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Draven Build Guide by jplaya176

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jplaya176

Spinning axes of death

jplaya176 Last updated on March 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first attempt at making a guide, so feel free to criticize. Draven is my main champion in LoL. He has high damage and can take out another adc quickly. This guide is not ccomplete yet, still working on chapters and details.

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For marks i use armor penetration runes. I feel that having armor penetration is best to have when playing any adc. It really helps out and having the extra armor pen can easily help you win the game. You can take down tanks fast and easy. You can easily gain damage in the game by buying items. Armor pen. you cannot gain much in. That is why it's best to take armor pen marks.

All adc's are pretty squishy. When you go against other champions with high damage early game and you do not have any armor, you can easily get harassed down. That is why i take armor seals and mr glyps.

For quints, i take ad. Having extra ad combined with armor pen is a good combo. You do not want to have all armor pen but very small damage early game, but you dont want to have high damage but low armor pen either.

These runes are great for any adc. They keep everything balanced and help you early and late game. Armor pen for late game and early game. Extra ad for that early game advantage. And armor and magic resistance to help give you more sustain.

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Starting Items

The usually starting items you should take on draven is boots of speed and three health potions. This is so that you can have that lain sustain to keep you from returning to early. Try to stay in your lane as long as possible until you feel you have enough gold or need to return because you are at a disadvantage.

The second starting items choice is a doran's blade. You can pick either this or the first starting items, but usually I chose depending on my support. If i have a support that can heal and give me lane sustain(ex. soraka, sona, etc.) then i would take the doran's blade. If i have a support that cannot heal and give me lane sustain (ex. blitz, malphite, etc.) then i take the boots and health pots.

Main Build

Blood thirsty

I always rush a blood thirsty on draven. It has high damage and life steal and can give you a big advantage early game. Try to stay in lane until you have enough gold to buy a B.F sword on your first return. This can give you a huge advantage. If you return early and dont have enough, it doesn't hurt to just buy Vampiricc Sceptor. If your behind and really need the extra damage buy a doran's blade.

BC / I.E

Here is the part where you decide what path you want to start on first. After building your blood thirsty, you have an option of either building BC or I.E. To decide which one is best for your situation look at the other team and how they are doing. If they have a really tanky team, I recommend building BC first. That way you have the extra armor pen. If their team is not that tanky, you can build an I.E first. The option is totally up to you. Sometimes, if you want, you can buy a B.F sword first to get that extra damage, then build a BC and then I.E later. However, i recommend that you just build one item first before working on the other.

Guardian Angel

After building BC or I.E you would want to build a Guardian angel to give you more armor and mr. This will give you a bit more sustain. Another plus to having GA is that sometimes the other team won't focus you. They will think of it as a waist of time because while they take you down, the rest of your team will still be fighting and you will revive.

Finally Item Choice

For your final item choice, you have two option. Build another Blood thirsty for the extra ad and life steal. Or build a Last whisper for the extra armor penetration. I, preferably, build the Last Whisper for that extra armor pen which is always a big help no matter what. But, the option of what to get is totally up to you.

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Remember, your an adc. So position can play a key role especially in team fights. Don't get yourself into a bad position and get caught off guard. In early game, you want to focus on farming. Farming is one of the most important things in LoL. Focus on farming and don't worry too much about harassing the other adc. If you catch their adc in a bad position. Take advantage and try to capitalize on the opportunity. However, if they seem to be hard to get because they playing safe or have really good position, focus on farming. Let your support try to set you up with the kills if you have a support like alistar or blitz.

This build is not yet finished and i will be adding more details to in. Criticism is welcomed. Would love to hear what you have to say and suggestions. If you feel like another item would be better, let me know and I'll experiment and share my thoughts.