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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Soraka Nuking and Harassing

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

10/0/20 build. All the fun caster offensive masteries with the mana and other fun things from utility.

Summoner Spells can go with a few combos. Ignite and Clarity, Ignite and Exhaust, or Clarity and Exhaust. These will all be useful, dependsing on the build of the team and the opposing team.


Personally I like Infuse 3/5 before LvL6. This is a great harassing spell. It does dmg and silences an enemy champ, or gives mana. If you are laning with a heavy mana user, Infuse will be great help.

At LvL3 I have one rank of each skill. After LvL6 I focus on her farming. I drop points into Star Call and power it some. Early game is more about control and dominace than farming. That said, Infuse is better for harassing and controlling how effective the other team can be.

I could drop more into Astral Blessing, but Im building Soraka like I build Taric. Heal is nice, but its low on the priority list. But it can upgraded as needed.


Since this is the revised description, Ive changed a few things.

Marks Mpen of course. You cant go wrong with these if you are building a nuke DPS caster

Seals Ive gone with flat AP. The reason for this is early game. The more AP that Soraka has, the more effective things will be. I know that AP per LvL is better late game, but I always build for early game. She will be pulling 44 AP at the start of the game. Thats a fairly nice amount, right?

Glyphs Ive gone with flat AP for the same reason.

Quintessences Mpen here too. I could have gone for Ap per lvl, but thought 'Lets just get a lil more Mpen.' Personal preference lol.

Items In detail

You can start this build two ways.

1) Amplifying Tome>Hextech Revolver>Will of Acients
2) Amplifying Tome>Fiendish Codex>Kage's Lucky Pick>DFG

Pros and cons for WoA

Pros: This will give you Spell Vamp so you can get a heal from Infusing an enemy and from Star Spamming. It also gives an arua if you are laning with an AP based champ. Great synergy yes? Its also fairly cheap to build. A few Tomes and you good to go.

Cons: The Spell Dmg isnt too high. The Aura is useless, if you are laned with someone that doesnt benefit from AP or SV. The team might not benefit from Aura.

Pros and Cons of DFG

Pros: Great stats, Awesome way to engage since Soraka isnt the best fight starter, fits into the nuke build.

Cons: Slightly more expensive, though a great opener it has a CD, its active isnt as effective with early low AP.

So build how you like, but always get Teir 1 boots. From there its time to start choosing. Rylai's, LB, or Zhonya's. I think that Rylai's>LB>Zhonya's. Why? Soraka is squishy. She will need the life, but at the same time, the passive slowing is great for not letting them get away. Star Spam+Rylai's= great chasing and running potential. No to mention if you need to close a gap, Infuse will slow too. Lovely I think. Lich Bane is great for all the same reasons it rocks with Evelynn. Burst on the auto-attack when you need it. Not to mention great stats. And Zhonya's to pull it all together. Makes get hit harder, and can make her less squishy.

Again, start you like. I think Id go with WoA>DFG>RCS>LB>ZR. Boots made alone the way.

Items that can be swapped out
Things like GA and FoN. Mana regen items like Chalice of Harmony will help early game. Soul Shroud if you want to play more of a support role. AA if you want to be safe on the mana issue.

Game Play

Early Game
You start with Infuse and Amplifying Tome. Thats 44AP, a silence, and mana boost. What more can you ask for early game. Take the lane with your partner, and harass away. They can get close or cast while you can silence them. At LvL2 get Star Call. This will be great for harassing and farming. Stand in the middle of creeps>Star Spam>Infuse enemy/self>get the money. The debuff from Star Call will only make things go that much faster. Cant beat that can you. They wont get too close, and you and your partner can push more effectively. Sheen should be made in this game.

Mid Game
You should have WoA or DFG by now with Teir 1 boots. Now depending on your lane mate, depends on WoA or DFG. Either way you should be doing good. You have more power in Infuse and Star Call. This will make harassing and farming a lot easier. Just remember you are still squishy. You will be hitting like a Mac Truck, but you are squishy. Dont over extend without some help from your lane mate. Start building RCS and LB. If you can get Giant's Belt for more life, get it first. Longevity is good, and makes building RCS cheaper. With Sheen made in early game, LB will be cheaper as well.

Late game
Here is where WoA gets more power. With Zhonay's ring in the works, get ready for ,***ive SV. Star Spam will keep your life up in group fights, and if you are low on HP, hit a big creep wave. Its gonna be awesome. Of course you have more effective healing now too. Higher AP and more ranks with Astral Blessing. You will be a great support to the team, just dont die.

1v1 & Jungling

Never 1v1. Its not what she is built for. You can nuke thats true, but she has no escape mechanism. if you cant run, than you are in for a world of hurt.

Jungling... The only reason you should be jungling is for Golem buffs. Thats it IMO.

Ganks and team pushing

Ganks. As one of the champs that has a silence as their disposal, you can change the flow of a gank. Target the carry, or taunter, and your team will have the upper hand. Those first few seconds are the most important, and a well placed Infuse will do wonders. Also, with the MR debuff from Star Spamming, other magic dmg spells will be more effective. That is great if you are running with a Morgana or Viegar. *hint hint*

Pushing. Your role here is just like a Support Soraka. Heal when needed, Infuse mates or enemy Carries/Taunts, and keep Star Spamming. Not much else to say lol.

Friends & Enemies

If you are into the Star Spamming, Viegar and Morgana will love you. More nuking power for both of you, and they can get more effective nukes off. Nasas will benefit too. He has great lane presence, but sucks mana. Infuse him and he will watch out for you.

Enemies? Everyone hates an effective Soraka.