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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korjax

Soraka:Replenishing Power

Korjax Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my build for Soraka! As many of you probably know Soraka is a healing and mana giving beast, she is the(My opinion) the best support ingame. there is many ways of playing soraka, but i find this the most efective and fun way to play her.

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Now to the runes. What i find useful when i play Soraka is getting abit of mixed up runes, for red i like to have Ability Power since it's really helping you whith the healing early on.

For Yellow runes i like to get Mana reg, i find this quite useful in the mid game scenario, where you will really have to spam your spells to keep your team at full mana and health.

For Blue runes i get Mana, this is pretty self-explanetory considering the high mana usage of Soraka, this will give you a big boost early on aswell.

For Quintessence's i get ability power, to help out whith the healing. but these can easily be swaped out for Mana reg, Mana, Gold per 5, or something else you might find useful.

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I usaly get 0/9/21, so that i will have the Strenght Of Spirit in the defensive tree, this will help you stay in the lane abit longer if you get harrased or just like to stay in the lane longer to help your fellow team member.
In the Utility tree i get 2 in awareness and 2 in expanded mind. I find this very useful since the mana is not really the problem on Soraka, the thing is that she could be underlevled if you are roaming abit through the lanes. I also get Greedy to help out on the Money per 5.

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There are many diferent ways to build a Soraka, some people tend to get the Philophers stones instead of getting a Kages lucky pick. The reason i get Kages lucky pick is that it really and i mean really helps you out on the healing front. I find it more usefull to get better heals instead of having more mana and hp reg. the money per 5 on the items are both the same. if you think this is not what you are looking for and you maybe have some harassing problems in your lane getting Philophers stones may help you out along the whay, so that you dont have to spend more time worrying about yourself rather than your teammate.

After the 4 Kages and Mercury boots i like to get a Rabadons, if you have trouble getting money for it you can swap place whith this item and Evil tomb.

Also, dont forget to buy wards to place around your lanes to prevent your team from getting ganked.

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Summoner Spells

Because you are a support champion, getting Clairvoyance is a big help for your team, whith this you can scout through the map preventing ganks and setting up ganks easier. It's also a very great tool if you are forcing a team fight at baron or dragon, using this to your advantage may scare of, or stop a baron attempt.

You can either get Flash,Ghost or Teleport as your secondary summoner. you can also get Heal or Clarity if you find yourself having healing or mana problems.

Smite is also a very great tool if you are good at stealing buffs or bosses.

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Pros / Cons

- Great Support.
- Can completely shatter an enemy team.
- Great Ultimate.
- Very powerful in battle.
- Easy to master.
- Nice silence.
- Very helpfull passive.

- Squishy.
- Tends to get focused in team fights.
- Lacking the ability to escape ganks
- Very easily ganked

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Team Work

So how does Soraka work in team fights?
Before you enter a teamfight make sure to check your allys mana and health, to make sure they wont die the second they enter a team fight. Inside a teamfight make sure you can spam you Q on a nearby enemy as much as you can, since it will remove some of they magic resist. Make sure to heal your team mates as much as you can, and make sure they are over 50% mana if you can. If you would happen to be VS a big CC champ such as Amumu,Sion, and Sona, make sure to use your Infuse on them as much as you can to prevent them from using their stuns and snares. And dont forget to stand at maximum range when you are in a team fight, getting out of range from your enemys will force them to attack other targets in your team.

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So what im trying to say in this guide is: Keep the health and mana up on your team mates as high as you can, Think smart and preoritise your targets for healing and silencing in team fights, keep at maximum range when fighting, spam your Q for the best damage output from your team, And keep warding aswell as counter warding and place your Clairvoyance in good positions preventing ganks and giving your team great Support.