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Warwick Build Guide by JesusEffinChrist

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JesusEffinChrist

Super Jungle Warwick!

JesusEffinChrist Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guides has been edited 04-10-2013! Finally got around to it after season 3 starts.

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Hi there, and welcome to the Warwick Does Everything Guide by JesusEffinChrist.
This guide will tell you how to effectively build and play a Warwick that starts off in the jungle. Also I will be explaining why I do the jungle the way I do. Hope you enjoy this little bit of helpful information

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Creeping / Jungling

Okay! Start off at wolves. With this build, masteries and runes, you will be able to kill wolves (focus the brown one) before blue buff golem spawns. Starting at wolves gives you a very slight jungle advantage allowing you to gank sooner.

After wolves you'll go to the Blue Buff Golem. Kill the Golem first then the little lizards next to him. When you get to the wraiths, focus the Purple one then kill the little ones after that. Now you're at Red Buff.

Kill Red Buff Lizard first then the little ones. Be sure you do this as quick as possible. After you kill Red Buff, you should be at level 3, this is when you make your first appearance in a lane. This will either be top or bottom, depending on whether you're blue or purple team.

Blue will go to bottom lane, Purple will head to top lane. Make sure your team only harrasses their lanes and keeps themselves pretty pushed back so the other team becomes over confident! Every time I play warwick I make it to the lane for gank and always get an assist or kill.

If you can feed the lane the kill, give it to them since they will benefit more from the kill than you will! After you get through in that lane, then you're going mid, then back to your jungle wolves. Pretty much you will follow this pattern throughout the laning phase!

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage: I like to go with these, mostly because the extra attack damage is beneficial in the jungle and during ganks since you're starting off with a jungle item.

Greater Seal of Armor: That's +13 armor starting off allowing you to take less damage from your jungle creeps and enemy champs. Also that's a pretty decent amount to start off with

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: I pick these because jungle creeps don't do much magic damage, and you will only need the magic resist against champions in the later part of the game.

Greater Quitessence of Armor Penetration: Icing on the cake here baby! That's right these bad boys give you 7.7 armor pen at first level, if you have 3 of them anyways. These Quints here will reduce enemy and minions armor by quite a good chunk at first level and will be mostly effective up til at least level 8 after that it's just a slight buff, but this guide is to help your team win the early game and quick enough to win the game.

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I've chosen this Mastery setup purely for it's capabilities in the early game jungle and gank phase, this maximizes your attack ability and reduces your cooldowns enough to save a little money in the start of your jungle by only needing to buy 3 health pots.

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Build order is as follows: Buy the Hunters Machete first and 3 health potions. when you go back after clearing your jungle and/or getting your gank in, finish up the spirit stone and buy a pair of boots of speed. after that you build items from the core items as needed for the way your game is going, if you're taking too much damage from opponents, I'd reccomend buying phage from the first part of Frozen Mallet. Vampiric scepter should make an early appearance around 3rd or 4th trip back to the Market Place. But again, build according to what is needed and what is happening to you.

WARDS: I know it's normally up to support to ward, but it is more convenient for the jungler to ward. When you go back to buy items, if you have enough buy some wards and go ward key areas on the map. Some other guide somewhere in the world can show you those. Also, you can place wards in the enemies jungle and might be able to counter jungle (that means shutting down their jungler so he becomes useless. You may also want to put wards in your jungle to keep them from Counter Jungling you.

The Core Items: Mercury Treads, Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Frozen Mallet, Ravenous Hydra, Spirit Visage, Sunfire Cape.

When you play jungle you need to build a bit tanky. Reasons being is you want to be effective and technically you're more of a lane assistant, you don't need to carry. The tankiness of this build allows you to take hits from champs and still deal a decent amount of damage, and also allows you and your team to keep up with fleeing opponents. This build should give you plenty of Damage Reduction and allow you to deal a decent amount in the case of your ADC gets taken out (not your fault btw if you follow this guide) early.

The Secondary Items: Berserker's Greaves, Wriggles Lantern, Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, The Bloodthirster, Last Whisper.

These items are just in case you have a weak ADC. This allows you to carry. With these items though you will get focused most likely and you won't be very tanky, but if you survive the intial burst I don't think you'll be losing any fights.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Hunter's Call, this is vital for jungling, more so than Hungering strike as a first level ability Hunter's Call will be your 2nd ability that you max.

After reaching level 2, you'll get Hungering Strike next and max this ability first.

3rd level you'll put a point into Blood Scent, this allows you to get around combat a bit easier if an opponent is low on hp and this also helps you get ganks and First Blood to someone, you'll max this ability last.

At 6th level you'll put your first point into your Infinite Duress. This ability is great for ganking as it deals damage and snares... you can also use ignite while using this ability

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Summoner Spells

Not much to say in this section of the guide. Flash is great for escaping and chasing champions that like to jump or dash over/through walls. Ignite!? Yes really, ignite. Most people like to get smite because it's capability to deal extra damage to a minion. Well minions aren't gonna hurt you as much as champions and this will allow you to keep those lifestealing or health regenerating champions shut down. In most cases you don't need smite seeing as how people usually don't do dragon or Baron unless the other team is down 2 or 3 people. So choosing Ignite is a better choice IMO.

Other alternatives to Ignite are: Cleanse, Barrier or Teleport.

Cleanse: allows you to remove negative effects on you so when people burn their stuns and snares and the like on you, you can get away.

Barrier: If they don't have much CC then Tenacity is good enough and this little shield will allow you to soak up some burst damage meaning you can live a little longer.

Teleport: Great for getting to a lane to push or help a teammate!

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Team Work

WW is great for Jungling and Ganking, this section will tell you a little bit about how he works with a team.

Special Situations require special skills, if you are near enough to get there in time, and you see someone on your team being chased, try to get over there and use your ulty on the opponent, I know it burns it up, but you can allow your teammate to get away, and potentially get a kill.

Attacking turrets with team memebers is great, use Hunter's Call when attacking turrets, you'll attack it faster and any team members near by will too.

Killing dragon is by far the most important thing for any good jungling Warwick to do, this gives your team a nice bit of money, more than a tower can give you anyways. extra money means your team gets stuff quicker and you guys can easily out item the other team and win quicker.

Knowing when to gank, when to cover lanes, and when to go into your jungle is very important, watch you skills and don't spam them unless you have Blue Buff. Cover lanes when a memeber of your team needs to go back and buy or heal up. Appear in lanes to help push towers if they don't have anyone in the lane... do so sparingly though I mean if you're in top lane ganking or near top getting blue buff, don't run all the way to bottom to push on a tower that you won't make it to in time. You will spend most of your time in jungle, that being said, you won't be in the jungle all the time, as mentioned before step out to help your team every now and then, and try to keep a lane shut down, DO NOT EVER CAMP A LANE! If you camp a lane, you get less exp and the people on your team in those lanes get less exp as well (per minion kill basis)!

I know that everyone likes to get kills. you're not here to do that, you're here to give those kills to your laners. If and ONLY if they cannot get the kill, then you take it! Your laners are there to do most of the lane work if they get more gold, they can push better and faster allowing your team a better chance at winning.

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I hope this guide helps you out with all your Warwick Jungling needs, It has always worked for me. Well anyways, this guide is all about being a great team player and Jungler. Remember you're not invincible. This guide was simply to tell you how I feel is best to play Warwick. Overall you'll end up with a decent amount of damage and Survivability!

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