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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by itsVide

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author itsVide

Surprise Party Tankysticks!

itsVide Last updated on August 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, I'm Vide and I'm a Diamond 3 top laner. I've started playing since Season 3 and I've been enjoying the game very much. I don't play Fiddlesticks very often, but I've found this unique build that makes him very strong, and therefore I'm making a guide for him! (I'll play more of him and remove that part... soon)


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Here are the runes I'm running for Fiddlesticks


Quintessences: [3] 1.5% movement speed
Marks: [9] 0.87 magic penetration
Seals: [9] 1 armor
Glyphs: [9] 0.16 magic resistance per level

The reason you want to run move speed quintessences is because of the playstyle of this build, which I will get to shortly. You need the magic penetration marks because Fiddlesticks is magic damage, self explanatory. You want to take armor seals because Fiddlesticks is very vulnerable to ganks, and you need to survive in order to get to mid-late game. The MR glyphs are also self explanatory. You can also run flat AP marks if you feel like that's more suitable for you.

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Here are the masteries for Fiddlesticks


I'm running 21-9-0 because the build you are taking is very tanky, and you'll have very little damage to do.

You can also run this mastery page if you peel as if your team has enough damage


The reason you want to take Oppression is because you'll be buying Rylai in the build, and having you take less damage will just be better in general.

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Item Explanation

The explanation to all of the items:

-Ionian Boots of Lucidity: With the 5% CDR you have from your masteries, you will need the other 15% and a 20% to have maximum efficiency, and not waste extra on CDR. This is the only item to have a multiple of 5 CDR, therefore in my opinion it's very efficient

-Mercury Treads: This is good against a comp witha lot of CC to stop you from running to their carries. Though you will have to waste money by having over 40% CDR, it's still better than being stopped almost completely by crowd control. This is also a good item to buy to get your distortion quickly, and if you are losing mid to an AP champion

-Frozen Heart: This item is perfect for teamfighting, since you will be running around in the middle of their team, slow all enemies' attack speed. This item is also good for your mana issues, the bonus mana you get from it will help you out a ton, and not to mention the 20% CDR. Get this item to help you witg early teamfights

-Randuins Omen: This item can synergize very well with Rylais and the Frozen Heart, since both the slows and the attack speed reduction are stacked. The health it gives you will help you tank longer in fights, because having just resistances won't prevent you from dying. Get this item early aswell to help witg early teamfighting

-Abyssal Sceptor: This item will help you against the magic damage that you'll be taking. I like this item for both the AP ans MR it gives, not to mention the fact that it reduces nearby enemies' magic resistance. This will work even better if you have an AP top/jungle/support. The magic resistance is not really needed until late game, try delaying this item

-Spirit Visage: The bonus health gained from this item is good in relation to Drain, and it also gives you tank stats and CDR. The downfall of this item is that it has 10% CDR, and I find that Frozen Heart is an essential iten. You would most likely buy this if you're struggling in lane and if you also bought Mercury Treads

-Liandries Torment: This item goes hand in hand with Rylais. It gives you the bonus tank stats that you would probably need. This item is good for a team that's buying tons of magic resistance for you. This is not an essential item so try and postpone this purchase, if needed

-Rabadons Deathcap: This item works well if you bought more offensive items (than I had hoped). Your ult scales fairly well with AP so this is a fairly smart purchase. Since this guide doesn't contain Zhonya's, you need to be aware of how much damage they do and how much damage you take. If you feel like rushing this item is a good idea, sorry, but you're reading the wrong guide ): This item should be a postponed purchase aswell

-Rylai's Crystal Sceptor: This is the most core item of this build; it gives you tanky stats, an AoE slow in synergy with your ultimate, and some AP to help you deal a decent amount of damage. Try to rush this item as early as possible if laning phase is going smooty for you, it will help yoir team's teamfighting a lot

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Summoner Spells

Taking Flash and Ghost is standard for this type of build path. If the opposing team has little - no CC, you can feel free to swap Flash for Ignite, as that will help you with your laning, and you won't be needing flash to get further into the team

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This will be filled furthermore as I play against more of these laners

This matchup is fairly hard to deal with since he has the ability to dash away from your drain and come right back to you. He prevents you from clearing with your Dark Winds (E). Though, if you time your fear and your silence well, he will have a hard to getting his ult off on you. For this matchup, you most likely want to start Cloth Armor and 5, as he will most likely be trying to duel you, which he has the potential to do. Try to get some armor (both Frozen Heart and Randuins), preventing him to have much potential to kill you. For this matchup, you might also want to max Drain first, rather than Dark Winds. This would give you the opportunity to "duel" him fairly well.

This matchup is fairly simple, as both you and her are trying to just (most likely) clear the upcoming waves and farm for the mid / late game. Getting Boots early will help you dodge out her bindings, as long as you're not hit by one, you should be fine in that lane. Starting flask wouldn't be a bad idea in lane either, since you she will probably get some Tormented Soil damage off on you, and you'll need to keep up with her sustain. Drain can also sustain fairly well against her, but as you stand still, she can hit you with easy bindings, as long as you move out of the way, you should be fine.

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Early Game

Try your best to ward up the rivers as you are VERY vulnerable to ganks throughout the entire game. During laning, try your best to harass them as much as you can with Dark Wind, since that skill can be used from a fair distance away and will work very well for trading. Also conserve a lot of your Mana because if you don't, and you do get ganked, you won't have enough mana to fear at least one of them away.

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Mid Game

Attempt to help as many laners as you can now, since at this point you'll (hopefully) have Distortion Boots along with Rylais. Use your ultimate followed by either (or both) Flash and Ghost to make sure that you're on your target. This is why you need to have distortion, so you can get a lot of distance covered with that.

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Late Game

This is the best phase for Fiddlesticks, try to stay grouped with your team as much as you can when your ultimate is up. Make sure you sweep with your Trinket whatever place you're ulting from (preferably over a wall). This is not a phase where Fiddlesticks can split push, because, well, Fiddlesticks can't really split push.

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There are a couple ways to teamfight

If you know that their carries are big and they'll DESTROY your front line, try your best to continuously be on them and zone them away from your team. This works very well considering you have a fear to work with for both their carries. If that teamfight didn't go so well because those carries ignored you, buy some flat AP and surprise them with your damage

Another way to teamfight is trying to just land the most amount of slows as you can possibly get on their entire team. This is how I had imagined that this Fiddlesticks build would work. However, if you're just landing a massive slow on their entire team, make sure you don't silence (unless it's necessary) the tanks of their team.

For every teamfight, try your best to:
- Land as many slows on as many enemies as you possibly can, both with your ultiamte and your Randuins
- Fear either their AP Carry or their AD Carry. Situationally, if they're too far behind, you have the option of fearing a tank (but try fearing them away from your team, you don't want them getting closer to your team) and attempt peeling for your carry at that point.
- Silence the AP Carry, since most of their damage is reliant on the spells they use.
- Drain something, doesn't matter whatever it is (though it is preferred that you'd drain their carries). Keep yourself alive through the teamfight and continuously Crowd Control your enemies.

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Fiddlesticks is a very fun champion to play and he can certainly carry games, even with a build like this! If you don't have a tanky champion you like playing mid, this might just be what you've been waiting for! I know I don't play much Fiddlesticks (especially in ranked), but trust me - this is a really strong build on him!

Take care and have a surprising day!