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Master Yi Build Guide by I spy on women

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I spy on women


I spy on women Last updated on November 9, 2012
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Master Yi Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well I am tired on dunking on people due to it being over used like YOLO. I mean there is no fun in playing a build that has been over played for too long and so I decided to do something new, stupid and successful. Why Taco Time??? Well because I was trolling around one game and yelled taco time before I went to lane and pwned face... that's why.

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I just go any cross of AP/AD/ARMOR runes but do what you want because you will be Pwning face anyway.

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The AP/ AD Masteries in the red section of the tree really help because the idea is to have AP and AD. I mean not much more to say.

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Now let me explain the items without pictures... because this is about being different!

1.) get boots and 3 hp bots
2.) get berserker's grieves
3.) get your trusty pickaxe
4.) Buy the infinity edge (just farm till you can get it)

Now at this point you should be hurting minions hard... just farm and gank if you know it will be successful or if your jungle is cleared.

5.) Buy your guardian angels

Now at this point you should be going HAM on lanes and you might even be farming the lanes due to team mates roaming around while they try to do your job unproductively.

6.) Get your hour glass (stasis OP)

A win usually occurs about here)
7.) Get your tri force
Only got this far twice
8.) Get your gunblade
Only one time did I get to full build (its SO OP)

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Game Play

Buy your starting items and go to blue .... don't attack the wolves because your team mates will just go over kill mode and then the game will explode.

HINT: THE harder the leash the better.

Get your w going so you don't have to use a pot. (Should have your e and w now! )

Get wolves then w
Get wraiths then w
Get the stone bros but use a health pot while in combat.
After defeating the stone bros pop your 2 health pots and your w. Then get your q (e,w,q you should have now)
Get red (press q, press w, smite, auto attack) W mid combat if you need too.

Just keep clearing your jungle and gank lanes if you have free time.

Your lane phase begins.
How this works:
Well since your team is bound to be in really bad shape, really good shape or dead even (meaning you have more towers lost, they have more towers lost or your even in which case would still be lane phase).

If you have more towers lost: Well usually everyone will be tower hugging so it's your job to intercept the lanes and take the creep. WHY: So you can get fed and carry the team.

Some general from some place in the league of legends lore once said "A fed yi may = gg but a fed TACO TIME yi always = gg"

If your opponent has more towers lost: Usually your team mates will go to other lanes to help those lanes. It is your job to make sure these empty lanes are farmed well. I mean it's free creep so take it!

When I did this my ally once said " Good job yi for feeding off my lane. You are awesome!"

If both lanes have all towers and it's just a stale mate. In this situation BOT or MID usually ends up roaming top. I don't understand why this happens but it's your job as jungle to make sure the lanes are farmed. Besides when a mid goes top do you think the opponents mid is going to follow??? NO!! so farm up.

End game for you

So by now it should be about the 20-25min mark and you should be rather..

a) 200+ cs
b) 10+ kills and 100+ cs
c) 20+ assists and 100+ cs
d) 10+ kills and 200+ cs <---- aka uber fed

options a, b, and c you should have your upgraded boots, infin edge, GA, Hour Glass, and maybe tri force

Option c (maybe) and d
upgraded boots, infin edge, GA, hour glass, tri force and hextech.

If you get to hextech then you will roll face and here is your skill order..

In team fight: press e, Yell TACO TIME ,q engage, auto attack, w if needed, q again and when your about to die active your stasis. While your in stasis look at who is the weakest and gunblade them as stasis ends. If they are still alive q them and if not q someone else. W when needed and keep rolling face. If you die its okay because you will be brought back with that angel jesus sold you in the store of items BUT the chances of you dieing are low (if your team sucks) and near none (if you go in alone or if your team is awesome)

If you only got up to your hour glass/ tri force.
In a team fight: do the exact same as above accept when you hit stasis make sure you have your q ready when it ends. This way you can q to that nearly dead target and just wreck. If you die its okay because you will be back in no time and you can just W, Q to victory.


Now no one is safe when there is a taco time yi roaming around.

How to gank?

First you must set an example so before you gank yell TACO TIME, and then successfully gank <-- this is key!!

Now occasionally yell TACO TIME just to relieve pressure on lanes (to them taco time = back up) and it allows for the method of surprise.

Once your ready to gank yell TACO TIME again but the catch is by now they will see you haven't been ganking so they won't expect the gank. Roll face, and maybe take a tower if you can, otherwise go back into your jungle and keep following the route.

It's fun and well it's OP