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Gangplank Build Guide by supersaiyancurry

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League of Legends Build Guide Author supersaiyancurry

Spookyplank - The Curse of Runeglaive

supersaiyancurry Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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We all know Gangplank's strong suit. Critting. Shooting a Q and bursting your opponent late game. However, one of the primary reasons for Gangplank being one of the worst champs was the fact that all his damage came from one physical damage ability. Not only did this ability run the risk of not critting, but a majority of the damage done would be neglected by natural armor. Level 18, nearly every champ has at least 80 armor. Gangplank would HAVE to buy that Last Whisper and a Youmuu's if he truly wanted to kill his opponents with 1 bullet. However, level 18, most champs just have 30 MR...

People don't build MR as often as armor- this is especially true vs. Gangplank. However, Runeglaive changes EVERYTHING about Gangplank. It makes that 1 ability, Parrrley, and changes it from physical damage to magic damage.

How could this be a big deal? It's not like it's adding damage or anything, right? The Runeglaive spellblade only gives a little punch, compared to Triforce, to the Parrrley- and doesn't even give AD!!! It can't be that good, right?

WRONG. The difference between magic damage and physical damage is that magic damage naturally hurts more because of the small amounts of magic resist champs have naturally compared to armor.

Here's an example: Say you buy a brutalizer late game vs a lvl 18 opponent with no items. They'll have about 80 armor so you'll be penetrating 1/8 of their armor. Say you buy sorcerer shoes vs a lvl 18 opponent with no items. The opponent will have about 30 MR so you'll be penetrating 1/2 of their MR.

Why buy Runeglaive? Simple. If you go magic pen quints and marks with sorcerer shoes and Runeglaive, any of your Parrrley crits you land will be doing TRUE damage to anyone who hasn't bought MR.

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Build and Playstyle

Number one priority is getting that Runeglaive. Focus on csing with q in the early game so u can grab Runeglaive as fast as possible. Once you have Runeglaive, not only do you have a much stronger q, you also gain an additional 40 health every w. If that's not enough, you now have an additional source of true damage and a slow so you can get more qs off. AND, with smite you can take jungle creeps when the lane is pushed as well.

After acquiring the curse of Runeglaive to make your bullets cursed, you wanna focus on crit chance and AD. This is the part where you wanna become a more annoying version of Veigar. Start buying those IEs. One Statikk Shiv can cover and IE slot because the passive will do more damage than getting AD would. 3 Infinity edges and a Statikk Shiv comes up to an estimate of about 900 bonus magic damage- this is disregarding base ad, masteries, Runeglaive spellblade, and base Parrrley damage. Oh, and did I mention that those 4 stats I just mentioned will also be multiplied by 250%? I'm pretty sure that'll be well over 1000 damage a q.

Finally, you wanna get magic pen quints and marks along with sorcerer shoes. The quints and marks will give you +14 magic pen and the boots will give +15. That's +29 magic pen plus the -6% magic pen from masteries. Those qs will do true damage to those guys with no MR. Say goodbye to the enemy adc...

If that's not enough to convince you, there's one last benefit to all this. Mixed damage. You see, the qs will do the massive magic damage, but your regular auto attacks? Those will be the ADC level crits you all know and love. So what are you waiting for? Enter Davy Jones' locker!!!