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Rumble Build Guide by Shells

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shells

Stackin 'n' Packin

Shells Last updated on September 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build that I have created. This is a rumble build that focus' on using stacking items. This is a very cost effective build for rumble that is usually quite effective through all the stages of the game. I suggest having experience with rumble before trying to stack simply because it helps to have a little bit of experience. Knowing the map helps as well because escaping will be important if you want to keep your stacks. I’ll explain why I have made certain choices in each chapter.

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I go with movement speed quintessences simply because Rumble needs the speed. Following this rune build with movement speed masteries you start with 344 movement speed. This gives you the advantage in the early game when you fight other champions that go for anything other then boots.

I chose to use only magic pen reds because I believe that's all you need until the later stages of the game. The ability power yellows and blues are there to help with the early game so you start off with a decent amount of ability power.

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I aim to get all resistances to avoid getting runes for them. Also the regeneration is nice when you combine it with the Doran's shield in solo lane or mid. I think this is all Rumble really needs from masteries because if you get too much cooldown reduction you can risk overheating constantly in late game.

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As you can see I stack leviathans along with mejais soul stealer. This is because rumble needs some type of survivability to be effective and most other builds usually include some type of tank item to help with this. By stacking both you gain health and ability power each kill you get and if you manage to get 20 of each you will be a pain to kill. I find leviathans to help quite a bit when it comes to surviving. Late game you end up with at least 3k + health and if you get the 20 stack bonus from leviathans you essentially become a high dps tank.

As for the rest of the build their pretty common items to see on a rumble. If the team is tank heavy or MR heavy then grab a void staff either before rylais and sub out zhonya's hourglass.

If you don't feel like running with 2 stacking items I suggest a rage blade simply because the attack speed and the ability power bonus is great for 1v1 battles, overheating and destroying towers.

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Skill Sequence

Flamespitter: Rumble torches the area in front of him with his flamethrower dealing damage to all units in a cone for several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” this spell deals additional damage.

Scrap Shield: Rumble creates a shield blocking incoming damage for several seconds and granting a short duration speed boost. While in the “Danger Zone,” the shield’s strength and speed boost increase.

Electro-Harpoon: Rumble launches a projectile that deals magic damage and applies a stackable slow on the target. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” the damage and slow percentage is increased.

The Equalizer (Ultimate): Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target location. Enemies in the scorched area take damage over time and are slowed.

Junkyard Titan (Passive): Rumble’s abilities generate heat. When Rumble is above 50 heat, he is in the “Danger Zone,” causing all his basic spells to have additional effects. When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself and causing his physical attacks to deal additional magic damage. Rumble loses heat over time

Start off with flamespitter and from then throw a point into harpoon and scrap shield. Level up flamespitter first because it will be out putting the most damage until you get your ulti. I prefer to level up harpoon next because it does a decent amount of damage and can chunk squishy targets like vayne and fiddle when you start gaining stacks. Also, because of the additional base movement speed, you don't really need the higher movement speed util late game. I also like to level up harpoon because it is great for last hitting and in slow paced games it can help boost your gold to get the advantage.

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Summoner Spell

I go with flash and ignite, however you can change this to whatever you want really. Exhaust is handy, so is ghost for escaping. I prefer flash over ghost because you can easily reach champs caught in your ulti and it is also helpful for ganking and making quick escapes. i grab ignite for the damage boost and to help kill targets with high life steal like Warwick and fiddle.

Anything can really work for rumble except for clarity for obvious reasons. you can alter your summoner spells to suit your play style.

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Pros / Cons

Pros - extremely powerful if you can get the kills.
This build is effective through all the stages of the game.
A lot of survivability
Can carry teams easily

Cons - you will be focused
if you have a bad start it can ruin your entire game
probably wont be as effective when rumble gets nerfed in season 2

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This build can be both good and bad. Because your double stacking you can get focused down a lot. but as long as you play safe and smart this build can work wonders and it can easily carry a team if done right.

This build works well in solo lanes or mid, however I strongly suggest waiting for your ulti before ganking or going for the kill on two champions at once.

here are some of my scores using this build after the rumble nerf