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Syndra Build Guide by pbarda

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pbarda

Syndra- not underpowered!

pbarda Last updated on September 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys

Decided to work on my fist build, happened to be Syndra!

So why did I choose to buy Syndra. Its fairly simple - she had pretty good animations, and that is what i like about games- the graphics.

I ussually play with Zyra, and compared to Zyra Syndra really feels underpowered, but do not be frightened by this, cuz Syndra is fun to play, and that what the games are about FUN!

Some like to think that she is totaly usless, but i would think otherwise

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For runes I chose I believe the standart AP champ runes. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for Magic pen, Greater Glyph of Replenishment for mana regen as the Syndra is very mana-hungry.
As Syndra is a mid lane champ and usually AP carries goes mid Magic Resist Greater Seal of Magic Resist could work in your favour, but feel free to replace with what ever you feel apropriate

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So first pick obviously is Boots for movement and HP pots for sustain. The Kage's lucky pick is my next choice, if i am going for Deathfire Grasp, as it offers the important gold per 5 sec. Why Deathfire Grasp - I found that from time to time my bastard enemy is escaping with 100 hp, so Deathfire Grasp ensures that you kill the bastard. Oh and do not forget to use it!!!

Rabadon's Deathcap is the next vital item i rush for, Offers loads of AP and the passive is just great. If you find yourself dying I would advise go for Catalyst the Protector or Giant's Belt and then continue with the Rabadon's Deathcap. Then Rylai's Crystal Scepter for extra HP and slow - though you have pretty good slow on your Force of Will, still extra slow always works on your favour. At this point your bastard enemies should have built some MR items so Void Staff is your next choice. Last item is free of choice, i like Zhonya's Hourglass as the 2 sec invulneribility and 100 AP and armor is quite good, but it always will depend on what you are up against

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Skill Sequence

I would recommend maxing your q first Dark Sphere and only then rest, but again you have to look what you are playing against, if you need CC, go for w or e. The ulti is as always priority, so max it as soon as possible.

How to open on an enemy - well if u max q it should be fairly easy for you to harass the bastard. Its is after lvl 6 when i start seriously consider killing my opponent, because your ultimate Unleashed Power can deal massive damage on a single target. So here is what you do, 1 step land a couple Dark Sphere preferably followed by your W skill Force of Will, if your opponent still is in line and starts to consume healt pots, thus thinking that he will last there for couple more min, this is your chance. Let him push the lane and then drop a Dark Sphere in front of you follow it with Scatter the Weak thus stuning the enemy, drop another Dark Sphere on him and follow it with Force of Will at this point you should have 2 spheres on the battle field, drop ignite and your Ultimate to finish of your target!

The hardest thing in this is to open with your Q and stun with E- rest is just the matter of finger movement speed.

Keep in mind that Dark Sphere takes aprox 0.5 sec till appears on field, so my mistake ussually is that i drop Dark Sphere and instantly hit Scatter the Weak, and of course my "E" skill is used and oponent is not stuned.