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League of Legends Build Guide Author zansarr

Soraka kickass support guide

zansarr Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Okay this is my first guide, so please be kind to me and if you got anything to ask about or correct then please leave a comment:) rate up if you like, if you rate down leave a comment why so i can improve.

i wrote this guide to help people play more soraka since i thinks she an underrated, underused and misunderstood champion, the truth is that soraka is one of the best (and cheapest) supporters out there.

- shall we get started then?

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Pros / Cons

very good supporter with a wide array of spells to help your team
cost only 450 ip
Aeo heal spells to save *** to the left and right, which we are here for anyways
low mana cost and a very good lane partner
good farming capabilities (if you ever stand alone in a lane, but try not to let that happen)

squishy without the right items
very bad jungler early game

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how i started playing soraka

first i just bought soraka as a joke since her dryad skin was on sale and i just thought what the hell and bought her, without realising that she would become one of my favourite champions.

when i started playing her i just thought she was another nuker with a slightly utility boost with her heal and infuse. After a few matches i was put firmly in my place and i began thinking, what did i do wrong, so after hell alot of matches i began to seek deeper insight in what soraka really was and how she was meant to be played. Took me some time but eventually i learned and mastered the awesome supportive power behind soraka and how big an add she can be to her team.

so this is my way to play soraka and hopefully she will start becoming a feared oppenent.:)

- enjoy my guide - zansarr

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Laning phase/ early game

one point is that you shouldn't focus on last hitting since your team mate will benefit from the gold more than you would, Soraka can easily counter harras with her heal and infuse. If the enemy comes in range mostly use autoattacks and hit them with starfall without putting yourself in too much danger. If one in your team is an AP mage try laning with them since they will be needing your infuse and the MR debuff from your starcall + remember to call m.i.a etc.

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mid/late game

so this is where the team fights will begin, you should always run around with your team in the heat of battle to help them out when it's most needed, combined with a good tank soraka can make the team an unstoppable force with extensive pushing power since you will be able to heal and restore mana to that much needed anivia who keeps burning her mana on her ultimate

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working in the team

Soraka is 100% plus an extra 2% teamplayer you should tag along with a teammate and mostly never go solo - I've been sent mid before and a solo lane soraka for about 20 minutes mostly means instant loss since you waste so much utility. In the team fights you want your infuse to be on constant cool down since it's free, so just spam away, starcall those pesky foes who wish to take you down and let your team defend you. Just don't panic and run away. Also if you manage to grab a kill try mocking you opponent since people underestimate soraka and find it humiliating to die by your hand.