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League of Legends Build Guide Author Counterclockwork

Support Orianna - "Well balls to you!"

Counterclockwork Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Oria-- wait, who? Yes, Orianna. This guide was inspired by the most un-used champion of the game, and a personal favorite. As one of the 3 champions that have the highest difficulty bar, its amazing how little she's played.

This build takes advantage of her spell set and provides harassment out the *** (which she was born for), support armor, MR, and damage absorption for squishy champions, and on the stop vision wards, built in Shurelya's , and slowing effect, she of course has her ultimate and passive to CC and make for great damage early game on top of your carry.

Since her AP scaling was nerfed into hell, I feel this is even more viable than AP in contrast to other AP carries. At this point though, you're almost better off playing her as AS/AP, though it was generally never done in the first place.

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Masteries, Summoner Spells, & Runes


0/9/21 is what takes advantage of the general utility you will acquire while simply be sitting in lane, and not killing anything generally. While it is entirely optional for you to choose the 5% ward range, I feel its quite helpful, and you'll get more use out of it as you become more use to the added range of it when warding. It may not seem like much, but I personally find it to be quite helpful, especially with Vision Wards in mind.


Personally I find this to be the safest combination to use in-game as any support. I've had some ranked random teams I've queued with question the use Clairvoyance, but to sum it up; its jungle awareness.

It resets enemy buffs when used early after they grab it to jump to prepare for counter-jungling. More often you'll want to use it when the enemy jungler is starting off. Around 3:00 minutes on the spot, they'll almost ALWAYS at red-buff no matter what champion. If they're not at red, they're likely to be at Wraiths, or leaving them to Golems.

Rather obvious, but its good for team fights like at Baron too so they can't just protect themselves in the fog during team fights for cooldowns to come back up, etc.


Heal is alternative that I feel is viable, but Orianna's base movement speed is the LOWEST possible, 300. You're going to find yourself in many bad situations that you'll need AT LEAST an escape mechanism out of. So without laning with a partner that has CC to prevent yourself from being caught, you're going to be prone to easy jumps from the enemy jungler and being picked off in-lane by any champion with hard-slows or CC.


Yes, it does. Very badly, however I feel you don't need this unless you're laning with a partner that will benefit from it too. Getting Fairy Charm early game with wards, building into Meditation in Utility Masteries, and simple Mana-Regen Glyphs is enough for any champion to be content in lane so long as that you're not stupid about, casting every 2 seconds.


1 GP10 - TOTAL: 3
GP10 is essentially early game and to be quite honest, there is no point in rolling the 2GP per 10 in the masteries if you're not going to take advantage of all the production of gold that you can without taking from your carry.

3.47 Health, Flat - TOTAL: 31.23
Feel free to change to something better for Marks, they're generally the least important. I roll health for early-game sustain in combination with the bonus health from masteries. Works good I find.

0.25 GP10 - TOTAL: 2.25
See: Quints.

0.055 Mana-Regen Per Level - LEVEL 18: 8.9 (Level 1: 0.495)
And here we target her mana problem. Yes, they are per Level. Though why, if her mana problem is so early game based? Well, with the added mana-regen of Masteries and the Fairy Charm you won't need it THAT badly, and this will surely help as you approach levels leading into Team Fights so you won't be oom; and long laning.

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You'll generally be following the Support META that is currently in-place. While just as the champion herself is, your times will also tend to be situational depend in your team's comp. Don't think that as a support EVER that there is a build you can use for every-game that will ALWAYS be the most effective. It requires some strategy to play Support effectively, though some doubt.

Fairie Charm x1
Sight Ward x2

Philosopher's Stone

Kage's Lucky Pick

Ionian Boots of Ludicity
Shurelya's Reverie