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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xibar


Xibar Last updated on December 21, 2010
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This build can be really good for late game. If your group is bad then this could end up being a carry build otherwise it will probably end up being support damage and annoying the other team. The Items can be purchased in any order that you want it just so happened that I got them in that order for my previous game.

I always start out with a Doran's Blade and potion and then if I have enough money I get Berserker's Greaves after I come back for the first time, which I should. If you mid then getting items becomes a little easier unless death comes a lot. Going top or bot with another person is easier cause it gives you a chance to get a kill if you are not good in mid. After you have enough money, after finished boots, get a BF sword for the damage. You already have a good amount of attack speed so work on the damage first. Zeal can wait untill after getting infinity edge unless you need extra movement speed.

Now that Last Whisper gives more attack instead of attack speed it is a little better to get since you have good attack speed already anyway. So that can wait until last unless you need for the penetration. I usually get before bloodrazor but it depends on the situation. Bloodthirster is good for the vamp and damage so you can stay out longer. If the game drags on too long switching items for different items is preferred if you can get better items. I usually never have to. Sometimes I wont finish phantom dancer until last item if I don't need the extra attack speed, but need damage or armor penetration.

I personally end up being a carry more in a 3v3 than I do in a 5v5 but depending on how good my group is it could change for the better or worse. I usually play a support ashe so I stay away from major fights and help from afar which gets my allies annoyed with me and killed until I get bloodthirster. I do what I can but if I can't hurt the enemies then I am useless anyway so I mainly help them with running away and dealing damage when I can. Once I get everything I go all out and start doing a lot better and getting more kills and assists. Of course this is just me you can do what ever you feel like. I just like being a support that can deal major damage sometimes. Sadly Magic damage is one of ashe's major weaknesses unless you get the element of surprise which is not too hard with hawkshot there. Use hawkshot to prevent enemies from ganking and be map aware too. If someone is alone and you are sure you can kill go for it if no one will get in the way. Just make sure you have an escape route if you are about to get ganked afterwards or during.

Escape routes are crucial for ashe since she is so squishy. Flash and Ghost are very handy in helping to run away but either can be substituted for Exhaust or something else. I just prefer them to Exhaust. I try to keep myself alive but help my allies whenever I can, which you should already know anyway but whatever.

This is my first build uploaded so go easy on the comments. I use this build all the time the only thing I change is in what order I get the items. I hope it helps in case you want to use it but helpful comments are what I want the most to make it better and become a better Ashe user. Thank You.