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Volibear General Guide by gedziuzzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gedziuzzz

Solo Top Offtank Volibear + Dominion

gedziuzzz Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, I'm going to show you my build for Volibear - The Thunder's Roar. I will try to look through laning/items/teamfights/skills/summoner spells/runes.

So 1st of all I like to play Volibear in top(solo lane). Volibear is a great tank, chaser, and can deal quite a lot of damage, especially if they leave you unchecked in a teamfight with your ulti on.
Build 1/2 - Summoners Rift
Build 3 - Dominion

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Pros / Cons


-One of the best passives in the game
-Good chaser
-Decent CC
-Strong in team fights
-Pretty strong in both offense and defense
-A very strong execute skill(W)


-Ignite,Healing reduction abilities shuts you down pretty hard
-Easily kited
-Weaker tank compared to others
-Very item dependent
-High cooldowns

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Summoner Spells

I recommend:

Surge is so INSANELY STRONG when used with your ultimate. (Especially in team fights)

Ghost synergises well with your Q (Rolling Thunder) skill. With ghost you ignore unit collision, it's harder to get kited + it's great for escaping.


If your team does not have exhaust, you should take it instead of Surge.

In my opinion its only good while laning, in team fights its not very good for Voli.

Heal is very good in late game, + it synergyzes with your passive, but I don't really like it.

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Skill explanation

Passive: Chosen of the Storm - This is your passive, it's very good an useful and best part is that it gets stronger as the game progresses. This skill triggers when you have 30% or less HP and it heals you for 30% of you max health!! So this passive is like level 1 Mundo ultimate!

Q Ability: Rolling Thunder. Your next attack gains bonus physical damage (damage doesn't scale with anything) and flings target behind you. This is the same skill as Singed's Fling. When you use it it will increase your speed by 15% and when you are moving towards an enemy champion it will increase you speed by 45% in all levels. This attack resets your attack times and it can target towers, so take advantage of it when you have the chance.
W Ability: Frenzy - Each hit you will gain 8/11/14/17/20 % extra attack speed. This stacks 3 times. When you active the ability it will deal 80/125/170/215/260 Physical damage to an enemy +15% on your BONUS health. The damage increases by 1% for each 1% of enemy's missing health. This is your strongest single target nuke. It has a pretty long cooldown but it hits hard, so try to target enemies with low HP, and you will hit HARD. This is your main damage skill when fighting against another enemy champion at top lane, thats why I recommend to max it first!
E Ability: Majestic Roar - This is AoE slow which slows enemy champions and fears enemy minions.
Deals 60/105/150/240 magic damage + 60% of AP and slows for 30/35/40/45/50%.
I like to max this second, helps me with farming and it deals pretty decent amount of damage.
R Ability: Ultimate - Thunder Claws - For the next 12 seconds you auto attacks will deal 75/115/155 magic damage +30% AP. It bounces on up to 4 enemies. Great AoE nuke in team fights, try to use it with Surge and you will see how effective that is!!

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Skill Sequence

Level Up Frenzy [W] at level 1

Rolling Thunder [Q] at level 2

Majestic Roar [E] at level 3

Ultimate [R] level up at levels 6/11/16

Max Frenzy[W] 1st (Max it first for damage and attack speed bonus)
Max Majestic Shout [E] 2nd
Max Rolling Thunder [Q] last.

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In my opinion these are one of the best runes for volibear.
Armor Pen - Maximizes Frenzy damage + auto attacks hit nice

Armor - Great for laning and tanking

MR - Great for laning and tanking


Attack Speed - more hits with ulti!

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Boots:or Depends on who you fight, if enemy has more AD grad ninja tabi, if more stunners/AP take mercs.

Warmog is your main item, and you should get it as soon as possible!! It increases your W damage by A LOT + it makes you a beefy tank, especially when your passive is up, then you can really take a huge amount of damage.

This will convert health into AD, it will let you deal quite a bit of damage, help you with farming etc. In other words this item is the main if you want to be a good offtank.

This item works really well with your ultimate(Increases damage and slows). It will help your team catch up to fleeing enemies and it will give you a nice AD bonus with Atma.

FoN is really important item. When you'll have your warmog and crystal scepter you will have about 4k HP. That means that KogMaw or Madred will hurt you reallllllyyy bad, so this item will give you a huge amount of tankyness, + crazy HP regen. The bonus speed is very important, because a lot of hereos can kite you, so it will be easier to catch up to them.

This item is very impressive and I love it on volibear, it gives you a nice chunk of armor+ad and attack speed. The passive will let you kill Baron and Dragon extremely fast, so if you are making an offtank this item is a must have in my opinion. When you'll get this you will be very strong in both offense and defense.


If your team is not tanky enough and the enemy team has a feeded AD carry, this item is a MUST have. You should consider getting this instead of madreds. If you already have a strong tank or lots of CC to shut down enemy carries, I dont reccomend this item.

This item synergizes well with your passive, it gives you CDR, but I never get it, I fell like rushing to warmog is a smarter choice. If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage you can take it, and later replace with Force of Nature.

Gives you a lot HP and a nice slow, but I fell that crystal scepter is better, because with frozen mallet you can only lock down only 1 target, whereas with crystal scepter+ur ulti you slow 4champs at the same time.

Did not have the chance to try this in normal games, but tried it on dominion. Super fun item on Volibear, If you dont know already this item gives 50% attack speed/250health and every 4th attacks send a chain of lightning which hits 110 damage dmg for up to 4 enemies. So basically this is item is like your ultimate which occurs every 4 hits. In addition extra attacks speed lets you stack frenzy faster and extra HP gives you more tankyness and Frenzy damage. Great item, nothing more to say.

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I like to play Volibear in top because he has a good sustain and when jungler comes in to gank, I am always ready to CC my oponent with Rolling Thunder and Majestic Roar.

Always try to last hit minions, as I mentioned before, Volibear is VERY item dependent.

You can pretty much lane against everyone. I will name a few solo top champs and say my opinion on how to fight with them.
[Green = Shouldnt be a problem, but dont get too relaxed]
[Yellow = You are both at the same streght level, dont mess up and you'll be fine]
[Red = Approach with caution, one wrong step and its over for you, ask your jungler to help asap or change lanes]
Irelia is quite the hard to kill, but you skills are more powerful then hers, always try to harass her with Q (throw her up) Use E for dmg and slow and then use your W to deal some nice damage, she wont deal so much damage in the same time as you, after you combo retreat and wait for cooldowns and repeat over and over and when you think its the right moment go in for the kill, dont harass her with autoattacks, because she regenerates when she auto attacks. Remember, the lower HP, the more damage your W will deal!!!!

Wukong - Now he is a REAL pain in the ***, his clone helps him escape quite easily after harrasing and he hits very hard, especially with his crazy armor reduction with Q skill. And thats what makes it difficult, your best choice is to soak up his damage, let him hit you as little as possible and after he uses his clone, then dive into him and amplify your damage, dont stay in for too long though because his cooldowns are pretty low. Now the worst part is when he hits level 6. When enemy jungler comes Wukongs ultimate gives him enough time to catch up to you, so when you are fighting Wukong, always have a ward. Your best choice would be to let him push you a little so that in a bad situation he would have to turret dive you, and that can be your trumph card.
Nasus If you lane against Nasus you should be alright, because he has to farm minions in order to deal damage and he's not bursty at all in the early game. With Volibear its really easy to harass him, so do your best to shut down his farm, if you dont let Nasus free farm, you will really make his mid/late game hard, and that might be the reason why your team will win. If you kill him once, dont get relaxed and leave him in a lane, giving Nasus free farm is like signing a death sentence. Dont turret dive Nasus because he can heal with his ult and slow you with his W. Its best to make him waste his W and then you can try to dive in for the kill.
Lee Sin At first I was surprised, but it turns out that Volibear is a pretty good Lee Sin counter, you overpower him in both attack speed and skill power, he can be pretty annoying, just try to dodge his Q, if you do dodge it go in and harass him or even try to kill him. I have never lost to a Lee Sin in top, the key thing is to dodge his Q skill, which is not that hard, if you manage to do it, then Lee Sin should be toast. You should be able to farm without a problem. But remember, dont push and always have a ward...
Gankplank Now gankplank is a pretty tough one, dont let him harass you, if he uses Parrrley ALWAYS make sure to go in and harass him back, because if GP will get an upper hand on you its going to be really hard to get back on your feet...If I see that they have GP in top I almost always go for a Dorians Shield as the first item, with it you shouldnt have a hard time with him.
Tryndamere Trynda is not hard to kill with Voli,you counter him pretty well, he is quite weak untill level 6 so if there is a chance always try to harass him, the most important thing is to shut down his farm, dont let him get close to minions, if he tries to come just Q - E - W combo and he'll be huging his tower all day long. It's important to have a ward when laning against trynda, cuz you will be trying to shut down his farm, that means you will be pushing him to his tower....
Riven I marked her red because of her mobility, I always have big trouble when laning against Riven, her shield soaks up quite a big amount of damage, and she can easily escape from the range of your Frenzy (W) so when laning against Riven ask your jugnler for help and try to initiaite when her skills are on CD...
Akali She is a strong volibear counter, if enemy Akali has correct runes she can just rape you... Her Twilight shroud can prevent you from harrasing + when she reaches level 6 she deals quite a lot of damage, she has spell vamp as well so she has a pretty good sustain. When laning against her try to get your Merc Threads asap and if you know that her Twilight Shroud is on CD dont hesitate to harass. Another good choice would be to buy Vision Ward and ask your jungler to come gank.

I will add more champs when I'll have more free time and explain more about farming Masteries and etc!

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Team fights

In team fights you are the initiator, charge in with Rolling Thunder, 1st target squishies, when the team fights starts use Ultimate+Surge and with the help of Riley's Crystal Scepter slow all team.

If you are ignited while your passive is activated try to back out of the fight, because you wont be as effective at tanking due to lowered regeneration.

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Item awareness is VERY important, you must always watch what the enemy team is building.

Example I marked Madreds as the last item to get, but if the enemy team is not very tanky or you havent got any serious tank youself, consider getting Frozen Mallet(better CC + insane HP regen with FoN)


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