fine, in a team fight care for him, since Cleanse doesn't work on Nether Grasp and you will get focused down to nothing if he ults you.

Yellow, Master Yi can be hard to deal with because of his Alpha Strike and Highlander. If he goes to use Highlander go through a wall, wait till he runs around, then go through the wall again.

Green, You can burst her fairly fast, while not being in that much danger, if she rushes and Infinity Edge you should care when fighting her, but go in and out, bursting her a bit each time and she will go down.

Orange, Because of the nerf to his shield, he is build tankier than before, so it's almost impossible to burst a Mordekaiser down, you have to try and poke at him till he is about 25% health, then go in with the burst. Remember to silence him when he is low as to not allow him to ult you/allie and regenrate health.

Orange, Morgana is a hard one to beat later game because of her spell shield, she usually won't be able to kill you because of your Riftwalk, but, if by some odd chance you get caught by Soul Shackles and then Dark Binding if you survive, just run.

Green, Nasus isn't much of a threat on Dominion since he never gets to farm his Siphoning Strike (his main source of damage).

Green, Not much of a threat, easy to kite, easy to dodge Javelin Toss / Takedown. Just don't get hit in the face by the Javelins and you will be fine.

Orange, Nocturne is actually a fairly large danger, if he catches you with a fear while your Riftwalk is on cooldown it could be your demise. He has a lot of damage, and because of his spell shield he is harder to kite than most, beware of good Nocturnes.

Blue, If someone plays Nunu they are trolling, he is uselss in Dominion since Consume won't heal much, and it's hard to get his ult off.

Yellow, Olaf is rarely seen (Haven't seen him in almost 400 games) since he is a little on the weaker side, but there are a few good Olafs that will be hard to kill because of his tankyness and Ragnarok. Beware his Reckless Swing mid to early game, late game it's low damage.

Yellow, Very irritating champion, usually going tanky and still putting out a lot of damage with his combo, don't get jumped by him, try to kite him, and if you see Aegis of Zeonia's animation starting, Null Sphere him so he can't combo you once the stun goes off on you.

Green, Orianna is most often(but shouldn't be) built pure AP with no health in Dominion, therefore you can burst her down very quickly without fear of taking damage because of your Null Sphere.

Green, As long as you don't let her combo you, you will be fine, she can't burst you down with one combo, and you can escape her with Riftwalk.

Yellow, Just try to keep from being taunted and he isn't a big problem, if you see him use Defensive Ball Curl use Null Sphere and dance around him till it's gone to fight, so his taunt won't do a whole lot.

Green, Renekton is almost never played in Dominion since he requires the lifesteal from his cull of the meek and the 20% healing reduction hurts him badly. If you do come across one, with this build you could stand and auto attack him down with Nether Blade.

Yellow, Before you hit 6, Riven can take you fairly easily, but after 6 she doesn't become much of a problem so long as you keep your distance. Remember that Blade of the Exile acts like Garen's ultimate, dealing more damage, the less health you have, never engage a Riven with less than 30% health.

Yellow, Rumble is deceptively hard to kill, once he casts Flamespitter it can't be stopped (unless he dies]], the same goes for Scrap Shield and The Equalizer making it hard once the silence is gone to keep him from getting his spells off. Try to wait till he uses Falmespirre and Scrap Shield before moving in, and silence once falmespitter will be coming back off cooldown (6 seconds with no CDR) preventing him from casting it for an extra 1-2 seconds (unless you are the master of timing and get him to waste exactly 2.6 seconds).

Orange, Ryze is a tough one to rate, because he can either be very hard, or very easy to take down. Because of his Rune Prison and Desperate Power it makes him tricky to kite. Since Ryze builds mana for damage he will usually have Odyn's Veil and Frozen Heart making him a bit beefy and hard to burst. But because of Ryze's Overload spamming on you, while you spell vamp and lifesteal on him you should get 2.5 attack speed, just try getting close to him and auto attacking him down along with your spells.

Yellow, Shaco on the Crystal scar are almost always AP, and almost always the most irritating. Shaco's usually camp on top of a point with Jack In The Box spam preventing you from taking it. When aproaching a shaco on a point, handle with care, and if you see him place a Jack In The Box, avoid that area, chances are there are a stack right there. Remember that when he uses Hallucinate if he has Sheen, or Lich Bane it will proc, and you will see the real Shaco.

Green, Shen really isn't a problem on the Crystal scar, his Vorpal Blade will heal him for nothing, and Stand United has a long cooldown. The only real danger from Shen is in a group he can use Shadow Dash and you can get locked out of a fight while you get beat on.

Yellow, Somewhat of a danger till 6, once at 6 you should be able to laugh at her feeble attempt to catch you because of Force Pulse and Riftwalk. Just don't underestimate her damage in a team fight, she is a little hard to burst because of how tanky she build, but still does enough damage to be a threat. Try to kite their casters while avoiding Shyvana because unlike shyvana, they have Papier-mâché armor. In a 1v1 you should be able to kill her without many troubles.

Yellow, I hate singed, plain and simple, I think he is a stupid champion, similar to Garen all he needs to do for most of his damage is run in a circle. Don't focus him in a fight, and if it's 1v1 walk to the side of his Poison Trail and watch out for his Fling.

Yellow, In Dominion Sion is almost always played as attack damage, therefore his spells do little to no damage to you. If you are going to fight a sion, either Exhaust him, or Ignite him, negating a lot of his heal from Cannibalism.

Green, The only hard part about killing a Sivir is her speed and her Spell Shield. Other than that she is not that much of a problem, if she has Infinity Edge and lifesteal, then you might have to Exhaust her.

Green, Skarner overall is a fair champion, most people have no idea how to play him, making him worm feed, but a select few can be deadly with him. Skarner late game, is a very fast champion, and with Impale he can pull you along for a ride while his team beats your skull in. I've actually been able to Null Sphere as he does Impale and cause him to stop as he casts (not very often, and I don't think it goes on cooldown) keeping him from snatching you and then you can make a quick escape.

Blue, Sona is a really easy kill, very little damage, low health pool, easy to burst.

Green, If you don't Null Sphere her right off the bat she will Astral Blessing herself and Infuse you and be a bit tough to kill. Make her your main target since Infuse and Starcall will do a lot of damage if she built AP(as all Soraka's do in Dominion)

Yellow, Swain is a tanky caster, so you probably won't be able to burst him, and often times he will have Will of the Ancients. When fighting Swain be mindful of his Ignite Torment combo, if he uses, get back and wait for Ignite to wear of before engaging. It is also a good practice (but not a must) to fight him right after he used Ravenous Flock as it will have a little bit of a cooldown.

Red, Talon is one of the best counters to you, being able to burst your entire health while being able to jump to you, silence, and stealth for a short duration. Eearly-Mid game try not to fight talon out of a point unless he is low, and you have full, or close to health. If he uses Cutthroat, Noxian Diplomacy, Rake, then Shadow Assault jump through a wall ASAP. Shadow Assault will do damage twice. Remember that Thornmail is always an option.

Green, Taric is only a threat in a team fight, with Dazzle and Shatter not doing a whole of of damage, with fairly long cooldowns, he will easily fall to your might.

Green, Teemo is weak as a fighter in Dominion, but, he is a pain at keeping off your points with his FTL movespeed. Try to watch your points, and mid (Sometimes he will walk across it) and keep him off your points. And remember to watch for his shroom on his points.

Yellow, Try to kite her or burst her to death, don't stand and fight her since he will most likely have Infinity Edge and deal lots of damage to you.

Yellow, Trundle is a bit harder to kill than other melee champions because of his Agony just be mindfull of him in a fight, the fight can turn in his favor and surprise you.

Orange, Tanky, speedy, has a stun, lots of damage with Kitae's Bloodrazor and Tiger Stance never, ever fight an Udyr face to face, you will lose. Try to Riftwalk into him (past) if he gets close with Bear Stance and slow him from behind, then commence to kite.

Yellow, Urgot is all based on Noxian Corrosive Charge and Acid Hunter, dodge his Noxian Corrosive Charge and you should be good. If you are running from an Urgot, remember that Riftwalking through a wall might not always save you. He might keep vision long enough to Terror Capacitor back into your team. If you think he is too close to escape with a Riftwalk through a wall, move away, then Riftwalk as far away as you can before going through a wall.

Green, Unless the Vayne really knows what she is doing, you will be doing more damage while taking less, and she will be taken down quickly. It's hard (since there are so many walls) but try to keep her from Condemning you into the wall.

Yellow, if Veigar gets you with Event Horizon pray he doesn't get a full combo off on you, if he does with a Deathfire Grasp you die. If he misses his Event Horizon by just a little bit, Null Sphere him, Riftwalk out and commence to burst the little yordle.

Green, Viktor is a weak champion VS Kassadin unless he is fed, mid-late he should barely tickle, and you can Riftwalk out of his Gravity Field before it can get the stun off on you. The only real danger is Gravity Field and Chaos Storm in a team fight.

Yellow, It was hard to choose if Vladimir was Green, or Yellow. If he builds tanky enough he will survive your burst and still have a fair bit of health, and use his spells to heal up. If he uses Hemoplague on you, escape, and come back after it goes off, the extra damage he gets from it can be your end.

Yellow, Mid-late game chances are he will have a Spirit Visage and most of the time volibear will be using Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist so he will be able to absorb a decent chunk of damage. Remember to ignite him to negate his passive Rolling Thunder, and late game try to fight him away from his team/point because of the time it will take you to kill him, backup may arrive.

Green, Tough to beat in a stand up melee fight, another champion to kite. If you he is low, and you think you can Riftwalk in and kill him, he might be ready with a Hungering Strike to kill you, when low, hit from afar.

Green, Xerath is one of the easiest champions to kill early game, as he has low health, no escape, and low damage. Late game he still isn't that great, because he can only poke you down, if you get up close silence, and kill him with ease. Just don't let him catch you fighting someone else, or he will assist far beyond your range.

Orange, Xin Zhao has a lot of burst, at first I was thinking "Oh a melee champ, weak" then he Audacious Charge and Three Talon Strike and killed me. He really is a tough champion if he gets you with your Riftwalk down, try to avoid him till late game where your Riftwalk has a very low cooldown and he can never catch you.

Yellow, When fighting Wukong, remember that his Decoy will make you disengage, so don't waste spells or Hextech Gunblade on the Decoy. When Wuokong uses Nimbus Strike try to hit him with Null Sphere mid flight, he won't be able to stealth and you can deal some damage to him. If Wukong is low when he uses Cyclone you can burst him down right off the bat instead of running (Makes them rage, but know how much damage you do before attempting).

Green, Zilean is a hard champion to take a point from, if you try to harass him before going in chances are he will get a Time Bomb off on you since your Null Sphere has a travel time and his Time Bomb is instant. If you catch him outside a point go full force no mercy burst, even if he uses Chronoshift kill him, wait on top of him to respawn and Force Pulse + Null Sphere.

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Riftwalk map.

Places you can Riftwalk through.
Sorry about the map being a little off looking, I couldn't find a better one.

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Kassadin's progressive power.

Level 3-5
Medium burst, Minimul sustained damage, medium survivability, don't try to engage people point blank unless they are just as weak (or preferred weaker) early.

Level 6-15
High burst, Medium sustained damage, medium survivability, you should have Sheen, Catalyst the protector, Hextech Revolver, and Sorcerer's Shoes. You can kite well, with some spell vamp keeping you alive against those pesky bursters.

Level 16-18(maybe 19, if you're just that good)
Very high burst, High sustained damage, high survivability. By this time you should have Sorcerer's Shoes, Hextech Gunblade, Sheen, Glacial Shroud, and Needlessly Large Rod. You have enough to burst to take most people down 60%+ damage, while doing high sustained damage from the AD from Hextech Gunblade and from Void Stone and Nether Blade. You should be able to take almost anyone on 1v1 in a stand up fight.

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Video place holder.

Due to recording problems, and sound Sync error I am not able to make a good video at this time, if anyone can help me with the problems it would be great. The problems I get, 1. The sound is off from the video. 2. It randomly lags, when it wasn't lagging for me (And I've tested a couple of other games, so I don't know what's wrong with it)

Yes, my PC is fast enough to record without lag.

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El summary.

I hope this guide is helpful for playing Kassadin in Dominion, don't be scared to stray from the build, it's not set in stone. Feel free to comment with suggestions I might have made an error somewhere and didn't realize it. For any long questions, or comments, please send to It's easier to read and reply, thanks, Good luck, and have fun.