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Orianna Build Guide by Totentanz

Support Support Orianna: Slow your enemies

By Totentanz | Updated on March 14, 2016

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Slowdown Orianna is:
+ such more slowdown
+ a lot of AP damage
+ controling ult
+ range (she doesn't need to go melee)
+ autoattacks deal more damage than most supports and APC

- she's not a tank
- hasn't escape from hook or charge
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Purchase at the start

When u have , (work with Luden's unique) and , master Yi becomes ur only one enemy. Slowdown can be save for ur team or helping for kills for ur carries.

U can spam Q and W by CD with

is ur safe.

Trinket choise depends on enemy's support warding activity.
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When u have and u have 30% of CDR. U can take and in masteries for 45% of CDR.
This need for spam Q when u pursue enemies or run away from them. Q calls effect of ludens echo and rylais crystal scepter.
U need use W for more damage and R in a accumulation of enemies, when ur team ready to attack.
Use E to save ur allies.
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Team Work

I play with midder, who mained Victor.

My slowdown for his
My ult for his
U can choise another APCarry with cast sequence: Annie, Anivia, Veigar, Lux, Sindra, Le Blanc, Talon or Zed...

Another choise is Swain: Killing machine for ur slowdown.

In lane game u need ADC with early damage for active zoning ur enemies (MF, Ez, Ashe or another)
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Best choose for teammates

TOP-LANE as fat man

MID-LANE as cast sequence APCarry

JUNGL as charge-control ganker

BOT-LANE ADC as early game damager


League of Legends Build Guide Author Totentanz
Totentanz Orianna Guide

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Support Orianna: Slow your enemies