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Sona Build Guide by Stylese

Support Support Sona Best Sona (Preseason)

By Stylese | Updated on November 10, 2017

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Biscuit Delivery
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight



LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Greetings Summoner! I am Stylese, a casual League player who played since Season One. I am currently in Gold League and I have played for the most of S7 SoloQ Support Sona.

Welcome to my first guide ever. If you have any tips how to make the guide more appealing please tell me how.

I have a lot of fun playing Sona. She has a very Strong poke, and her healing scales alot into lategame. She has a build in CDR with her ultimate.
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Pros / Cons


+Great poke
+Simple Kit
+Strong healing
+Strong AOE ultimate
+Easy to peel for your team


-Gets destroyed by cc
-Little to no escape
-Easy to counter
-Low Mobility without boots
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Summoner Spells

I usualy play with Flash and Heal, if the ADC takes Barrier.

Else I play with Flash and Exhaust.
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I chose Inspiration as primary because i think this is the most supportive tree. As secondary I chose Resolve to get some extra health and ressistence because Sona is very squishy.


Kleptomancy: Its similar to the good old pickpocket, just better! It can also drop some random consumeables that can be pretty handy.

Biscuit Delivery: Always good to have some Health and Mana regen while on the lane. Also increases Max Mana for 40 points each biscuit.

Future Market: Very nice rune, you can go a bit into the red and get items faster than usuall.

Cosmic Insight: Very strong rune. 5 CDR% on everything and you have 45% Max CDR instead of 40%.


Conditioning: Its some nice Armor and Ressistance boost. But be carfull it activates after 10 minutes.

Revitalize: The more (heal) the merrier
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Eye of the Watchers: I usually take this upgrade because it wont take and extra slot in my inventory.

Ardent Censer is a must have item on Sona, because the synergy is so great with her. In Teamfights she can boost the whole team if the teammates are in the Shield aura.

Redemption has very nice stats and a handy AOE active.

Mikael's Crucible has also good sats and can save you or your teammate from heavy CC.

Locket of the Iron Solari has nice defense stats and provides your team with a nice chunk of Shield.

Randiun's Omen is good vs a lot of AD enemies.
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Sonas passive Power Chord has a simple machanic. After the 3rd ability cast her autoattack deal bonus magic damage and also applies a effect acording to the last ability cast.

Hymn of Valor(Q): Does Magic DMG and has a bigger range than your autoattack. It prefers Champions in range. It also creates and aura around you for 3 Seconds which aplies magic dmg to your and your allies next autoattack.
Its Power Chord Staccato deals 40% bonus magic DMg.
This is of course manly used for DMG and poke.

Aria of Perserverance(W): Heals the most damaged ally around you. The aura also creates a shield for 1.5 to your allies.
Power Chord Diminuendo reduces the DMG output of the enemy for 3 seconds. Use this if denying dmg from the enemy is important.

Song of Celerity(E) Gives you movementspeed boost. The aura boosts your allies too.
Power Chord Tempo slows the enemy. Use it for chasing enemies.

Crescendo(R) is Sonas Ultimate. Its and AOE spell who stuns all enemies you hit in a line. Very strong in teamfights if you catch 3 or more Champions with it. The passive applies CDR upt to 40%.
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Ranked Play

Early Phase

Skill Q and use it once before you leave spawn, to get Power Chord as soon as possible. In the Lane you should try to poke the enemy with your Q as much as possible and always do if possible an autoattack after you have used Q. You can use the bushes to get close to the enemy.

Ward river bush about 1:50 in case enemy Jungler appears. On you first back you should get sightstone, some vision wardsand exchange the trinket. Try to keep Tribush and River Bush always warded if possible.

Rush ardents next.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Stylese
Stylese Sona Guide

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Support Sona Best Sona (Preseason)