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Build Guide by Nicki Minaj

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicki Minaj

Soraka - Never Die!! Solo Mid

Nicki Minaj Last updated on October 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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General Info
This build is specifically made for Soraka to solo mid. She fills this role nicely because of her healing and defensive buffs. This makes it so that the other team's mid character (often the carry) won't be fed and, if played correctly, will fall behind in experience. The most important rule during team fights. DON'T. GET. HIT. If you put no damage on the opposing team, no one would care. But if you die before getting any healing done, you are worthless to your team.

Why all "force" runes? These runes give you the most ability power (by lv 18) and your healing is directly related to your ability power. These runes allow you to be very effective on your team.

Level's 1-9

Standard early game play. Just focus on last hitting minions, BUT harass the enemy champion whenever ever they get in range. Do not be afraid to approach, you can just heal off any damage you take. After enough harassment (and they've used they're heal potions) they'll be forced to recall out, use this time to farm and gain the exp. advantage over your lane opponent. Use Starcall to clear minion waves quickly and push to the tower. This should result in about 2 lost minion waves (in experience) for your lane opponent. Repeat this process until about level 8-9. By this time, you should have easily made 2530 gold and you can now buy 2 Kage's Lucky Picks and Boots of Mobility. The reason you want the lucky picks is because you shouldn't be getting any kills if your opponent is even close to you in skill level. Soraka just doesn't do enough burst damage. The bonus in gold + assists will get your Zhonya's Ring FAST.

Check your team's lanes often. If it appears they are in a team fight, use WISH right before they score a kill -or- before it looks like they might lose. You can score 2 assists if they win, or save your team from being down 2 kills early game. Either way, it's a win.

There's no need to max out infuse early. the little bit of mana it gives every 15 + mana regen from Doran's Ring + Clarity will hold you over nicely. You'll want to invest some points in Astral blessing after level six because you'll want to be able to effectively heal your teammates by mid game.

Levels 10-15

By now, your team should be moving together for the most part and you're bound to get into team fights. This is where you revert to heavy support. You should never be in your enemies range, but still close enough to heal your carry. In some cases, your teams carry is also the tank (Such as Garen, or Xin Zhao) so make sure you heal accordingly.

Most teams will try focus you early to prevent you from healing your team. It's not the worst thing in the world (in team fights) because those spells could have been used on your carry, but Soraka can't soak up too many. So in most cases the wasted spells wouldn't matter to the other team. Your top priority is to not get hit, but some times it can't be helped. If you happen you be close enough to an opponent, be sure use starcall to help out your caster (Magic Resistance debuff) while trying to getting out of the fray Keep in mind that Infuse is a very potent silence with its formidable range and duration of up to 3 seconds. (a lot of time in team fights) Hit the opposing caster/healer.

During this time period you should have gotten gotten your Mejai's soulstealer and at least started your Zhonya's Ring. These are the main components of your item build

** buy wards if you NEED to, but try and leave those items to the most fed members of your team.

Levels 16+

Pretty much the same as mid game as far as team play. By now you should be burst healing for 1500+ at a time. If you see that you're being targeted by your opponents, trade in your Kage's Lucky picks for items that help with survivability (Such as guardian Angel and Rylai's Crystal Scepter). If you're doing well at staying alive, get some more ability power to improve your healing. (I like Lich Bane)

That's pretty much it. Hope this helps. I'll update if I forgot anything