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Caitlyn Build Guide by etharian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author etharian

Syd's cait build

etharian Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting Build

theres a lot of ways to start building a ranged ad champ. the most common is either a dorans blade or boots and 3 pots. the dorans blade might help you most because of the extra early game damage and the extra health. its most useful if u have a support that can heal on bottom lane like soraka. the pots and boots build lets confident players move in and out of range while being able to land a hit or 2. especially useful because of her extra range. but that'll take some getting used to since your still new to her. you have to make sure your always aware of when you can be ganked so you can get out, and you have to make sure you know who your facing, or you'll easily get stunned and focused down since your squishy, once you get good at making it out of fights alive the 3 pots come in handy. the reason i chose the sceptre is to give you more lane sustain. you tend to focus on landing traps more than anything else. try and be more sparing with your 'q'. if you arent sure you will land it dont try for it-it wastes alot of mana. with the sceptre you should be able to take pokes from the enemy team without having to go back. the life steal should give you about 8-10 health back for every shot. so if your getting pushed dont bother last hitting minions, just shoot them to get your health back. also the 1 health pot will help with that as well. building into the wriggle's will give you more life steal and therefore more lane sustain, also the added armor will help you take hits from their enemy ad champ, which should also be down bottom, and the passive should make your last hits a little more forgiving and easier to farm since i know you hardly ever practice it. just remember last hits make or break an ad champ. set a goal of hitting 50 creep score by 10 minutes, you should be able to get that down. minions are worth about 15-20 gold starting out so 50 minion kills is an extra 600-750 gold. add that to the normal 1 gold every second you get thats about 1300 gold. and thats assuming you dont get a kill or assist. and of course like just about every ad champ the berserkers greaves are your best boots-theyre the cheapest and help you the most.

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Mid Game

start by going for a zeal almost every time unless you are just doing amazing. you should be hitting this item at about 15 minutes or so. it gives you everything an ad champ should love. it gets you started on building up your crit which will be important later, add some movement speed and attack speed in there and it'll let you get in and out faster and get more hits in less time. after zeal is where things can change alot. i find if your having a bad time and getting focused or your just having a tough time staying in the fight a phage can help out alot. makes it easier to survive because of the health boost, it can also slow your opponent, and it still has some damage attached to it. i usually upgrade this last. if your not dying though just farm farm farm and save up for that bf sword. the damage increase helps alot-even if your just farming. dont have to be as accurate with timing those last hits on minions. if u grab the bf sword though push on through to the infinity edge-even if you think you'll need the health. the extra crit damage plus regular damage and the increased crit chance will make ur shots hurt like hell. most likely you wont be able to build this till going into late game. after the edge its time to see if u need more survivability (health and armor) or if you can focus on dishing out the pain. if u find yourself dying too much its time to check and see who is doing all the killing and buy accordinly. ill say right now guardian angel is not a good item for you. if you die they'll just wait for you to come back and you have no good escape skills. with only 700 health on respawn its just one attack from their team to take you out.

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Late Game

if youve made it this far without getting destroyed (more kills than deaths and about 150 minion kills) then your in a good spot to really scare the enemy team. this should be about 30 minutes in. on the downside cait will always be an easy target. your super squishy have very little natural resistance and only 1 escape ability making you a favorite to focus down. twisted fate is the same way which is why i build him so tanky. but i can compensate for some lack of damage through my stuns and huge range (its even better than yours on my 'q'). just focus on being able to destroy a single target-its what your best at late game. your 'q' is pretty much useless unless your team is pushing a tower. your traps are nice for warding and should always be tossed behind you and to the sides on a tower push just in case you need a fast escape it can slow them down. your ulti and auto attack are your life savers though. after you build that phantom dancer start with a blood thirster. the extra damage and life steal will help you take down the tanks 1v1 while still taking all their damage on you. and remember if your snared you can still attack. and sometimes its better to fight than run with that much life steal-your chances of living are better. you just have to get killed a couple hundred times and eventually you'll know what you can and cant handle.

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Laning Phase

ill start out by saying last hit last hit last hit last hit last hit last hit-dont auto attack-last hit! it seperates the good from the bad. there are times for auto attacking (like using life steal to get your health back up) but for the most part you want to let the ******s on the enemy yeam push your lane so your set up for a gank from your jungler. if the jungle ganks be sure to get in on it. keep an eye out for pings even if your on skype and good jungler pings before they go for it. they should also ping the target that they are going to try and kill. thats the person you aim for. remember with ranged charactes using the 'a' button on the keyboard will tell your champ to attack as soon as you get within range. i know sometimes its easy to misclick and instead of attacking the champ you walk up to them. being so squishy its not very forgiving for you if that happens. using the 'a' button will help minimize those mistakes. although i tend to do it on occasion too, but i shouldnt. keep up with the traps in the bushes. if they keep pushing your tower and you arent getting ganks or they arent working start placing traps at your tower instead. if you have melee champs on the enemy team place them right next to the tower so they have to step on them to touch your tower. if they are ranged try and figure out how close they have to be to attack and toss them in a perimeter around there. it takes practice but its generally enough to scare them off the tower or at least keep them at bay unless they are really ready to commit. oh yeah and dont forget. last hit

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Team Phase

during team phase is the hardest part for you because like i said your easy to kill. the best idea is to be at hand during a team fight and come in a few seconds after everyone else has started fighting. they will see you at the back and not want to chase you-if they do then 'kite' them- which means run away and let them chase you. if they turn around then you turn around too and shoot them. if they run back into the fight then you do the same. keep in mind when i say come into the team fight late i literally mean 2 seconds. not 5. you do about 500 dps with this build. so being out of a fight for 10 seconds is equal to one champ kill. dont be afraid to run out of the fight if you get focused though. if you do make it out and everyone else is still fighting dont be afraid to come back in if you arent almost dead. when u start a team fight throwing a trap into them couldnt hurt either. grab anyone trying to run with your ulti and if the enemy team lines up land your 'q' on them if you can. just dont get yourself killed by doing so

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piltover- this skill is a mana hog. i know i mentioned it earlier but ill say it again, dont use this unless youre sure its a hit. it does good damage but shes way to obvious in lining up her shot. its a good early and mid game poke. but once the first tower goes down most people have some form of life steal and can easily heal back up the damage that you land.

50 caliber net- i find this skill mostly useless honestly. its only use is as an escape i think. shoot it at the person chasing you and it'll slow them and knock you back futher away from them. if your being chased theres no reason not to use this to get away and i know i hardly ever see you make use of this. so keep it in mind and you will live more, also u dont have to hit a champ to get the knockback effect, so even if it misses an enemy you'll still get a little extra room on them.

yordle trap- this one is pretty obvious and i think you do pretty well with this. it doesnt cost a whole lot of mana so u can use it all day long. just remember you can toss it close to your towers to protect them as well. also if your pushing an enemy tower it doesnt hurt to try to cover your escape with these. throw them towers the edges of bushes instead of in the middle. that way they have no chance to dodge it. also the 'gank bush' on bot is a good place to put one

ulti- your ulti is pretty obvious. channel for a few seconds and do lots of damage at a long range. i see you use this alot but try to conserve it more as a killing blow or a desperate attempt to make an enemy go back to heal. it should generally be used to pick off champs that are running and almost dead. but it can be blocked easily too. so keep that in mind since its not always reliable