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Udyr Build Guide by Parrrly

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Parrrly

Splitdyr 5.19 Splitpush God

Parrrly Last updated on October 13, 2015
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Small Intro

This is a splitpush Udyr Guide, Dedicated to creating "Tons of Pressure" in top or bot lane generally.

Also a lot of info is in the notes, don't skip them if you want every little bit of detail (I know I sometimes bypass them).

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Who Am I?

My name is Parrrly, I play on EUW and I used to be a Gangplank main before his rework. I am currently Plat 2 and this is my first guide. I am still learning about Udyr and thought I would put my thoughts into a guide to help other people alike. I don't see too many Udyr players and when I do they are usually Junglers, yet I have been a top lane main ever since I started playing back in season 2 and I play a great many champions but Udyr being one of my favourites at the moment.

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Laning Phase

Udyr hasn't really got the best of laning phase's out of the many champions, he is strictly melee which leaves him vulnerable to ranged harass. his mana costs are super high early game due to his relatively low mana pool. That being said, you really want to try and just survive as long as you can, and get your Tiamat.

a few notes are against melee champions you can opt to harass with tiger stance when they go to last hit, be careful as this will cause you to start taking creep damage, and we are running scaling armor so either run to a brush or run away, also you can reactivate turtle stace to reduce damage taken.

You really want to be in turtle for most of the laning phase to sustain up, and try to keep control of your mana. if you are stuggling, you can always try to push out the lane and quickly go back for a second dorans if you really need too, but this delays your build and is only advised if you need more sustain.

If you take early game runes, level 1-3 is really good for you, tiger stances has some of the highest damage at level one if not the most, and with a dorans blade udyr can out trade anyone at level one.

if you take scaling runes, level 6 and level 8 are 2 good spikes for you. level 8 because you get max rank tiger and level 6 because the second rank turtle stance. by this time you should have hydra depending on how you are farming, and at level 9 always try to upgrade your trinket to greater warding totem, if you are splitpushing you need vision in the enemy jungle to know when you are getting collapsed upon, always ward up before pushing and always watch your minimap.

after level 9 and tiamat you should look to create tons of pressure top by pushing the laner under the turret. activate q hit the cannon (if its a cannon lane) use hydra and continue to hit every cs, activate your q when pushing a turret for the attack speed.

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Excecution of the splitpush.

This is what will cause you to make the enemy team hate your guts. As mentioned before you want wards all over the enemy jungle so you can see if you are getting ganked. but also, top laners like to run tp atm, so you need to be able to duel them, hopefully if splitting is going well and you are warding enough that you can kill them 1v1, this creates a huge swing in the game if you can do this, because the enemy team has to then decide, if they want to teamfight mid or send someone else to try and stop you, thus creating a 4v3 for your team, or a 4v4 which you can teleport into to make a 5v4.

if you find yourself getting ganked, activate bear and run away, keep your passive stacks up with turtle stance for even more movespeed, you should be hitting roughly 480+ ms at this point which makes it really hard to be caught.

if you cant pressure a turret because your team is in base or they aren't in position for an objective, you can either look to ward or take jungle camps (in the enemy jungle is better but more risky) this will deny them of more xp and gold and give you team time to pressure something on the map.

Being aware of where the enemy team is on the map at all times is vital to splitpushing, if this cant be achieved then trying to splitpush will most likely end up getting you killed

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If its going wrong.

This is important, if you lose lane, or if your team isn't pushing for other objectives when you get 2 or 3 or 4 man ganked then you need to either tell you team to push another lane, force a dragon or baron or even another turret when your splitting in another lane, or you could build tanky and start grouping for your team, when a teamfight breaks out, peel for your adc or apc (or whoever is fed) and dive enemy carries if they overextend.
You always need to work out if the split will work or not depending on how the game is going.

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Make sure your team knows what you plan to do.

If you are using this strategy, make sure your team knows what you want to do.
Splitpushing can be extremely effective especially at lower elo's, but your team will flame and rage at you if you are not grouping when they are getting killed so you need to let them know that this is what I want to do.

This is excecuted fairly well with champions that can disengage effectively (for example Janna).

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Tips and Tricks.

At level one activate your tiger stance before you leave base this will cause your next attack to proc the dot, which means you can activate again to double proc. when taking your first camp, double proccing helps your clear a little faster.

the movement speed from bear stance is very high, like I said it is a mini ghost, closing gaps and escaping is really easy with this ability. when escaping you can activate bear for, if the are really close and bar is off cooldown and you are in bear form, stun them activate bear form again and carry on running.

if someone decides they want to duel you and they are strong, you can kite them and try to proc tiger as much as possible whilst taking as little damage as possible.

if you want to all in you can run upto them and tiger stance, this gives you a lot more options than running upto them in bear form and stunning before you tiger. you can w to reduce incoming damage and sustain through it, or if they try to escape you can bear form to catch up stun them again and proc tiger again ( this should be off cooldown.)

against a poke heavy champion in lane it might be a good idea to get more points in turtle stance early, or even max it out first, this will delay you somewhat but you will have a really safe laning phase.

You don't always have to follow the build order, you can max e second if you don't need the sustain or put extra points in turtle or bear it is a really flexible build and a flexible champion.

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Remember that this build focuses on splitpushing and creating pressure in whatever lane you are pushing in. I really hope this guide has helped, any feedback please feel free to respond and upvote/downvote, give a reason why you liked or disliked this build.