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Soraka Build Guide by Slaga Slasha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slaga Slasha

Soraka, The Queen of What Kill?

Slaga Slasha Last updated on June 12, 2012
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This my first time making a guide on mobafire. I play many different supports but Soraka is by far my favorite. When your team demands sandwitches, Soraka is a must. Her heal is the strongest in the game and her silence is also amazing. I don't invest much in starcall, but the extra damage dose help. I will tell you the best way to play support Soraka and how to really piss of the enemy carry. Now introducing, Soraka, Queen of What Kill?

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Pros / Cons

.Best heal in the game
Great for supporting that AD carry
Has great harass ability.
Can move faster than anyone but Janna.

Only cc is infuses silence.
SQUISHY even with armor and items
Can not be alone in middle and late game unless warding is going well.

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I use a pretty basic rune line up, with cooldown marks, mana per lvl seals, and armour glyphs. The marks are an obvious choice. Soraka has good spells but Astral Blessing has a 20 sec cooldown! That is way too ****ing high in my opinion, so with these marks the cooldown is 18 and plus items is a cooldown of about 16 to 14 seconds, which will let you spam like crazy. That is why we need the mana regen seals. Astral Blessing lvl 5 has a mana cost of 200 and starcall is expensive to spam. For glyphs and quints, I take flat armour. Soraka needs the armour to shrug off those enemy carry basic attacks. It also means that she dosent have to use heals on herself alot and can keep her teams health bar nice and happy.

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I like to have 3 heals on cooldown at all times so my prefered sum spells are heal and flash/cv. I use flash in non ranked games and cv in. cv is useless in normal because normally there are no jungles BUT it is really good in ranked and you should spam it often in the normal places a jungle or mid might gank.

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I got the beggining build of a janna guide i read. The pots make u harder to kill and the charm builds into a philo stone so whats not to love? Now you take boots and mid game begins.

Soraka needs the mobility, so pick up you boots and a heart of gold. then move on to iron solari and aegis of the legion. NEVER FORGET TO PICK UP WARDS!!! That is one of the most important jobs you have. Warding keeps your jungle safe to gank and your mid out of the way of enemy ganks. Important places are all jungles and dragon and baron. These will let you know where everyone is on the map and increase the chance of a successful game against that jungling ammumu.

Late game Soraka needs to stay on the fringes of team fights. Don't forget to support you AD or AP champs with a Will of the Ancient or Zeke's Herald. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE SO CHOOSE WISELY.

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What kill?

Soraka has the best chance of getting your teamates out of combat. Her boots make her hard to catch, so heal you team when they are in the middle or end of a team fight. You will spam starcall hard only when the team fight is ending and the enemy is scattered. During, if you can cast starcall, run out of range and heal you team mates. this is a sure fire way to win a team fight. Never forget about the solari.

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DON"T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WILL NOT unless you have to carry, which means your screwed anyways.