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Syndra Build Guide by Mista117

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mista117

Syndras Play Things DO NOT Talk Back - Mid

Mista117 Last updated on September 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Second guide by me, been using her all day and finding out quite interesting things that will be mentioned in the later sections. Hope you all get some good results and please rate and comment :)

Syndra should not be a starting champ, if you are wanting to start playing LoL or are a starter i would personally recommend another AP mid champ with combos, for example Annie Brand or even Ziggs if you feel confident ;P.

Build 1 : Normal AP champ enemy, Doran's Ring gives easy advantage over the weaker starters.

Build 2 : AD/Strong start AP champ Nunu Cho'Gath Katarina , I've had issues with Syndra starting against these due to the tankyness or the damage output of them, boots and potions would work better for early farming.

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Syndra is a AP champ, though this build could be applied to any lane I am currently focusing on the mid lane as that is the one with the most firepower behind it most of the time and Syndras orbs are a great help to any mid champ.

If you want to be good with Syndra there are a few things you should learn :

1. farm... no really farm... FARM FARM FARM

2. Always play it safe if the enemy champ is a anti Syndra or if they have a strong jungler for example Shaco Nunu Sion or your anti picks Veigar Brand Karthus

3. Your jungler (if you have one) is not obligated to give you blue buff, if you want it, ask nicely and politely and you will most likely get it.. nobody likes a mid champ who tries to boss them around. (plus blue buff is a gift)

4. Always look a tasty treat, if your enemy is looking tempted to move forward or if you seem like your in a position to die, sometimes you need to give them a bit of room... Syndra has AMAZING sustain in mid.. you can either wear the enemy down or look like you want to move back and bait them into the turret... i have gotten quite a few kills by making the enemy attempt to kill me while also turning it back around on them.

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Summoner spells

If you wish, you can take Clarity over Ignite if you wish to early aggro (i would recommend this if you think you may be more likely to get a tank, this week Vlad has been free as well as Mordekaiser and it works well against them for sustain).

You could also change Flash for Ghost if you prefer to have a speed boost for ganking other lanes rather than flashing away/into the enemy.

My order of spells currently are:

Ignite - Very Good!
Flash - Very Good!
Clarity - Good for early agro, drops off late game.
Cleanse - If you dont want to get caught out by a debuff team
Teleport - If you really think you'll need to go back a lot or if you have a pusher.

All other spells - BAD :(

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As for your runes, seeing that Syndra is an AP champ I am currently doing the standard AP runes

Marks - Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Gives nice magic penetration to give you a nice edge over people in the early game.

Seals - Greater Seal of Armor
Early game protection from any melee champs that may gank you from the jungle/other lanes

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Seen as you are most likely going to be against AP champs in mid as standard these will level up with you and protect you from their naughty spells.

Quints - Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power
To give you again another boost here are the cherries on the cake, you have the extra AP which scales with your leveling, and after level 5-6 you will notice your Dark Sphere doing quite a lot of damage on most champs though some such as Cho'Gath

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She is an amazing farmer, by 25 mins you can hit 150 with easy if you time it right, and after you gain a mana increase you can use your abilities to smack the minions around.

To use abilities to farm (if your lane is clear or you want to go gank) use Force of Will to grab a minion (if you are a veteran at league of legends you will know what im going to say, minions always gather in groups of 3 or 4) launch that minion into the group and instantly cast Dark Sphere in the centre, early game this may only bring them to near death but after the first 5 or so minutes this should be a viable option for clearing your lane quickly and allowing you to go gank.

For Syndra farming IS essential as with any AP mid champ, remember if they are harassing you or trying to interrupt your farm, use Dark Sphere onto a minion group so they think you may just be farming try to angle it towards them (think of this as champion snooker) use Scatter the Weak to try stun them and deal some damage if you succeed


If you try the fore mentioned tip, bear this in mind, cast Scatter the Weak as fast as you can, you need to learn to be accurate with this attack but the faster you can aim it the easier it is to stun them without them getting away from the orb.

Also, if you have pushed your lane and your play thing has gone back to tend their wounds, go gank another lane especially if you have your ultimate up, you can easily get a kill from Unleashed Power.

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Early Game Tips

As mentioned, farm often and farm many. Aim for around 10 a minute for the first 5 minutes and you'll be not far off what you need.

Keep level with your enemies farm and you will not have many issues.

For Tear of the Goddess remember, spamming abilities wont speed it up you can only use the passive mana stack TWO times in six seconds. Plus if you drain yourself then you wont be able to defend, harass, or escape if you need to.

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Late Game Tips

Late game their team will aim for you if not your carry, if they have someone like Nunu, Anivia, or Blitzcrank, stay your distance until your team initiates a fight and then use your abilities to pick off their champs.

Get rid of your Doran's Ring after you get a few stacks of Tear of the Goddess if you didn't already know, or when you get to the point you need to sell it for room on your build if you do happen to need the boost.

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Syndra Only Tips

Did you know that Syndra can throw the Ancient Golum and get 10 mana back from it and get a 1 second cooldown reduction?

Did you also know that if Annie uses Summon: Tibbers on you, you can actually pick up tibbers and throw it right back in her face? no? then go do it! its hella fun!

For great anti-jungling get Force of Will FIRST, get your team positioned around the golum they go for and when it spawns run and grab it, and throw it behind the wall so it has to go around, keep doing this until it is too dangerous or until your team kills it.

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Coming soon after I play more matches :)