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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by Slaga Slasha

Caution: Slow In Progress

Caution: Slow In Progress

Updated on August 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slaga Slasha Build Guide By Slaga Slasha 4,438 Views 2 Comments
4,438 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Slaga Slasha Janna Build Guide By Slaga Slasha Updated on August 2, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Have you ever seen a Yi crawl from a fight?

This Janna guide is all about making kills easy for your team. If they cant move, can they really do anything?
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Pros and cons

• makes feeding adc and everyone else a piece of cake.
• get LOTS of HP.
•makes getting in and out of enemy jungle easy.

• EXPENCIVE. Supports will have a hard time finnishing this build.
• lacks effective damage out put.
• Can not be used for kills without a buddy
• If working, can make you the instatarget.
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Runes are a basic support rune build. Cooldown marks and mana regen seals just beg for the spam of both you shield and your zepher. Armor on glyphs makes you feel tanky (and take some of the enemy ad carry's attacks without having to pop a [Health Potion] or [Recall])and movement speed quints will increase the chance of getting away and warding that much better.

I also think gp10 runes, like Greater Quintessence of Gold, can be used but I only suggest this one. Although Greater Seal of Gold can be used, I feel the mana regen is more important than gp10 in runes. However, if mana is not a problem for you, than the extra 3/per10 could be useful for you
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The defense Masteries are simply to give you a little piece of mind vs that angry Graves.
Resistance : this is simply a point to access the health defense Masteries
Hardineas: the reason you dable in this tree. 6 armour can get you out of the way of that Buckshot with 10 or 0 HP.
Durability : an excellent way to increase lane time. You will increase your HP regen by 6. I can not tell you enough times how important this is early game.
Veteran Scars : a small but excellent boost to your HP pool.

The utility tree is where almost all of the most important Masteries are.
Expanded Mind : good but not the best. Gives you just a little more mana to put a bird in their face.
Summoner's Insight : this is good for decreasing the cooldown of Flashand if you use it CV gets an extra 2 seconds.
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This is where the magic happens. Your build is made to make people think twice about running away and toward your team and you.

Early game
This is how I start every support I play. The pots let you be a little more agressive while the Fearie Charm builds into a great Philosopher's Stone. If you want, you can start with Boots and it would work well, but your first gp10 item would be farther away. After the Philosopher's Stone, Boots turned into Mobility Boots will put you in mid game.
Mid game Rylai's Crystal Septer
This is where Janna goes to work. You pick up Heart of Gold and as many wards as you can find and place them at:
All blue buffs
All red buffs
At dragon and baron (i prefer the bushes near baron to watch for a trap.
Side bushes of mid lane and near the wraiths enterance to the river.
This will cover most games. I listed the places in order of importance, so if you are running out of wards, you really just need to ward buffs and baron in mid game.
You should have been saving enough to get Rylai's Cyrstal Septer and now you move into late game.NOTE: if you are getting killed alot, take Aegis of the Legion first and save Rylai's Crystal Septer

Late game
This is the most important phase of the game for Janna}. You must control the jungle on either side of the map (depending on how your team is doing). Your [[Aegis of the Legion will give you some armor and HP to get you through to your Shurelya's Battlesong and your Randuin's Omen. Finnaly, take an aura item for last. My personal favorite is WotA, which will give me a little AP and same to my AP carry. Another option is Zeke's Herald.

Guardian Angel: for when the enemy team has been FED. this is a last resort and in my opinion and should not be a usual pick.

Morello's Evil Tome Ahh, nothing like an evil book to pis off Warwick. This was a great item before the active is even better now. I recomend this for when you have to fight Soraka in lane and Warwick in jungle. Its also useful because it builds from the most inexpencive gp10 item in the game: Kage's Lucky Pick.

Frozen Mallet: this is for trolololing. Let them NEVER escape, NEVER! It makes you build even more expensive so be careful of when you get it.

Rabadon's Deathcap: every AP supports wet dream. This sucker will make you support sooo hard and deal a little damage too. Ubfortunatly, it means giving up an item slot, so get this when you are dominating only.

I will add more to this list after some experiments.
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Skill Sequence

Eye of the Storm should always be first. That shield is very powerful all game long. Remember that the ad buff goes away with the shield. Howling Gale is next because it is how you get out of combat. The knock up is the most important part of it, so dont hesitate to use it when running away. You wont lvl it for a long time in game, but dont ignore it. 3rd spell should be Zephyr. This little guy will carry you build later, so make sure to lvl him alot. For the rest of the game, you will lvl Monsoon when possible and switch lvling Howling Gale and Zephyr after Eye of the Storm is lvl 5.
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Summoner spells

Heal is one of the most effective spells on Janna. Due to her lack of a heal you can use regularly, heal can keep you and your carry safe in early game. I recommend this summoner spell simply because you ad carry wants it but can't take it without sacrifficing damage.
By far the best summoner spell in the game. Whether you want to get better positioning or escape the jungle gank flash is esenctial for the function of almost every character.
Other viable options:
Promote clarvoyance
This is for when you lane is extremely passive,when you laning with Corki against Ezreal or other combos like that. The super mInion will soak some damage and help you push your lane but be careful: push too much and the enemy jungled will be all over your lane. Ward well when using this and you should have a super minion every 6 creep waves.
I used to take this all the time before heal and sometimes I still do. I prefer this one when my carry is very agressive and dosent need heals that often, like Ezreal and Graves. This give your carry an extra amount of times to chase down the enemy and can also get him out of danger.
I can think of a lot of times this is super useful. It can get you out of Pulverize and Enchanted Crystal Arrowand later suppresses like Neather Grasp and Warwick's ultimate (forgot its name).

The best way to use this is to check bushes that you have to go through. Baron can not be taken without you knowing. I tend to not use it because I always forget it, but it is very useful if you can remember it. And remember: THE EYE CAN SEE YOUR SOUL!!
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Team Work

Janna must be with someone through out the game unless she is warding. The game changing combo is Ryla's Crystal Secpter with Zephyr. Use these together and the enemy will crawl from you. Also, Howling Galecan be used to get another second with the knock up and reuse the ryla slow. rinse and repeat for a sure fire win to any team fight.
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This guide is still in progress and will need YOUR help to finish it in the best way it can.
Thanks to jhoijhoi who made the best Guide to Guides ever.
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Activity Log

July 19 2012:accidntly posted build unfinished XP. fixed problemss with spelling of Zephyr and added in all defense Masteries and Summoner's Insight and Expanded Mind .
July 23 2012: added summoner spells and fixed typos. Changed Skills and added to the items list.
Added thanks to jhoijhoi
August 2 2012: added Clarvoyance to summoner spells and he Deathcap and frozen mallet to items.
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