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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jacxel

Sona: When your team needs fine tuning.

Jacxel Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Introduction: Why choose Sona?

Best support in League of Legends?

Sona is in my opinion the best pure support champion in the game. She can output epic amount of healing and damage while boosting your movement speed and popping the odd stun. Other Support champions just aren't as good. (Please note this is very simplified, I realize that these champions do a lot more then I am mentioning.)

  • Soraka: Outputs more healing, doesn't do much else useful(IMHO).
    With clarity and mastery you can give enough mana to allies.
  • Zilean: Better speed boost/slow but no heal, you don't need to save someone who is on full health!
  • Janna: Only heals with her ulti. Shields are temporary.

Overall I just don't feel Sona can be beaten in a support role, she keeps people alive, gets people places faster stuns and outputs a nice bit of damage.

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Ive been in game with people call me noob for not getting mana manipulator first even tho I was laning with Shen or Kennen...just dont be idiots.

If your not laning with someone who needs mana rush your tear first, get a meki pendant and some mana pots first. Get mana manipulator if you feel you still need more mana regen or when your building soul shroud.

Core Items

Get Tear ASAP

Its important that you get teleport and as soon as you can afford your Tear you recall, get it and teleport back to your lane.

Boots so late?

I realize my guide suggests waiting a long time before getting boots, but its important to get your soul stealer ASAP because you could loose out on stacks. However, if you are back at base because you died or whatever, and have your amplifying tome but not enough for your soul stealer feel free to buy the first level boots.

Soulstealer? but your support you don't get kills?

Maybe you won't but you will get lots of assists! Once you have Sheen/LichBane dont underestimate your damage, one on one you can heal yourself and damage and heal and damage etc so you can often take someone on. (that doesn't mean you can kill a fed Xin)

Banshee's veil if your taking too much magic damage to be useful.
zhonya's hourglass if you need some more survivability with some ap

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As Sona, you should be running out of mana a lot. If your not, your not doing your job. The build I have is made to return max mana early game. later once you have a tear of the goddess with some stacks you should be OK which is why I choose flat mana regen over per level.

CDR is the only other rune I choose, I always aim for 40% CDR in a game. Heals Must be spammed!

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Sing us a Song Sona.

Sona does't cast spells, she plays songs....that cost mana.

Once you start playing a song there is an initial effect such as damage or healing. But the song continues playing until you play a new one and this grants an AOE passive to all your allies.

This is very important in team fights, when your initiating you should be playing your Q: hymn of valor which will boost your allies damage and AP, but as soon as your team starts taking damage you should start healing which will activate your magic-resist/armor passive. You should judge what passive is best by yourself, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't cast other spells.

What I like to do is play the song for the appropriate passive, wait until that song has 1 second cool down left and play another song and then play the previous one again. This maximizes the desired passive time while not limiting you to one spell. Do this when your in a team fight, cast heal at 1 sec cd cast your hymn of valor then heal again. If your running away cast your MS boost, wait for 1s cd and heal etc etc.

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Sona's Passive: Play a Powerchord

Powerchord is what makes a good Sona player. Its Easy to spam heals and speed boost, but the correct application of a powerchord can save a life, get a kill or get someone else a kill.

How it works:

People find this passive confusing, if your playing Sona for the first time, spend some time reading her abilities BEFORE you start a game.

Every third spell cast Sona gets a powerchord to play, this powerchord will be an effect attached to her next attack. Since a recent patch, she will no longer auto-target anything when she has a powerchord ready.

The effect of the powerchord depends on the song Sona is playing. The passive is not reset if you play a new song (i.e. if you cast 3 spells you have a powerchord, you can cast another and still have it once you don't attack).

If your playing your Q:hymn of valor your attack will deal double damage, use this to hassle/last hit early game and late game combined with sheen/lichbane you do a lot of attack damage.

If your playing you W:Aria of Perseverance your attack will debuff the target so they do 20% less damage for a few seconds, use this on whoever is doing most damage to your team in team fights.

If your playing your E:Song of Celerity you slow the target by 40%. Thats a lot of slow. Get this off when your chasing someone or especially when being chased.

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Who to lane with.


Its important for Sona to know what going on to be effective, if at all possible lane with someone you can talk to easily.

My favorite laning partner is Nidalee. "But why would you put the 2 healers in one lane?" because they will have a nearly unstoppable lane! With a Nidalee you can stay in your lane without leaving for insane amounts of time, plus once you both can ulti you can destroy most other champions in a few seconds.

Ive heard people say the support should lane with a tank. I can see why you might this this is a good idea but I disagree in most cases (Alistair being the exception). The tank can usually handle themselves without your heals, you should lane with someone who outputs a lot of damage but is too squishy to get in a position to do it.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport so you can be where support is needed
Clarity because you need mana, and once your regen is high enough you can give it to your allies.

Flash is almost always useful.
Clairvoyance again almost always useful.