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Galio Build Guide by baxstar298

Stoning the Field of Justice

Stoning the Field of Justice

Updated on April 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author baxstar298 Build Guide By baxstar298 4,607 Views 2 Comments
4,607 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author baxstar298 Galio Build Guide By baxstar298 Updated on April 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello this is my first build on a champ so I picked one of my most successful champs and favorite in the game:GALIO

Galio is a champ that requires patience and a bit of skill. You need to know how to farm a lane well and be able to stay alive.

You need to not be cheap with mana but pay attention that you don't run out of it in 30 seconds or less.
This build will cover most of what I play as Galio.
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Pros/Cons on Galio

Counters enemy mage
High damage
Great farming
Speed Buff
Ult that Taunts
Great Poke
Can run out of mana if not cautious
Will take a lot of harassment
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Why take Flash/Exhaust?

Why take Flash?

Flash is a summoner spell that has a small cast range that teleports you to the designated area with a cooldown of 265 seconds.
Flash is the most important spell on Galio where it be flash through a wall to get away from and enemy or to get to an enemy. The most important use is to initiate. Because Galio is a tank he is suppose to soak up all the damage, especially with his ult Idol of Durand . With your team behind you, you ran into and enemy and flash into them and immediately you use Idol of Durand.

Why take Exhaust ?

Exhaust is a spell that causes and enemy to be slowed and cause an Ad carry to deal only 70% of their damage and the enemy mage to deal only 30% of their damage

This spell is pretty simple to use and has a cooldown of 210 seconds. With Galio you choose the Fed Ad or Fed Ap and shrivel their damage to nearly nothing.
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Runes on Galio

The runes I use on Galio are meant to be marks magic pen and the rest to be magic resist.
I use all magic resist runes except marks because 90% of the time in Ranked and level 30 normal there will be an enemy mage mid. Magic resist mid will cause you to take little damage until enemies start to get their mid game and late game items. Another is that Galio's passive Runic Skincauses half of your magic resist to be added to your ap. Giving you great early farm with your Q.
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The masteries on my Galio build are pretty understandable. Galio may be a mid but he still needs defnesive masteries like all tanks. Galio needs that magic resist boost for his passive and against the enemy mage. He also needs the bonus cooldown for his ultimate. In the utility tree he needs that extra mana for farming with his Q. Also need that buff boost for his laning so he can spam his abilities and gather up a great CS.
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Items on Galio

The Items on Galio are great. Follow the build. Although you may need to switch up your build in certain situations. Follow it in most cases. The Rod of agesgives you mana, health, and ability power. you get it first so you get the stacks fast and you get that passive for the health regain. Get your thornmailfor the AD carry with your Taunt. Banshees Veilis for the magic resist and again for the health and mana. The passive helps too. Your Will of The Ancientsis for your team and for the spell vamp on your Ult. Finally we get that Rabadon's Deathcapfor the bonus ability power. As a tank you need damage for the enemy to target you and since you are your teams mid you should have some damage.
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Skill Sequence on Galio

The skill sequence on galio is pretty simple. Max your Q for a better CS and better damage. His Qis one of the only abilities in the game that the base damage is 300.
Max your Wafter your Q for a better heal and boost. Because it boosts his magic resist it also boost's his ability which increases the heal on his W.
When you use your W on your self in a team fight use your Ult so you can gain some health with it in return and deal bonus damage.
Max Elast due to least damage and mostly being a utility move.
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Order of Moves

When in lane its simple.
When your jungle asks for a leash use your Q, don't hit it with your auto attacks. This will mess up your teams jungle. Another is when your farming you need to not be cheap with your mana and makes sure your last hitting with Q. Another is to be cautious, make sure that when you use your Q to not miss any minions. What is the point of using your Q and not getting anything in return. By the time you get your Q you miss some minions and you twice the mana you intended. When you get your Q to level 4 hit the mage minions in the back wiht it and finish them wiht your ETeam Fights:
When in a team fight its simple focus your damage toward the enemy AD Carry. But first flash into the enemy and make sure you get your enemy AD carry, Mage, and the ones that have CC. If they disable your Ult then your team may lose the fight.
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Galio is a great champ that has to work with your team in order to be a great champ.
He is a tanky mage that deploys great damage but has a cost of mana.
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Great Teams

Top: Kennen/UdyrMid: Galio Jungle: Gangplank Ad Carry: Ezreal/Corki/Graves Support: Sona Soraka
These teams have great composition. If kennenis top that adds more stuns and your will of the ancientswill help him alon wiht ezreal
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Counters Against Mid

Galio is a counter to many champs
These include:
Kassadinbecause of his counter to a mage and kass being a counter 1 has to be a winner. And that is Galio, he doesn't spam his abilities and has high burst along with a shut down.
Anivia He can tank that high burst from anivia and dish out some too that "melts" her.
Karthus Can tank damage and dish out some.
Cassiopeia Take that poisin and use your handy bulwark you take less damage and gain some health back, can even use this against ignite
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This is the end of my Galio build and Im happy you looked at it.
Please comment if you like and tell me what you think is wrong.
Note. That this build will not always grant you a win

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