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Talon Build Guide by RaidenKaos

Jungle [Split 2 13.18+] Kaostanza's Talon Jungle Guide (CHALLENGER)

Jungle [Split 2 13.18+] Kaostanza's Talon Jungle Guide (CHALLENGER)

Updated on September 20, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaidenKaos Build Guide By RaidenKaos 273 4 229,224 Views 4 Comments
273 4 229,224 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RaidenKaos Talon Build Guide By RaidenKaos Updated on September 20, 2023
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Runes: [𝐒 𝐓𝐢𝐞𝐫] Default Conqueror

1 2 3 4 5 6
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Unleashed Smite

Unleashed Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Split 2 13.18+] Kaostanza's Talon Jungle Guide (CHALLENGER)

By RaidenKaos

NOTE: The written chapters in this guide are "outdated". Some still cover the principles of Talon jungle however for things like pathing and any thing related to Jungle that has been changed, please ignore. For builds/setups, use the MOBAFIRE visual set-up guide above and read their notes.

This is not a complete guide. Probably 60-70% complete, text-wise. I will be adding stuff here from time to time, reusing and updating tips from my unreleased 40-pages long guide I made in S11 when Talon was probably the best Jungler. Also apologies for any typos or confusing things, some of the text is almost a year old however most things should be relevant regardless.

Unfortunately, this time I will not be having any fancy graphics or embed videos (yet?).

Also, watch me live here:



I'm Kaostanza aka Kaos Angel. I have been a Challenger Jungler in EUW since Season 5. I invented & mained Talon Jungle since Season 8.

In Season 11, I achieved and ended Rank 1 [1747 LP] on the account Raiden Shogun C2.

In Season 12, I hit Rank 1 [1623 LP] on TwTv Kaos Angel mid-season, and at the time of this writing I am also the current Rank 1 [1697 LP] on John Wick IV, now renamed to Angel ôf Death.

I stream on Twitch very frequently, so tune in for more content and gameplay.

Have fun reading and learning, see you around.

You can find my accounts here:


1-Line TLDR
The simplest way to play Talon jungle and avoid being punished is to not let your team distract you and play strictly by your R cooldown.
+High AD damage dealer, single target + AoE
+Stealth threat - use wisely
+Weaker early but high potential mid game, decent late
+Never OOM therefore able to stay on the map a lot longer
+Flexible runes and builds, utility items as last resort
+Fast mid-game farming, both camps and waves
+Decent comeback potential early/mid
+Fast movement on the map
+Easily punish over-extending enemies
+Fairly fast solo Dragon and Herald (avoid solo Dragon if 1st Herald is an option)
+Independent and team-oriented playstyle are both effective
+Lots of combos & very fun once you get the hang of Talon
-Squishy early/mid game therefore loses a lot of matchups
-Very reliant on his R to minimise risks and maximise kill potential
-Resource-greedy playstyle can throw harder or tilt teammates;
.....+this is however very good to learn how to carry, being the liability
-Difficult team fighting late game
-A lot of SUPPORT champs counter him
-Zhonyas and Exhaust exist
-Damage is conditional (usually need passive proc)
-Clunky / awkward / buggy kit

Ghostblade first every game in 99% of your games. Prowler's if disturbingly behind, Eclipse first no longer after lethality nerf (hurts clear too much, already suffers from 0 haste).

Prowler's vs squishy (usually ranged as a bonus)
Eclipse vs melee

Pathing Decision?

PATH & PLAY for YOURSELF. A simple yet effective way to play the game is to path towards what you think will net you kills with minimal risk of dying.

Talon's early game plan is always this - kills. Talon's first clear is really weak so, unless you are committing to an unhealthy full clear, you want to path to where kills seem quite easy to pick up. This could be pathing towards prio for a favourable 2v2/3v3, a dive or for a stronger cooperative invade.

Usually botlane is the go-to as it is highly volatile and top-lane champs are hard to deal with unless they are also trading like crazy. Kills greatly accelerate your early game scaling as Talon relies heavily on AD ratios to deal damage, and kills are essentially a Long Sword and more because you usually help shove afterwards, though this is mainly for XP and group resets.

Remember to utilise Talon's ability to evade vision with E, so keep track of where they are warding early game to play around it and gain the element of surprise.

Recommended 3 Camp Clear for Early Pressure (UPDATED 06/04/23)

The best - healthiest and fastest - path to enable your early presence is Raptors --> Red --> Krugs (smite Large Krug). This gets you level 3 without a leash and is also the healthiest start for Talon; you may need to rehearse the clear in Practice Tool.

Will perhaps rework this - wanted to deleted old stuff cause well.. outdated.
How to Gank... Literally
How to Gank Early Game
Talon’s ganks are very awkward Pre-6. All it can take is a dash or flash and they escape or turn the fight since most of your damage is now lost. Even I feel bad ganking sometimes because I know there is a good chance it is just a waste of time and reveals your position on the map. Generally speaking, these are the steps you should take for a gank as Talon that will give you a solid chance of success.

1. Use your E to path to the lane you want to gank to avoid vision. Try to track the enemy jungler or else you may put a piece of terrain on cooldown and ruin any chance of escaping if they are stronger.

2. Identify if you need to use a side hop or just walk up to them/the path they take to escape. Often you will prefer to wait for your teammate(s) to initiate a trade just before you appear to put enemies in a more killable state and have their abilities on cooldown.

3. Throw your Rake first just a little below max range so they can't simply out-run it. You should be either from the side or diagonally behind them for a good W angle. You will usually opt for a Standard Ranged combo as you have little damage anyway if they flash your W2. If the target can heal or is about to enter a brush, use Ignite for anti-heal +/ vision unless they are definitely dead. If the enemy uses a dash or flash while you are airborne, there is a good chance your W will hit them as your Q dash will usually follow them to their destination, pulling your W at the same time. Be careful with following up on a ranged Q if you cannot guarantee 3 stacks.

For dives, you prefer someone else to tank as you are melee and have no flash. You should wait for ally CC set-up or whatever they have to engage. W either right after or predict just before when they will do so (as some CC don’t last long), Ignite if needed, and then Q → AA. You could also just use a Flower combo.

When executing extremely low-HP targets, you can go for E → Q → AA (Ignite) → W to minimise their chance of reacting. This is usually used on very - VERY - low targets recalling or greedily staying for a wave.
Mid Game: Playstyle
Summary: soak resources when possible, dominate sidelanes and rotate or catch vulnerable people who respond to or are rotating to respond to your side-lane pressure. Don't take meaningless fights - always prepare them properly using your fast wave-clear and map mobility. Do not hesitate to completely take over a lane if your laner is more useful elsewhere.

Mid game is often where Talon shines because he has the items to be an oppressive Assassin, quickly going to where he wants to be. At this point Talon has the damage to duel or one shot people so make the best use of it while you can.

At 15-20 minutes, Your target cs/min:
[*] 6 cs/min and under ONLY IF early was rough and you were trying to get out of it by retaliation kills.
[*] 6cs/min to 7cs/min if you're applying good presure or under pressure yourself, for example support roaming.
[*] 7 cs/min to 8 cs/min if you are balancing ganks well without losing out on camps much. You should be applying some good pressure but make a judgement whether you should begin to farm more and focus on objectives or continue making plays.
[*] 8 cs/min and above is usually when you are ahead and can delete both camps and waves. You are putting a lot of resources on yourself so do not throw. This farming pace is very good if you want to cherry-pick your fights and minimise any chance of throwing by only showing where you are strong with R up.

For the first 10 minutes of a game, going 4-6 cs/min is not unusual because some games can be really chaotic or you had a bad start. Just keep in mind you will need to accelerate the farming rate sooner or later.
Late Game: 28m+
Closing the game is something a lot of players struggle on, especially in lower elos and when playing assassins. As every draft is different, I can’t really tell you a magic trick to close out games.

While you still can, you should be pressuring side lanes and trying to make picks there. If they are too strong or tanky at this point, avoid them and start targeting someone else or elsewhere. Identify the weak points in their team comp and team members in the current state of the game and try to abuse it. Despite your R being 30-45 seconds at this stage, try to make only meaningful picks as this is still a considerable window of vulnerability.

If your team lacks engage power, sometimes you will have to go first. Just make sure your team is not too far and be aware the enemies will ward potential flanks.

Usually what I like to do late game is purely split push. You must create an opening to be able to find one, and that is by pressuring a side of the map to drag at least 1 enemy to you. When you know where everybody is on the map, it is a lot easier to make decisions and you can use this for split-second decision making such as immediately pathing to force a fight with a man advantage, clearing vision in the jungle or river and finding a spot and waiting to ambush anyone passing by.

When there is a 40 second timer before Baron or soul point Dragon, this is an extremely valuable window to make a pick due to long death timers. In other words, you should be looking for an assassination, moving and preparing for it at no later than 1 minute.

When enemies are taking Baron, it can be quite hard to team fight as the invading team unless you are ahead. If there is little to lose from attempting a potential Baron steal, you usually want to detour and evade vision; one blind spot is just behind the wall to the right of top tri-brush. Activate Ghostblade for E speed and hope for the best with a Ranged Q, R and Smite, timing it simultaneously as fast as you can for the best chance of stealing it. With R, this is approximately 1.2k-1.3k damage so you usually want to E in when Baron is 1.5k-1.8k or so as it takes a second to land in the pit and be able to use abilities.

When you have the ability to win and kill most - hopefully all - of the enemy team doing baron, if your team can't move in head-on then detour and look for a flank - your Baron smite steal is not the best so, unless heavily disadvantaged, go and try to win the fight instead.

If enemies have taken Baron already, the best thing to do is to IMMEDIATELY LOOK FOR A PICK while their guard is down after they reset, no matter how deep in their jungle or lane. You want to create a numbers advantage ASAP to waste their Baron buff time, though remember to play by your R CD so don't group too early if you don't need to. Making a pick is absolutely tilting for the enemy team as you have turned the tides of map pressure and stalled their Baron siege.
Split Pushing
Note: copied and pasted from last year but should be relevant

Split pushing is always the best strategy for Talon’s mid game and often late game also. As both Talon and Talon Jungle, I strongly advise to avoid team fights and utilise side lanes. Ideally, you do not have resource intensive teammates and rather champs that can make your splitting difficult to punish, such as Shen, Ziggs. These are the real champs that synergize with Talon for macro reasons. Still, don’t hesitate to steal a lane from your team and use it for your own gains. You will be rewarding them with a higher chance of victory.

A lot of people assume it’s bad or wrong to split as the jungler. This is true for a lot of champs but not mobile assassins, especially one who is a strong carry like Talon. Talon’s W can delete any wave in mid game so you can easily pressure a sidelane if nobody is responding or force them to respond if they don’t want to lose waves. Due to your mobility even while attacking turrets, you can always continue to push and try to take down turrets especially if nobody is responding. If the enemy responding is weak and easily killed, go for a dive if free. T1 turrets give you a lot of access or control over the enemy jungle and T2 turrets are very rewarding in Gold, along with the waves the enemies are losing. Alternatively, you can enter Fog of War to disappear from the map, making the enemy team afraid. This is also viable when someone has come to defend against your split push and you can try to force them to leave the lane again especially if they have no TP. You can attempt to catch them away from the turret or just push another wave after lurking in the shadows if you want a better reset.

Split pushing is essential for Talon as it will usually result in one or more of the enemy team splitting up to respond to your pressure or attempt to catch you which is a waste of time against Talon (players will often chase you emotionally). Due to Talon’s fast and sometimes potentially untrackable movement on the map, this pressure creates an opening for you to either pick the enemy that is rotating towards you or you to force a fight with a numbers advantage. If your wave is not too close to the enemy turret, you can often just pick and bully the laner until someone else responds but by then you have taken enough resources for a power spike.

Always abuse your combination of strong wave clear, high side lane pick potential and fast map movement together. Side lane waves must be attended to when on your side or roughly in an even state prior to most team fights except if an important objective is already up. This is especially true late game in case a team fight goes wrong so they cannot push too far or even end the game with TP.

Note: do not go for a side-lane if your team can, should and want to contest a Neutral Objective at 30s or less.
Team Fighting
I'll add some time later.

In short...
Priority target identification; find out who is most important to kill THAT IS ALSO KILLABLE
Evaluation of both teams; find out what your role is in the fight by seeing what is strong and weak in both teams
Patience; do not be hasty because one CC can lose you the fight and perhaps the game Good execution; practice your combos so good decision is rewarded.
If you’re learning Talon then you must learn combos as his damage is back-loaded on his passive. Your kill potential is enormously heightened if you are always prepared to pull off the right combos in all kinds of situations. As you will usually be running Ignite instead of Flash, you will be a bit more limited in how you want to pull off combos, especially without terrain or structures. Generally speaking, for instant burst combos you should use R as part of the sequence, however good Talon players will know when to hold R for another rotation or abstain from using R completely to be able to stay and continue pressuring on the map safely. The latter is a lot easier to do when you have Conqueror or when you are considerably ahead of the target(s). Being highly versatile and able to choose and use optimal combos or even adapt and switch combos mid-fight is the highest micro skill cap for Talon.

As Ignite is preferred over Flash for Talon Jungle, I will not cover any Flash combos. I HIGHLY suggest practicing some of these combos in the Practice Tool to help engrain these combos into muscle memory and hopefully you will be able to use them and make split-second adaptations in the right scenarios. While a lot of Talon combos exclude E, I’ve chosen to include E if they play an important role in the sequence to make up for the lack of Flash Combos.

Important notes: while Ranged Q combos will deal slightly less damage than their Melee Q counterparts due to the lack of AA reset and Crit Q, Talon is still a melee champ and will often need to utilise the gap closing form of Q. You may want to exclude the AA before Q → AA as this slows down your combo. For burst combos where you include using R, Ignite and Smite should only be used before R or when your combo has broken your stealth, otherwise they can mess up your R targeting causing them to converge on yourself rather than the enemy.

NEW NOTE: Combos added from S11 guide. No visual assistance ATM.

Tsunami Opener - Post 6 Combo Opener
W → R
I like to call this the Tsunami combo as you’re just absolutely drowning them in AoE and open a LOT of options.

Common combo opener for melee combos and AoE multiple passive stacks. This is used usually from a flank and within fairly close range, securing you at least 1 stack from W but usually a 2nd stack from R. This combo opens a lot of options for you as you will have multiple passive stacks on multiple different targets, potentially applying 3 stacks every one nearby. You usually want to use the stealth and Bonus Movement Speed to close the gap on a valuable target and attempt to kill them in whatever way is suitable. You can consider fighting on - especially with Conqueror - as you will have stacks on other enemies too and probably oneshot the first target or just retreat.

Ranged Combos

Standard Ranged Combo
W → Q → AA (passive proc)
Talon’s bread and butter combo. Requires you to wait to ~0.7s after casting W so you can instantly proc passive after landing Q. The follow-up AA is almost instant, don’t worry about having to input your own command. The common combo to gank with.

Flower Combo
W → Q → R → AA (passive proc)
Talon’s standard ranged burst combo Post-6. Throw W, use rQ and use R mid-air. Pulling this off is the fastest and most efficient ranged burst combo. Try to Ignite either before Q to reduce healing or after landing Q, else you will risk your R converging onto you instead of the target.

I suggest practicing using the Flower combo as this is one of the most effective combos and works in almost any situation for Talon Post-6, yet is very easy to pull off. You can probably use this combo only after Level 6 and still manage to win a lot of games.

Late Blooming Flower
Q → W → R → AA (passive proc)
This is very similar to the Flower combo, except it is used when you’d rather rQ to stick to them, and then instead of having the auto follow-up from the rQ usage you override that with W buffer mid-dash and simultaneously R; the AA is almost instant after the W cast.

This is useful when they are at max range of W.

Leap Combo
Q → AA → W → AA (passive proc)
This is used to engage the enemy when they’re at the edge of W’s range and you are not cutting them off from an angle therefore unable to secure both W hits. You should often step back after throwing W for a split second to cloud your intentions and make W2 easier to hit. This combo is how you want to initiate duels and chases, especially when they are in your turret range and you don’t have time to go around from an angle. You can also use this as a short trade once you have Eclipse, obviously not if they can chain CC and shut you down.

I use this often once I have purchased Youmuu’s Ghostblade and or Eclipse. Red Smite and Red Buff help chase them down. Bringing them closer to kill range, putting your abilities on cooldown ASAP and gathering Conqueror stacks will make you ready to face any retaliation, should they try to fight back.

Ranged Hop Combo
W → E → Q → AA (passive proc)
Use this combo when the enemy is behind a wall. If you need a faster execution, use E between 0.5s after using W and instantly Q → AA to give enemies less time to react, else wait to see if both W1 and W2 hit before going in. Similar to Standard Range except with a wall hop in between.

Leap & Hop Combo
Q → AA → W → E → AA (passive proc)
This combo is not often used as it is very specific. Like the Standard Leap Engage combo, this combo is aggressive and is used when you want to reposition right after dashing in. The first AA can be omitted but there are not many downsides to Q → AA as it’s almost instant. You will want to find terrain or structure to hop over - preferably a short hop - and then proc your passive with the delayed AA.

Hopping Flower Combo
W → E → Q → R – > AA (passive proc)
This combo is when your target is behind but not close to a wall and moving away. You want to guarantee your first stack from W, hop over the wall to close the gap and then proceed to execute the rest of the Flower combo.

False Flower
W → Q → AA → R → R
Late stealth combo that is used in a few situations where you managed to hit W1 and W2. It can be from bush-camping or when the enemy team is BM’ing you and coming too close. Only use this when you hit both W1 and W2. You’ll have to time your R right after AA but this won’t be too hard as the follow-up AA is almost instant. I call this the False Flower because the damage is only slightly less than a Flower combo even if you cannot secure a R2 hit by re-casting as you’ve hit W2 instead. This is not the best combo as it gives them about a second to react from the moment you cast W but the main difference between this and a Flower combo is that you want to be stealthed to reposition or escape. Think fadeaway.

Delayed Dash Combo
W → R → Q → AA
Predictive combo. Mostly used when ganking Bot Lane from behind and they are trying to retreat to their turret. While this may look like the Tsunami opener from the sequence, this is in fact very different. This combo is used when from an angle or behind i.e. most approaches to ganking. The “Delayed” part of this is very important here. When Talon’s W2 is returning, a lot of people will use Flash to evade it. You should be predicting this and walking towards where you think they will Flash to and use R when they do. Follow up with Q → AA, whether it is ranged or melee.

Double Dash Combo
Q → W → Q → R → AA
This combo uses the Q 50% CD refund on kill mechanic. You want to Q a low HP minion, throw your W out as they will most likely try to punish you. Retreat for a second to burn some of the Q CD and avoid taking damage and then proceed to execute the Flower combo.

False TNT Combo
Q → AA → R → W or Q → AA → W → R
Youmuu’s Ghostblade’s speed is mandatory, Edge of Night’s spell-shield is preferred. Ignite is preferred to mislead the killing intent on the first target.

Talon’s aggressive mixed single-target and AoE combo used to engage and cause disarray. If your team is under pressure and struggles to engage during a siege, do it yourself using E from Fog of War. You should be dealing a decent amount of damage with the use of Ignite and Smite onto one squishy target, possibly killing them. If the enemy has no way to react in time, you can use the first version of this combo.Hold onto your W til last and while stealthed, reposition to a safe area or near terrain before casting W if you could not use it before to slow as many as you can. Generally speaking, you want Edge of Night to be safe but as long as you have been playing in Fog of War for a while then this can catch them off-guard and cause them to panic, creating an opening for your team or preventing the siege. If your team chooses not to fight, run away and apply pressure elsewhere as you will not be able to fight after this.

Melee Combos
You can omit the first AA and instead go for Q → AA in these combos if you think you don't have the privilege to give them any more reaction time and/or don't need to weave an extra AA before Q → AA for DPS. These would be considered as “fast” versions of the combos.

AA Reset
AA → Q → AA
Talon’s AA reset using mQ. Useful but not necessary to use in combos, sometimes that 1 extra AA is what will ruin your combo execution as it gives the enemy time to Flash/Dash or even outrun your mQ → AA passive proc.

Melee Bleed
W → AA → Q → AA
This is similar to the Standard Ranged combo; hit both W1 and W2 and use Q → AA to proc passive. This version can be used when you are able to catch up or already in range of the target after landing W1 and W2. This deals considerably more damage than the Standard Ranged combo.

Delayed Melee
W → AA → AA → AA → Ignite → Q → AA
This combo is only really used in early game when your CDs are high. You could have either walked up to them after slowing them with W or they jumped on to you. This combo makes use of Conqueror and Last Stand where you want to stall your AA → Q → AA burst until you have brought them into kill range with the extra DPS you will be dealing from runes. This can be a very low HP clutch play but early game Talon will kill just about anyone if he can pull this off. Doing AA → Q → AA too early can prompt their flash/escape which can lose a free kill. “Appear weak when you are strong” is a quote that articulates this kind of play.

The concept of Delayed combos can be very useful against anti-burst champs, such as Rengar, or enemies with anti burst items, such as Crown of the whatever it’s called.

Hop Melee Combo
W → E → AA → Q → AA
Use this combo when your target is behind and is relatively close to a wall and you are on the other side. This is the melee counterpart of the Ranged Hop combo when you know you can catch up to them with E hop and W slow for an AA Reset.

Fishing Combo
W → R → AA → Q → AA
Use this combo when you know you can successfully approach a target during Invisibility i.e. you won’t get CC’d. Pretty much only viable with Youmuu’s Ghostblade active.

This combo uses the W → R Tsunami opener to be able to run up to a target with R’s stealth and speed, and hopefully W2 slow. This combo is relatively strong even if you only manage to hit W1 on your preferred target, an AA Reset will guarantee a passive proc with AA → Q → AA and the converging R assuming you’ve been in stealth for at least half a second. This means you do not have to start this combo off closest to your preferred target as long as you can hit W1. As Talon’s AoE and stealth combined will cause enemies to panic not knowing who he will target (how I came up with “Fishing”), you can run up to your preferred target and use an AA Reset and won’t have to worry about R2’s delay for the 3rd passive stack.

As you won’t have Flash, try to at least come from a flank or this will be very awkward due to the lack of range.

High Haste Fishing Combo
rQ → W → R → AA → Q → AA
Same as above but you use ranged Q first to engage - high haste (100+) is required to pull this off.

Shadow Hop Combo
W → E → R → AA → Q → AA
You want to guarantee your first stack from W, use E to hop over the wall to close the gap and then use the No Rake sequence without the need for delay as you will have 3 stacks after Q. For thin walls, you will be able to short hop so during R’s stealth and movement speed try to angle your W2 to hit them for extra DPS if needed but be wary this gives them more time to react.

False Bloom
W → AA → Q → AA → R → R
Melee counterpart of the False Flower. This order is used when you have hit both W1 and W2 and they are still coming towards you and you are at risk if you don’t retreat soon. You want to proc your passive normally without R using the AA Reset and then immediately pop R and run. Recast R at a safe spot if you think you need R2 to finish them off. Think fadeaway.

No Rake Combo
R – AA – Q – AA
This combo can be used when Rake is unneeded or is unavailable. R is often used near the end of E animation to shorten the delay for R2 or after E should someone catch you by surprise on the other side. There are usually two ways to play out this combo: you prefer not to break stealth so you wait 0.5s or longer and then use the AA Reset to proc your passive for more damage; the enemy is low HP and you want to execute your combo as soon as possible disregarding passive proc.

Mist Combo
R → AA → Q → AA
Against champs with targeted abilities, you can time your R to cancel their ability with Invisibility. A good example is Lee Sin’s R. You will usually still be Rooted because of his own quick input buffers but you will cancel the ability and not be kicked, reposition to the safe side and then follow up with an AA Reset and W if up as he will probably kick you away afterwards.

Hidden Rake Combo
W → R → AA → Q → AA
The backwards Prowler's combo, except without Prowler's. Not recommended unless they have nothing to react with and relatively close to the wall you're using.

Common Long Sequences
You usually want to have 2+ Items to go for long sequences. Conqueror is also preferred. If you are much stronger than the enemy, you should abstain from using R to stay on the map for longer.

Two Rotations Short Duel
Q → AA → W → AA (passive proc) → AA → R → AA → Q → AA
This sequence starts off with the Leap combo to engage. In this scenario you cannot wait for a second W knowing that they will go all-in shortly after your Leap combo. You can also use the Standard Ranged combo to engage. This sequence is used when you prefer to stealth, denying them the chance to damage you too much while you wait for Q cooldown for an AA Reset to finish them off.

Two Rotations Dueling
Q → AA → W → AA (passive proc) → AA → AA → W → R → AA → Q → AA (passive proc)
Conqueror is highly preferred if you want to go for this play, else either avoid tanky enemies and look for oneshots instead. This sequence is a combination of the Leap and Melee combos, with AA(s) weaved in between while on cooldown. You can also use the Standard Ranged combo to start off this play. You usually want to do this in the side lane where you will have more than enough room and time to chase them down, presumably bruisers and tanks. The Leap combo also acts as a bait window for them to turn the fight but with Red Smite and low cooldowns, you should be fine.

As this sequence uses two rotations, you’ll probably only need to attempt this play at 3+ items when you have Black Cleaver, a good amount of Haste and you cannot oneshot the target. Try to weave in autos but prioritise juking any CC and spacing while the W is on CD. You should hold onto Ignite until your cooldowns are almost down for the second rotation, especially against bruisers who will try to turn the fight when they are fairly low.
Prowler's Claw Combos
Prowler’s Melee Combo
W → Prowler’s → AA → Q → AA
Assuming they are dashless, this is a free melee combo you can guarantee from a distance thanks to Prowler's dash. Use R just before the last AA if you need more damage.

Prowler’s Sticky Combo
Q → Prowler’s → R → W → AA
Here, use Prowler’s when you know the enemy will dash away right after you jump on them with rQ, such as Ezreal. Use R mid-air and finish the combo off with W → AA. Don't use if they can easily dash again as this combo is relatively weak and can put you in danger.

Prowler Flower
W → Prowler’s – Q → R → AA
Much like the Prowler's melee combo, except you know they will dash after your Prowler's, putting them into your ranged Q proximity.

Prowler False Melee Flower
W → Prowler’s → AA → Q → AA → R
Fadeaway. Potentially misses the R2 damage in exchange of stealth escape/reposition. Rememeber to recast if you are safe and need R2 to finish them off.

Prowler’s Hidden Rake
W (behind you) → E → Prowler’s → R → AA → Q → AA
You've seen it before. The coolest Prowler's combo for Talon. The reason for this is to minimize the reaction time the enemy has for the combo by removing Talon's W cast animation from the combo. Talon's W2 does ~2x as W1 and is easy to hit if you secured the Prowler's dash behind them. If you are fed enough, you don't need to use R for a squishy target as an amplified melee combo is quite lethal.

Here are some old video examples:
Advanced Tricks and Combos
Melee Q Buffer against CC
Even against displacement CC, Talon can buffer his mQ. Early game this is not always the best idea as your Q has a high CD. Good for clutch kills before they can get away or if you have high CDR anyway.

Dash AA Buffer against Stun
You can also buffer your AA after ranged Q when stunned. I’m not exactly sure what the condition is. Maybe you need 3 stacks of Passive for some reason or you need to be in Attack Range at the point of which you are stunned but I’ve seen it before.

Parkour Animation Cancel - E → Q buffer
You can shorten the animation of E right before you land with a rQ input buffer on an enemy target that is within range of your E landing destination. I would only use this if you are chasing someone and cannot secure a Standard Ranged combo from the point of landing. You can follow up with the rest of a Leap combo.

E Sleep Buffer
When Zoe or Lillia makes you tired, sleepy, whatever it’s called before you fall ASLEEP, you can use E to buffer the WHOLE of E animation, 720 backflipping with your eyes closed and having a wet dream. This allows you to slightly zone them with a W just before you press fall asleep mid-E and forces them to come deeper afterwards if they want to follow-up. The cool thing about this is your E will actually continue until you're at the original destination, however you will often visually be airborne. Your E skill is actually considered to be complete despite the frame being frozen (unless you don't input any commands) by the time ASLEEP is finished therefore you are able to use abilities as if on the ground.

E Buffer against CC Animation Cancel + AA Buffer
If an enemy is within Talon’s Attack Range (125) of your E destination, you can actually buffer AAs! I’m not sure when this became a thing or if it was like this from the start, but this can be useful in very specific cases. You do not need to be CC’d to buffer the AA but it still works the same - even when ASLEEP!
Secret Tips
Some of these aren't Talon specific but should help you to climb.

[*] Do not let your team bait you into bad ideas. If your decision turns out to be a mistake, you learn from it.
[*] Do not rely on your expectation of how your teammates should play. Solo Queue is extremely RNG so be flexible.
[*] Believe in your ability to carry. You locked in a carry champ so take on the role and carry the team. Take the resources you need and try your best to deliver the team the victory.
[*] Remain as calm as you can and keep trying to identify ways to win throughout the game.
[*] Take note of players who are playing emotionally if you can. Exploit them or manipulate them to play poorly. They are a lot more predictable when emotional.
[*] Dodge idiots and lost drafts in CS.
[*] FOCUS ON YOURSELF. Ignore the factors you can't control and you are bound to improve.
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