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Sona Build Guide by Rordigo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rordigo


Rordigo Last updated on January 12, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Introduction - The Guide

Hey, this is my first guide, so I hope you give a good use to this. Any opinions, ideas and grammatic corrections (English is not my native language), leave a comment; If you're going to downvote, at least leave a comment helping me to improve it.

Well, Sona is not an usual AP Carry, but I've been testing and it worked really well, she have a good sustain and a very decent burst, and can change teamfights, if you play Sona as support, you should test it sometime.

I was going to use the Arcade Sona image, but i think Pentakill Sona is more apropriated.

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Sona, Maven of the Strings

Sona has no memories of her true parents. As an infant, she was found abandoned on the doorstep of an Ionian adoption house, nestled atop an ancient instrument in an exquisite case of unknown origins. She was an unusually well-behaved child, always quiet and content. Her caretakers were sure she would find a home quickly, but it soon became apparent that what they mistook for uncommon geniality was actually an inability to speak or to produce any sound whatsoever. Sona remained at the adoption house until her teens, watching in hopeless silence as prospective adopters passed her by. During this time, the caretakers sold her unusual instrument to anxious collectors, hoping to build her a trust. For a myriad of bizarre and unexpected reasons, however, it would be returned, or simply appear again outside the house.
When a wealthy Demacian woman named Lestara Buvelle learned of the instrument, she immediately embarked to Ionia. When the caretakers showcased the instrument for her, she rose wordlessly and explored the house, stopping outside Sona's room. Without hesitation, Lestara adopted her and left a generous donation for the instrument. With Lestara's guidance, Sona discovered a deep connection with the instrument which Lestara called an 'etwahl'. In her hands, it played tones which stilled or quivered the hearts of those around her. Within months, she was headlining with the mysterious etwahl for sold-out audiences. She played as though plucking heartstrings, effortlessly manipulating the emotions of her listeners - all without a single written note. In secret, she discovered a potent and deadly use for her etwahl, using its vibrations to slice objects from a distance. She honed this discipline in private, mastering her gift. When she felt prepared, she went to the only place which could offer her a fitting recital: the League of Legends.

''Her melody moves the soul, her silence sunders the body.''
-- Jericho Swain, after attending her concert


  • Damage 47 (+3 / per level)
  • Health 340 (+70 / per level)
  • Mana 265 (+45 / per level)
  • Move Speed 330
  • Armor 6 (+3.3 / per level)
  • Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
  • Health Regen 4.5 (+0.55 / per level)
  • Mana Regen 7 (+0.65 / per level)


  • Make use of Hymn of Valor's bonus ability power for empowering your next spell.
  • Save Crescendo for the game-altering moment.
  • Constantly switching between Song of Celerity and Aria of Perseverance will grant you maximum survivability.

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Pros / Cons


  • Decent Burst
  • Ultimate can change teamfights
  • Tons of Auras
  • Great on Teamfights

  • Lead to quits on Queue
  • Called a Troll Pick
  • VERY squishy
  • Silence destroy her (Ironic, isn't?)

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Summoner's Spells

Must Have

Best Summoner's spell in the game, just a fell champion shouldn't use it, Sona is absolutely not one of them.


I usualy pick this to help on burst and finish enemies.

Also a good choice for Sona, is a offensive and defensive spell, will punish any divers that comes to you. Works fine the whole game and every team should have at least one player using it.

Alternative options

I never pick these, but aren't all useless, the most of them at least.

With the Chalice of Harmony you won't need to waist a spell for mana.

It an usefull spell when invading jungle, protecting baron or dragon and avoiding traps, but it's more of a support spell.

Can help you a lot if you're opponent have good CCs

You already have flash, and wont be that usefull, since you shouldn't be alone when far from your turrets

It's not that good on Sona when playing on summoner's rift, but can save your life sometimes. Better spell for tanks.

Same as Barrier, but can be used by supports also.

Doesn't worth the long cooldown.

Are you jungling? I thought so.

Guide Top



I get 21 on offense, because if you are going to be the main source of magical damage, you will need this.

9 points on defense will help you survive on the early game, you can take this on utility for mana, but remember, Sona's base life is smaller than a melee minion .

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- Passive

After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack deals extra 8 + (10 × level) magic damage. This enhanced attack has an additional effect depending on which spell was cast last.
Your Passive, have three diferent effects. It's the base of Sona's burst, you can use it to deal high ammounts of damage (especialy after getting Lich Bane) and neutralize or slow a fleeing enemy.

- Q
Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, granting nearby allied champions 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 bonus Damage and Ability Power. Additionally, casting this ability sends out bolts of sound, dealing 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+70% of ability power) magic damage to the nearest two enemy champions or monsters.
- Stacatto
Deals double Power Chord damage.

Your source of damage, will hit the two closest enemies, prioritizing champions. Use this to harass enemies and farm minions. When you go for a single burst, make sure you're playing Hymn of Valor to get the Stacatto. But remember:
  • Hymn of Valor can only hit enemy units if Sona has sight of them. - dont use it if the enemy run into a bush.
  • Even if both bolts from Hymn of Valor hits the same enemy, they can only be damaged by one. - Dont worry using this near minions, as long as the enemy champion is in range, it will hit him.
  • Hymn of Valor procs Rylai's slow similarly with all multi target spells and abilities with diminished effect. - It works with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, so you can cast it and quickly change to the Song of Celerity when run away or chasing an enemy.

- W
Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, granting nearby allied champions bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Additionally, casting this ability sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and a nearby wounded ally.
- Diminuiendo
Reduces an enemy's total damage output by 20% for 4 seconds.

Small healing, but can help to sustain you in lane, save yourself and allies and grant some defense. It will always heal the champion in range with the lower health. If you have you passive ready and you see an enemy going to burst, try to use the Diminuendo on them.

- E
Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions bonus Movement Speed. Additionally, casting this ability energizes nearby allies with a burst of speed.
- Tempo
Slows an enemy by 40% for 2 seconds.

It's very usefull to move around the map, follow enemies and flee from battle. Tempo is a great skill to slow an enemy, but remember: the cooldown of the Hymn of Valor is higher than the duration of this debuff, so it's usualy better to use the damage when bursting alone.

- Ultimate
Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions to dance and dealing magic damage to them over time.
An Ultimate that can easily change a teamfight if used on the right moment, you can also use it on ganks, burst and to save someone. Try to always get the biggest number of enemies on the ranged and they wil dance for you.

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Skills Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
R > Q > W > E

> > >

Crescendo R - Like every champion, your ultimate is your priority, take a point on Crescendo level 6, 11 and 16, when it's available

Hymn of Valor Q - You main source of damage, get a point on level 1 and max it first.

Aria of Perseverance E - Gives you some defense and cure, maximize this second.

Song of Celerity E - I take one point early to gank and fast charge the passive and maximize it last.

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Core Items


- I usualy take this for start, because it gives you some initial abiliy power, mana regeneration and life, plus the passive wich can help alot to sustain you in lane.

+ x3 - A safe start if you prefer.

The cooldown reduction will help a lot to short your time between burst, but if the enemies are getting magic defense:
This item will give you some extra damage, usefull for every APC

For enchantments, each one of them is usefull, but I usually chose between Enchantment: Furor or Enchantment: Alacrity

Wait at least to have 880 gold before coming back, the Chalice of Harmony will give you a lot of mana regeneration and some magic defense, that's (almost) always usefull when playing on mid lane.

Finish the Chalice getting a lot of mana regen, ability power, magic defense and cooldown reduction, this item is great for Sona in any situation.

If you have a constant blue buff provided for your jungler, you can skip the chalice, but I dont recommend this at all.

The item that makes Sona APC a viable choice, it procs with Power Chord giving you an amazing burst. Must buy this as soon as you get able to sustain in lane

Rabadon's death cap This item is essential for APCs, will give you Tons of Damage.

Guide Top

Optional Items

An awesome item for Sona, she already work on auras. And remember, the spell vamp is usefull for everyone near, so the ally Darius next to you will get 20% of the damage of Noxian Guillotine as life.

Besides the AP and the MR, also have a passive that will work even better than magic penetration, debuffing a lot the enemies on a teamfight.

Lot of health and ability power with an awesome passive.

100 ability power and 50 armor? Not enought, it gives you this greats passive, i highly recommend, especialy if there's and enemy Karthus.

Full offensive, only get this if the other team is building a lot of magic resist.

Lyandry's torment Some penetration will help a lot, gives good ability power and a little extra health, the passive can also healp a lot on harassing.

If all your team is getting one, get one also.

There are a lot of other items that can be usefull, but I think I listed the main ones.

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Change Log




Minor changes on Masteries and purchase order.
Edited Pros/Cons

Guide Top


This was my Sona APC guide, I hope you enjoy it. I'm always open for ideas.
Please, send me your scores so I can upload them to the Match History chapter when i get enought.

Thanks for Jhoijhoi for her guides that helped me to finish this, and for Hankse, for his review.