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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kamikase GC

Starter guide for new Kassadian!

Kamikase GC Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first build made by my own! I'll explain to all readers in this build how to r*pe champion you hate the must and there will be ALOT of alternative how to build this rare champion: Kassadin, The Void Walker.

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Pros / Cons


- Mage/melee/range champion
- Good for creeping others
- Can abuse/overload your mana powa!!!!
- His skills r*pe (silence/penetrate/slow/teleport)
- Have a great escape by being ganked
- Your a real "noob eater" (anti-chicken)
- He have no tits


- The beginning is the pain at the *ss
- Your a beast at mid-late game
- Hard to play with
- People hate you for silence everything on your way <3

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Summoner Spells

ALOT of choice right here...

- Exhaust
- Ghost
- Cleanse ( my fav.)
- Clarity* (in reflexion...)
- Ignite
- teleport
- Flash (maybe but seriously your ulti is not enough?)

Just make yourself more invulnarable from everything for chasing!

* Thats can help yourself AND your ally from the start or even later ( for exemple: shaco who run out mana as hell)

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Again and over again, too much discusion about: "It's better put Kassadin ultility masteries than offensive blablabla".

My opinion is simple: all depend on what your the most comfortable! Like me, i looovvveeeee to be offense as be defensive. So I choosed offense masteries for more damage and magic penetration!

Just don't put a comment like: "YOU NOOB! YOU SHOULD TAKE UTILITY MASTERIES BECAUSE BLAAABLAAAABLAAAA." Keep your opinion for yourself ok? Me it's me, you it's you!

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The confusioning part (for me). What to choose and what to take hmmm... All you need its about: cooldown reduction, magic penetration and getting more mana!

Why CD? For spamming ennemies with your "Null Shpere" AND "Riftwalk"

Why magic penetration? MORE DAMAGE and if your ennemies have alot of magic resist = super effective!

Why more mana? More spell casting at the start ( plus it help for more ability power later). Most of time you always miss mana and the ennemy have like 34 HP and run away! You'll surely say: "dam, miss mana, I cant reach him/her DX" OR " brb, need mana".

Theres a other mix that could be good: more mana regen (more effective at the end), more health (same as mana reason except its for: staying alive han-han-han-han!) and more armor/resist.

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I feel like I created a starter build Kassadin but try this and have fun!

Early game:

-Take Sapphire Crystal (play defensive at the start AND range) for defending and to not make your ennemies dominate your lane (remember, they will get alot exp so the best choice if they just push: turret hug!)

-After try to making Catalyst The Protector ( when you'll lv up, you got something to heal and restore your mana so no need to return at your base)

- Get Boots Of Speed (at this point your almost lv 6 or near)

Mid game

- Banshee's Veil OR Archangel's staff: take what is more useful depending on ennmies champion. Banshee's Veil: if you know everyone amuse to stun/freeze/fear/etc you. Take Archangel's staff if you know you dominate and you can STARTING to chasing champions.

- Lich Bane OR Frozen Heart. Lich Bane: to make your chasing more effective and dealing more damage( plus a little mouvement speed bonus). Frozen Heart: the defensive option for more mana, CD, armor AND slow the attack speed of every ennemies around you (thats can help your ally).

Try to get 3 of them at least before to be in "late game"

* Lich Bane/Archangel's staff are a good mix just like Banshee's Veil/Frozen Heart together! Also don't forget the pick one of these boots: Mercury's, Mobility, Ionian or swiftness!

Late game

Thats the time to gank/kill champion you hate( or the more annoying). At this point, your almost unstopable and chasing is sooooooo fun! There some items I ONLY RECOMMENDATION, NO PREFERENCE:

- Abyssal scepter (Magic resist, ability power and lower ennemies magic resist)

- Mejai's Soulstealer (Always fun to have more ability power, you can also get this at the start if you feel you gonna already kill everyone)

- Rabadon's Deathcap (If your more like an AP person, don't hesitate, take it)

- Void Staff (More ability power and magic penetration)

- Zhonya's Hourglass ( a little armor bonus, a good way to get ability point
and be invincible like super mario is fun even if you cant move and taking action. usefull aganist gank when all your allies are near and the ennemies only target/attack you. Have fun to be a decoy!)

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (Super HP boost and abiliy power plus your spell slow the targer's mouvement, usefull aganist chicken)

- Rod Of Ages (A little more of everything!)

*Remember, you can take items that give you help killing other champion like for exemple: you know you fight aganist tryndamere, yi, Jax, etc. Go on, TAKE THORNMAIL!!! Or even poeple who stealth, use Oracle, pretty useful.

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My last word...

1: Don't be shy to playing with bot to practice your tantic/gaming with him, it's a wonderul system for those who just buy a new champion/even try a build!

2: It's happen sometime people insult you because your a "turret hugger" (or whatever the reason), just ignor and smile upon them because you already have more gusts to play with Kassadin, he is hard to play but fun when you know how to play wtih.

3: Ranked match? I don't know but I guess not for now. I need to revise more my build until is perfect!

4: Don't forget to abuse your ultimate!!!

5: Thanks for reading my own first Kassadin build! I take normal/constructive comments only, insulting/*****ing/noob calling will be immediatly removed.