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Sejuani Build Guide by Gardna Serosin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gardna Serosin

[Solo Top] Fullmetal Hambacon

Gardna Serosin Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there, my name is Gardna Serosin. I've been getting some real good results out of Sejuani while solo-top and I thought I'd write a quick guide to share some of my insights with the rest of you.

Sejuani is an incredibly durable, mobile tank who can dish out too much damage to be ignored. She specializes in aoe damage and slows with her ultimate being a solid and possibly AoE stun. That is right an AOE STUN.

This is going to be a semi basic guide, but I will update and add things as I develop her more thoroughly.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing durability
Damage is equivalent to a global taunt
YOU'RE RIDING A HOG. Its like Timon and Pumbaa with a vengeance. (Just don't call him a pig.)
All damage is AoE
Too many others to name.

Early game can be rough with a persistent jungler
Have to bide your time with certain champs regarding farm/harassment
No direct taunt
A little mana hungry (not too bad though)
Slow movement speed (offset by Force of Nature though)

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Skill Sequence

I prioritize Permafrost because of the magnificent farming ability, damage, and the brutal slow. It is by far the brightest star in Sejuani's kit. Don't underestimate the range on it too, because I've had some people a good distance away from me try to escape with the frost debuff either over a wall or just out of range and I've popped it for a successful kill.

Secondly, I max out Arctic Assault for the cooldown and the AoE application of our passive debuff. Charge to the back of the wave (the casters) with Arctic Assault and pop Permafrost and you can slay an entire wave without any bonus damage.

Lastly I max out Northern Winds mostly because it scales off of your HP and the level ups only afford you slight increases in damage and I believe its something like .25% increase to the health to bonus damage ratio. It is better suited to team fights anyhow, but can be useful while solo top while chasing off the fella you're laning against.

As usual your ultimate Glacial Prison takes precedence over everything, bar none this ult is amazing and you want to have it up for a gank--but always be sure to save it. Never blow it first.

Your basic combo will be Q into E and then W chase while they're in range and if they flash or start to get away Glacial Prison them for the kill.

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This is a basic magic damage based tank build, the armor penetration and CD reduction are crucial for owning that solo top. You don't want to JUST be super durable, you want to be able to bully around whomever you're against and that is where CD reduction and magic penetration come in.

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The listing above has nearly the exact order you should use. You can prioritize in varying orders but I have to insist on rushing Warmog's Armor. I sort of do it like this when buy it in pieces. I will prioritize HP > Armor/Resist early-early mid game and then swap when buying for late mid-late game. You need the HP to survive earlier in the match and the resists to boost the effectiveness of your HP late game. I would also like to insist upon the Sunfire Cape because it meshes incredibly well with your Northern Winds and you should always be the first one in and the last one out. That Sunfire Cape damage WILL add up quickly in a team fight.

NOTE: Banshee's Veil is interchangeable with Thornmail depending on the team composition.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is obviously for escapes. I find leading into a charge and then flashing will net you an outrageous amount of distance. I often will charge over a wall forcing them to burn their flash or Kassadin to use his ult and then I will flash over another wall for an untouchable gap. Exhaust helps a lot with first blood top. Even with all your slows a decent Flash will dramatically decrease your chance for success. You don't want to just push top out of lane you want to kill and make him rage at his respawn timer! Sejuani's slows + exhaust is nearly a guaranteed first blood.

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Early Game

Be a bully. Early on you can auto attack and harass all you like. Nearly no one will be able to do too much too you as long as you don't do anything stupid. Auto attack a bunch, once you're level three feel free to use your combo then chase with auto attack + Northern Winds.

As usual don't over extend. Only last hit. The nature of this beast is to slow them down for kills so the further they have to run you are exponentially more effective.

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Mid Game

Try to have your turret down, because your bully ability will start to taper off. You are better suited to roaming/ganking and trying to force team fights. If you have your Warmog's Armor and are decently tanky feel free to turret dive on occasion with full life as long as you have a carry or two who is ready to explode on them. I personally enjoy Arctic Assault into mid while the jungler and mid jump on her. I mostly just do my combo, hang around till I'm down to 50% life and trot my happy piggly wiggly behind away looking for my next escapade.

Just make sure you are the one who goes in first so the turret is on you so they can freely unload upon them. Arctic Assault away if it gets dangerous, Flash if it gets deadly.

Always let them know what you're doing, particularly on a tower dive. DO NOT tower dive 1/10th of a second after a ping while jungler is getting their red and mid is pushing from her turret. That is just stupid, but I've seen a Sejuani do it.

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Late Game

All you have to do is lead the charge at this point. Focus all your abilities at the carries. Glacial Prison anyone who tried to escape or if their ranged carry is out of position. Your ultimate is particularly useful against a slippery Kassadin.

You are a fortress at late game, you want to always be the first in and last out. Coordinate your teammates and focus their squishies. Always go for the number advantage and I would almost never suggest starting a team fight with Glacial Prison because it is much better to use it for escapees. The only exception is when the carry is out of position or gets caught out--definitely use it then but even in that scenario try to keep it in your pocket as long as possible.

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Farming consists of Arctic Assault through the melee minions to the caster minions, hitting Permafrost and profiting. Only in extreme situations would you even need to use Northern Winds

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Essentially this is a pretty straightforward tank build/guide. I must insist upon not going into more than one if any offensive item, but that is at your discretion.

Please try out solid games before raging if this build doesn't carry you, because it cannot be helped if your mid/bot feed and you get swarmed and lose or something.

Please try the build period and analyze your own style before any flaming occurs. I welcome criticism, but only astute learned criticism.

Don't downvote because I don't have dividers, a hand drawn picture of Sejuani or because I didn't spend seven days on photoshop to mask a bad guide.

Message me if you wanna talk in depth or contribute anything to the guide,
especially if you wanna send me screen caps of you doing well with this build!

Will update and change as time elapses.

Also please see my guide for Fizz the Tidal Trickster