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Singed Build Guide by Pipi Singed

ADC Supporting Singed - Hidden op technology

ADC Supporting Singed - Hidden op technology

Updated on September 30, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pipi Singed Build Guide By Pipi Singed 7 0 3,194 Views 1 Comments
7 0 3,194 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pipi Singed Singed Build Guide By Pipi Singed Updated on September 30, 2021
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Runes: ADC Slave

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Future's Market
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Bot build
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Supporting Singed - Hidden op technology

By Pipi Singed
Is Singed support trolling?
No. This is off-meta, and there is a lot of pick better than Singed in botlane. I will never advise to a non-singed-player to play singed support, because you have to know singed mechanics and singed difficulty before playing him support. Else you're just gonna do everything wrong and tilt your adc.

If you're an OTP Singed.
Tired of having your *** kicked 20 minutes every games because toplane champs are balanced.
And you want to try a total new playstyle.
This build can work.
You have strong damage, even in very early game, good tankyness, good peeling and you can control all enemy team with perma 30% slow.
I mean if enemy toplaner is rushing your adc then just gooflip him and with rylai slow, your adc will be safe, you don't have to play lulu to peel someone.
BUT because this is off-meta, a lot of player will flame you on lobby and during the game. This is the weakness of the build, you have to be tilt proof.

Even if you're doing everything good, your mates can flame you for no reason just because you're playing an off meta build. Because you are playing an exotic pick, they want you to win every games.
Just mute all if anyone flame you and do your best, i'm playing singed almost only support for 2 seasons now and i reached my peak elo with it.

Keep in mind that if you can tilt your mates, you tilt better enemy team. No one want to lose to a ****ing singed support.
Okay but how do i play?
All in!
You will need few games to know your limits but basically, your job is to punish enemy misspose and ALL IN. Kill or die.
Stay behind, specially when lvl1-2, then search any opportunity to W enemy support or adc and run to them. Opportnity can be enemy support wasting his main spell, or trying to aa you while enemy adc is farming the wave 3km away, or if you feel you will win the 2vs2.
If you're playing against ranged poke champ, try to bait skillshot and wait for a mistake.
Basically punish any mistake from your opponant and you will hard snowball the lane.

If enemy support is an aggressive one like leona or nautilus, play passive and wait them to engage.
In 2vs2, try to W enemy support or adc, then run to em and flip him. If you can reach enemy adc, then focus him. AA him to death ! With conq and ignite, you will win.
If they engage, do the same but use everything on enemy adc.

If you're getting ganked, try to avoid the fight while applaying damage with Q. If they chase you and take good damage, just re engage and flip a triple kill.

Try to be active on map as much as possible, help your adc to push the wave then help your jungle if you see an opportinity to fight in river or gank mid. Do not stay bot for ever if you don't have any summoners or just know that you won't be able to kill bot.
Mid game/teamfight
At this point you should a least have T2 boots + rylai.

If your team is ahead :
Try to force fight, enemy won't be able to escape from you, and if you're losing the fight they won't be able to chase you. Abuse the rylai and force skirmish !

In teamfight, you can play aggressive and focus on applying rylai on every enemy champ while dealing good damage. Search an opportunity to go on enemy backline with ghost/flash/proto or your passive, then flip enemy carry. But stay with your frontlane, don't go too deep or you will just die alone, because you're support you are weaker than any laner at this point.

If your team is behind/even :

Focus being the +1 in skirmish. Join any 2vs2 or 1vs1 in river and make the difference by numerical superiority.

In teamfight, if enemy team have aggressive pick that have easy acces to backline like katarina or camille, try to stay with your backline and peel them from danger. Do not let your adcarry alone if hes not 100% safe !

Keep an eye on enemy carry and try to reach them with your summoners or protobelt, then flip them. It can really hard carry a teamfight.
Build tips
First, note that you want to buy your t2 boots asap.
MS is mandatory on singed, specially while playing support, cuz you will have to catch enemy in lane before they damage you too hard. The faster you are, the less counterplay they have.
In teamfight you will have to apply the rylai slow aggressively while peeling your team if someone reach your carry. Swiftness boot are a safe bet, but some time u will prefer go on mercury or tabi depending of enemy team.

Rylai first item is MANDATORY. This is basically the only one item that you will build every single game.
It's giving you good pool of health and ap for the laning phase, but the most important thing is the slowing effect. Thanks to that, you can peel your whole team by applying a really annoying slow for those who want to reach your ADC.
It also serves aggressively, preventing most enemies from escaping from you.

A very strong powerspike for snowballing or to still be useful if you have a bad early game.
I build protobelt mostly every games ( cheap item considering the stats given + great mobility tool ) but riftmaker is probably better against full ad or ap team, but i'm not a fan of it, specially because it's snowballing dependent imo.

The third option for mythic item is everfrost, particullary good for roaming or hard peeling. Probably better in higher elo

After those two core item, you usually want to build only tankiness item from now. Randuin is a great item for armor, abyssal mask for mr. Gargoyle is a good mixed up.
If you're ahead and/or solo AP, you can build zhonya or demonic.
Random tips
- Targon work on your Q, so don't be afraid to help your adc pushing while using your poison.
- Except if enemy botlane isn't in lane, you don't want to push. Try to keep the wave near your turret, so you can use the whole lane to engage. +, you can flash goo flip if enemy botlane is attacking your turret !
- Your W is awesome. This is your best tool to engage AND escape, don't waste it !
- Any enemy champion standing in your W can't use ANY dash. This way, if a yuumi try to proc her passiv on you, just W on her and she's ****ed. This is also working for ezreal, tristana, nautilus, pyke E and R...
- You can cancel every dash with your E. Combined with previous tip, if you know the timing you can revert-dash these champions. Basically using your W on an ezreal will make him panic and you know he's probably gonna run out the *** and instantly dash out.
With good timing, you can use this knowledge to W on him then time your E in the way to cancel it.
- If you're getting ganked by a champion that will run to your adc, just run to him and flip him behind.
- If you scout enemy buff and see enemy jungler doing it, you can flip the buff behind the wall and make it reset
- Don't be afraid to take kill. If you're doing well and have good matchup, you will do almost all the job.
- If you can afford it, buy a blasting wand first back. + T1 Boots if u have +300 golds
League of Legends Build Guide Author Pipi Singed
Pipi Singed Singed Guide
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Supporting Singed - Hidden op technology

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