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Soraka Build Guide by SilentBlades

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilentBlades

Soraka The Money Machine!

SilentBlades Last updated on March 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction To This Guide

Soraka The Money Making Machine!

A short and simple guide to playing and winning as Soraka.

With this guide you will recieve:
  1. 8.2ish gold per 10sec - To start with before items.
  2. 8.2mana per 5 roughly - To start with before items.
  3. Insane Warding Capabilities and buffing items to make you win!

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What To Purchase When?

You have 515 Gold to begin so get these:
Faerie Charm, 2x Sight wards(Green) 1 x Vision Ward(Pink) 1 mana pot. Should have 20gold left.
Once you have 620Gold go back
[Note: If your wards are running out soon wait a bit long till you have 695 to get another ward] Vision is everything!
Turn Faerie charm into Philospher's stone = mana regen, health regen and more money!
Then go back to your lane.
Purchase Regular 350 boots and heart of gold when you go back next also a ward or two so wait till you have 1300g ish.
[Go back when you have above 700g] Transform your boots into boots of Lucidity to increase your CDS(cool downs) so can spam heal and mana more - thus become more effective support.
Now you start purchasing buffing/aura items starting always with Aegis of the Legion which costs 1925 so pick up the items in stages to make it ideally the health crystal and dependent on enemy damage and your money the magic resistance or armour first.
This is a decision of your own, you need to look at your teams composition and determine whether there is more AD OR AP damage and dependant on this choose appropriately a Will of the ancients if there is more AP than AD or If there is more Attack damage than Ability Power get Zeke's Herald.
Once you've got more gold and the previous item get the other item you didn't get last time I.e. if you got Zeke's get will of the ancients now so you have both supporting items. By opting for the more useful aura item previously it will have a greater and more immediate effect for your team on boosting their damage
This is the point in the game where you upgrade your Philosphere's stone into a Shurelya's Reverie, reasoning: Can get you in and out of team fights fast and enables you to chase down enemies and escape from them also the cd is great for you and thus your team.
Finally purchase Locket of the Iron Solari which is an upgrade from your heart of gold. Use this just after your team starts to take some damage in a team fight and then a bit later your ulti. Last of all simply purchase elixrs always starting with Brilliance as it provides you with ability power you should have full 40% cd now which is max you can get so cd doesn't benefit you anymore.

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Benefit of these Runes
Mana Regen/ 5 + 5.2

    Can simply spam spells which means you and your ad carry will have great sustainability meaning you will never have to go back for health pots or mana pots.

    Another benefit of high mana regen is that you can play an aggressive Soraka and can keep silencing the enemy team.
Gold Per 10 + 5.3
    Loads of gold especially combined with masteries and items thus - Can ward like crazy and have insane map awareness!

    You will be able to purchase buffing items fast which will make you an aura DEMON! and lead your team to victory fast. You should dominate the other teams support as you will be able to purchase items sooner, and hopefully your team can capitalise on this.

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Summoner Spells

The Good, The Bad, And The Troll Spells!

The Good


The Bad


The Troll

Flash provides you with an escape mechanic thus survive ability and enables you also to get into fights.
Clairvoyance enables you to see anywhere on the map for x amount of time so if you lose a ward then you can see if their doing dragon, so you can time an ulti, or see if someone is at a designated location which might lead you to ganking them or playing defensively.
Why other spells aren't as good
Heal - You've already got 2 heals. Mostly ad carrys get heal now so you don't need to plus if you get it instead of flash then you won't be able to escape.. Not much point getting heal on Soraka :)
Ghost - Ghost is a decent spell however flash is more useful as you can get over walls thus provide you with greater escape mechanics.
Teleport - Isn't much point really only top needs it as there is always one of you in bot lane so no real urgency to get back as long as you push the lane back before you tp to base.
Rest of the spells - Not really that relevant to Soraka. [Keeping it short and down to the point]

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Important Notes


Purchase wards as of when you and your team need them, if visibility is low or wards are running out pick some up each time you go back to keep vision high which will prevent/limit ganking opportunities for the enemy team.
Get an oracle if the support player keeps warding, as it will work out cost effective. However remember you have it so try not to die and make it worth it, by clearing out the enemy's wards usually placed to the side of lanes, dragon, baron, and in the jungles.

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Skill Sequence

You Should Level Me At This Point

With your skills/abilities as support especially as Soraka, it is nearly fully decided around what your ad carry needs. I.E. if they are running low on mana then simply level up infuse more often than heal to react to this. And vise versa with heal, if they are running low on hps more often than mana level of Astral blessing(W) more often to fix this.

Always start with heal first though as you might get into a fight and it could mean you could save the enemy from getting first blood/you getting it.

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Warding With Pictures

Warding AS Support Soraka - At Top

  • 1: Place these wards for all of laning phase.
  • 2: Place These wards immediately after laning phase is over.
  • F: Fallback warding if your team is defending near base walls.
  • E: Early warning wards - If doing Baron/Dragon can alert you enemy is coming.

Warding AS Support Soraka - At Bottom Lane

  • 1: Place these wards for all of laning phase.
  • 2: Place These wards immediately after laning phase is over.
  • F: Fallback warding if your team is defending near base walls.
  • E: Early warning wards - If doing Baron/Dragon can alert you enemy is coming.

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My Success With The Guide

Proof Of The Success Of This Guide

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Farming As Soraka

Don't do this!

Why you shouldn't farm as Soraka?
Illustration through pictures


AD Carry = 100% Minions


You steel 1 creep!!


AD Carry - Angry+Whines!

Written Reason
You shouldn't need too, you have plenty of gold income through a combination of your: Runes, Masteries and items so by letting your AD carry get fed by getting all the minions she should be able to deal a tone of damage.

The one time it's ok to farm!
  • When no other allied champions are near and you're getting pushed back heavily, else if not stay close to the minions to get exp.

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Skills Analysis

Skills Analysis Of Soraka

Consecration is Soraka's passive: + 16 Magic resistance to nearby Allies
    Radius: 1,000
Acitve: Simplified version: Does AOE damage in a radius of 530 which also lowers magic resistance of the enemy champions for 8 seconds and stacks up to 10times.
Levelling up: Cost: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 mana
Magic Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+0.4 per ability power)
MR Reduction: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 per stack
How to use: Use this spell in team fights as many times as you can, this will lead to the enemy teams magic resistance depleting making it easier for your ap teamates to deal more damage too. Note: Try not to kill steal with this and also keep healing and giving people mana and silencing enemy whilst this is happening.

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Short and sweet guide to playig: Soraka The Money Making Machine!
Please give it a go and tell me how you get on.
Will try to improve upon this guide with more detail and more pictures, especially for warding in the very near future.
Enjoy Soraka!

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Pros / Cons

The benefits and drawbacks of Soraka

  • + Global heal - Save lives globally, whilst also allowing allies to get the kill on an enemy providing you with an assist.Also fantastic in team fights for keeping everyone alive
  • + Mana + heal giving: Leads to dominating on sustainability bottom lane especially
  • + Silence - Can stop ultis and is fantastic harassment and it's free to cast- thus spammable
  • + Starcall is great for 4 reasons - 1: It's Spammable with a ridiculous cd of around 2 seconds. 2: [Starcall] stacks and lowers enemy magic resistance if it and continues to up to 10 times. 3: It's a great harass against enemy team early game for damage. 4: It's cheap to use of around 20 mana!

  • Heal has an agonisingly long cool down untill you get cool down reduction items later on.
  • Very squishy and will die if get focused, however should be at back anyway so generally it's your fault for having bad positioning in a team fight.
  • Can't use [Infuse] Infuse on herself anymore but doesn't really matter with this build as you have enough mana regen through: Masteries, runes and items.