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Master Yi Build Guide by ardanas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ardanas

SUPRISE ap yi! the pentamaker

ardanas Last updated on August 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Ability power master yi guide. probebly some guys think ad yi is the only way to build master yi. her is the prove there wrong and even more strange for them.... ap yi can beat a ad yi if he plays it well!

In this guide i will show you how to play a ap yi and why i think ap yi is worth a good guide.

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Masteries. Runes and summeners spells

I took this masteries to get the maximum ap ratio and still get almost the maxium cd reduction... 4% cd reduction doesnt look much. but in combination with morelle (+20) and boots (+ 15) it will be a total cd reduction of 39%! and 40 % is the max... the rest would be overkill and useless item or rune waste. we will basicly have over 600 ap in this build when u got all the runes and masteries.

I took this runes cus with blue buff you dont even need mana regen. health armor and health regen are useless because of your W (meditate) this will restore the double of your ap plus the basic heal of your meditate and grants you 400 (if im right) magic res and armor! this will make you almost imun to lux and karthus ultimate!

i took this summeners for low game, ignite can be a good finisher when you dont got lich bane yet. cleanse always is handy incase of on heal and you must get out. highlanders is like a cleanse. but now your almost imuun to enemies cuz of your high escape ability.

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My items are pretty clear like every other ap carry or mage we take rabba cus of the high ap boost and the high ap itself.

morrelos and boots aree for cdreduction.

mejais is if you do good in game. WARNING: if you dont start well dont take it and switch it for another rabbadons or zhonya's hourglass

Will of the ages give 25% spelvamp wich is handy to regain health while attacking or escaping!
plus it gives 70 ap and 25 spelvamp and 25 ap to your teamates aswell! so its also a supportive item!

lichbane is the finish with your auto attack. because of his strong unique passive it will allow you to do your normal basic attack + 100% of your ap aswell.

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Pros / Cons

Lets go to the pros and cons

very easy to get minion kills and multi kills like a double, triple or quadra or even a pentakill!
In combi with lich bane you can get a 1500 damage % combi!
High change to instant kill someone!
high escape possibility!
epic heal that can heal you when 5 man focus you and still survive!
almost is imune to attacks in meditate
alpha strike only got around 6 secs cd!
very handy in teamfights!
can be a lure and still dont die like regular yis without popping ulti!
epic in jungle
able to do good in mid

expensive build
normal auto attacks wont deal a **** except if you have lichbane effect on you.
expensive runes.
people may call you skilles
a great change to steal a kill in teamfight accidently

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When you are good at ap yiing then you can try jungle!

WARNING this jungling chapter only for players who already tried and like ap yi! and are skilled with it... otherwise keep creeping with yi!

we start the same like a regular ap yi
same items
alpha strike
change ignite for smite
but we lvl meditate to lvl 3 first then alpha again.
meditate is very handy for jungling cus it can help you when you almost die and heals you and you dont have to recall very much anymore because you can heal yourself wich grants you a xp boost on other junglers.

your q can be handy cuz it deals tons of damage against jungle and lane creeps. for your sake it is handy that you are lucky at start.

start with blue golem and ask someone for a pull. when u expect a counter jungle ask also for safeguard! when the teammember pulled the golem you use alphastrike on it, when your lucky the creep effect will trigger kiling the little lizards already and gives a kinda smite instantly to the golem granting it to be on half hp! go use auto attack then smite him dead. you should be lvl 2 now, get meditate then go for wolf camp, wraith camp lizard camp and small golems. then go for blue again. after this round you prob be 4 or 5

when you wanna help someone with a gankalways let the enemy push abit. and when your teammate can slow, supress, stun etc etc. him then you go in with your alpha strike. this should do a decent damage wave already. use your wuju stile to trigger lichbane {when you already bought lichbane} then your ulti to chase him down. prob the cd of your alpha is resetted and finish him with your alpha if he isnt already dead!

this will result in a gank for sure!

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Team Work

When u go laning here are some good champs to lane with:

tryndamere: his auto attack in combi with your powerfull alpha allows you to gank most other champs.

malphite: he got a knock up charge and can hold most counter damage

lux: she can easlily finish people with her ulti if you cant:


master yi: if he pops his q first he can ruin your chance to pop yours.

rammus: rammus can taunt you ruining your chance for a get away or a kill

Sona: she got a massive stun

Veigar: also a massive stun and can easilly beat you when your out of your meditate

sion: also can heal with his ulti and can stun you

soraka: she gots a silence and 2 heals

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Alternative items

Change Morello's for Deathfire, its active is like another spell, but your ap and cdr will be lower

If you do not gank often enough, go change mejais for another Rabadons or Zhonyas hourglass

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02-03-2012 Ive editted a Alternative items page.

changed some grammar faults.

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The end

This whas my guide already
hope you guys enjoyed it and can put this to use.

i also hope you will gank with this build and that ap yi gets more populair.

hope to see you guys in game!