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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Malkavian

TAG... you're it!

The Malkavian Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Alright, so Singed is arguably the best initiator in the game, with an on contact toss back and base hp gain to compliment his mana. This is my own personal build of TAG... you're it! (aka the Santa build) because it focuses on two things, outrunning everything, yes, everything, even Rammus; and almost straight stat boosting.

With that being said, this build works best if you have a buddy (preferably a high damage output champ; warwick, master yi, Kennen, Morgana, etc) if you don't know the person you're laning with, and they don't know you, you can always just shout out "PRESENT TIEM!!!!" in chat, and then proceed to toss a champ into the hands of your lanemate, I guarantee after you do that once, they'll know what to do next time you shout it out. Not to mention love you for the kills you give them.

In case you don't know already, Singed's abilities are:

PASSIVE: Empowered Bulwark - Singed gains a decent amount of hp (2.5) for every 10 mana he has. This + Archangel's staff leads to pure Godlike power, but more on that later.

Poison trail - so yeah let's just say you'd think people are smart enough not to walk in a giant purple cloud... but that's a Utopian dream, the fact of the matter is, nearly every champ thinks "I can get him" and they follow you... and after level 2 it turns into a lovely farming ability, which is a major plus.

Mega adhesive - this is Singed's RIDICULOUS slowing mechanism, I don't know what Singed has been eating, but when he vomits this stuff on the ground, enemies are brought to their knees for the duration, its especially nice because its a projectile, so launching it over treelines when you know enemies are on the other side creates a great moment for the enemies to wet themselves as you freight train around the corner and toss Ashe in the hands of a very capable Master Yi.

Fling - this is the fun one, the damage on it is nice (especially now that it does the damage BEFORE they hit the ground) but I don't consider it all important, reliance on your team mate for damage is the best part.

Insanity potion - Gives Singed an all around stat boost. Okay so this nasty is good for three things, and with the Cooldown reduction you should have, it should be available almost every minute and a half, so you can afford to spam it. Firstly, its great for movement speed, at 16 it gives you a bonus 65 movement speed, which will put you well out of most champions movement speed range. Secondly, its amazing for regeneration, if you were to use this potion, and simply stand still, you would regenerate all of the mana you spent on it halfway through the duration. And thirdly, its a tower rapist, if you can hit 6, and there's no enemy champ defending their tower, once your creep wave hits the tower, its done.

My order of abilities is as such:
lvl 1 - Fling
lvl 2 - Poison
lvl 3 - Poison
lvl 4 - Adhesive
lvl 5 - Poison
lvl 6 - Insanity
lvl 7 - Poison
lvl 8 - Fling
lvl 9 - Poison
lvl 10 - Fling
lvl 11 - Insanity
lvl 12 - Fling
lvl 13 - Fling
lvl 14 - Adhesive
lvl 15 - Adhesive
lvl 16 - Insanity
lvl 17 - Adhesive
lvl 18 - Adhesive

The reasoning behind getting poison maxed out first, is that it will maximize your farming ability when no other champs are present, and when other champs are present, the only things you need from adhesive and toss are things you get at level one (the throwing and the slowing)

For runes I'm sitting on 3 quints of movement speed, 9 marks of HP, 9 seals of mana regen and 9 glyphs of cooldown reduction. None of them are the "at 18" stuff because Singed is a wicked monster late game already, you have to rely on your runes, summoner spells and wits to keep you alive early game.

Core Item build:
Boots of Swiftness/Mercury's treads
Shurelya's Reverie
Archangel's Staff

Additional items:
Force of Nature
Trinity Force
Lich Bane
Banshee's Veil
Frozen Heart

Alright so I know there are probably a lot of people who think "ZOMG SINGED AND ROD OF AGES MUST GO TOGETHER" I did that, I was in that phase myself for a while, but after playing dozens of games with and without it, I decided, Singed can make do without it, because in all honesty sure it gives plenty of mana, which then leads to HP, but there are other ways of getting mana that include other things (movement speed) If you want to throw a Rod of Ages in instead, be my guest, but know that this build tends to set you off as a movement speed master much earlier in the game.

Order of purchase:
Initial buy - Boots of speed, 1 mana pot, 1 hp pot; if you're doing it right, with just the boots of speed, your movement speed should be roughly 398, you're already 60 faster than most champs, and still 30 faster than those with boots. And until you've got your insanity potion, you have to make due with mana and hp pots.

First trip back: Philosopher's stone; you should be able to get this by level 3 or 4 depending on how many creeps you're taking from your lanemate. You need this item for a couple of reasons that I'll get into in the playing section.

Second trip back: Tear of the Goddess; you want this as soon as you have the stone, if you die and have to piece it together, do so, as far as I can tell, getting this item at the right time can make or break your Singed. You should be able to get this about the time you get your first insanity potion (conservative estimate, if you can through an idiot into a tower you might have more money faster) if you don't have it by level 9, you're in trouble.

Throughout the teamfight phase; by this time team fights should be starting up soon, you'll probably have enough time and money to polish off your boots and that'll be it before they start up, so at level 10 your items should look like this:
Boots of swiftness/merc treads
Philosopher's stone
Tear of the Goddess

You're going to want to polish off your core items as soon as you can, but if you look at it, Archangel's is going to give you AP, that's the main focus of it, because you're already getting the bonus mana, so you're going to want the Reverie first. Reverie helps your team out a lot too, so its a good thing to have for teamfighting.

After you've got your core (level 15-ish) you should pretty much be an unstoppable force, but if you're not, I'm willing to bet I know the reason.

A) you're getting nuked, and I mean NUKED, you're an entire Zerg rush on your own and the enemy knows it, so every time your head comes into view, everyone's abilities go on cooldown and you go in the gutter, fast. This happens a lot if you've got Annie, Ryze, Anivia, etc. All you have to do is cause them to lose a few stacks on a Mejai's and they hate you... forever. So what's the answer? Force of Nature and Banshee's Veil, this will stop spells and reduce magic damage long enough for you to kekekekekeke up to Annie and toss her to Alistar who'll thank you later for the tasty snack.

B) ZOMG they're caaaaaatching me... The idea sounds absurd right? Catch Singed? Are you insane? but likely its due to an Ashe/Nunu/Anivia and then a Rammus/Master Yi/Teemo, they slow-slow-slow you and someone is fast enough to catch you. This ones a bit trickier to solve, but with some time and money (do some yummy yummy farming and let your team mates know to just defend for a few minutes while you build up the coal for your freight train. The best ways to avoid being disabled is Mercury treads and a Banshee's veil, so this one requires a little planning phase, if 3 out of 5 have a serious disable (Morgana, Ryze, Annie, Anivia, Ashe, Rammus, and a few others) you're going to want to dump the swiftness in favor of Merc treads. With Mercury's Treads, Banshee's Veil and Cleanse, you should be absolutely fine when it comes to disables, you have an auto anti-spell once every 30 seconds, you have cleanse when you get hit with a couple disables at once and you have all others reduced by 35%. However, you still want to make up for that lost movement speed, and Trinity Force is the way to go, it'll give you a good strong stat bonus to everything and then 12% more movement speed. Granted its expensive, and some of the things you won't use (attack damage, attack speed) but the mana, AP and movement speed are enough to make it worth it.

C) So I got my items, I move fast, no one's stopping me and then I charge out from my team mates and grab someone, and toss them back into my poison, and vomit all over the ground to slow them... and then I die... and none of them die... This one is out of your hands, this is your team failing to work with Singed. Many people you will play with will simply fail at teamwork (I'm looking at you Yi) because they think "Oh my gawd I'm liek.. the BESST player EVAR my champ can solo your WHOLE BASE and I will backdoor ALL OVER THE PLACE you guys suuuuckk so badly its not even funny" ... ah-hem... at this point the best you can do is find a dps who isn't a ****head, no matter how good or bad he is, and attached yourself to him better than your adhesive sticks teemo to the spot while he pisses himself. You would rape the team battles, but Singed and a dps can typically take 2v2s and sometimes even 2v3s provided its an AoE dps or you're near a turret. Otherwise, just pray and hope for the best :\


Okay so early game for Singed is pretty much like This

Basically you've got speed, that's it. I find its best to just chill in the bushes, jumping out to last hit occasionally until you hit level 3. Because up until poison trail level 2, well... in all honesty you might as well try to kill things by throwing daisies at them, Singed has a shield... and a bottle... his melee is the equivalent of a jello shot to the shin, its just sad. This will also help early game relations, if you stick to 20 ish minion kills by 4, and let your lane mate get all the rest (40-60) they'll like you a lot, and this will become even more apparent when you start using your toss to give your lane mate tasty squishy snacks to munch on while they level.

So in a nutshell, at level one, your auto attack is worthless and your toss is a mana drain (unless you have a good chance of killing the champ with your ally/turret helping). At level 2 not much has changed except your poison is now available, but at level 1 it barely does more than your auto attack, and its pretty much good for only one thing, fear. Seeing a Singed trailing poison strikes fear into the hearts of any player who has ever fought a good Singed, bank on that and you might be able to scare them off from fights. At 3 you can start farming a little, but watch out, you're definitely not that strong yet, and a few hits will hurt you drastically, time your cleanse/ghosts right and you should stay out of trouble, most likely by the time you're 6 you'll have either 0/0/0 if the enemy is smart, or 0/1/3 if they're stupid. You'll probably give your life at least once to toss an enemy into a turret, but that's alright, your lanemate will thank you for the kill :D

Mid game for Singed could look something like This if you're not careful.

At mid levels you'll have more speed, straight stat boosts, Reverie which is perfect for team fights (believe me, popping that for charging and retreating will make your team mates love you) however you probably haven't maxed out the stacks on your Tear/Archangels, its important to note here that those items DON'T proc with your poison trail, it has to be toss and adhesive, but by now you should have the mana to use toss a lot more often, so start using it on the strong minions for more stacks, and if you run out of mana, pop your insanity to regen it. The key here is communication, because if your team doesn't know what you're planning and you dive in to grab an enemy, they might react too late, and you're going to get slaughtered if you're lucky, if you're unlucky your team mates will continue pushing in and they'll get picked off one by one. So while in team fights, work together, target someone first and pop your insanity so they know you're going in. While team fights aren't happening, you should be doing one of two things, pushing with one or two dps, taking as many minions out as fast as you can and using your ult on a turret to bring it down fast; or farming the hell out of minions that are on your side of the river. Singed doesn't need the buffs, so your best bet is to avoid them and let higher dps get them, you just want money, so dive into the neutrals and stand for a few seconds, your poison should kill them, and then dive onto the next group of minions, you're looking for quantity not quality. Also remember to use toss on things like golems, you want those stacks as fast as you can get them.

Unless you've died all over the place, or your team sucks at working with you, late game should be like This

If its a standard game that lasts an hour, with no need to go anti-disable, your itemset should look something like this:
Boots of Swiftness
Archangel's Staff
Force of Nature
Trinity Force
Lich Bane

Congratulations, you're now moving at roughly 500 movement speed base, you have enough magic resist to survive the apocalypse, you should be at about 3k hp and your poison should bring anything that takes multiple stacks to half health in about 5 seconds. At this point, group up your buddies, get all 5 in one push, and march down middle, once you get close and see your first enemy, don't stop, go faster, pop Reverie, pop insanity, pop ghost, catch, grab, toss into crowd, and keep going, they'll munch on them for all of 4 seconds and then follow, and you just keep grabbing. If you hit all 5 at once, bonus points, do the same thing as above, except vomit on the ground under the majority of them first, grab and toss one back, and then herd them like you would cattle. Circle your poison around them as much as possible while they're struggling to get out and as soon as your toss is available, reposition and toss another one back.

Your ghost should last 14 seconds, your insanity should last 25 seconds, which means for 14 seconds, you're moving at approximately 670 movement speed. If you pop Reverie in there somewhere, it jumps past 700 for 2 seconds, at this point, nothing short of a stun or snare will stop the rock. This is a great morale weapon, there's nothing more terrifying then watching a Singed get Exhausted, and still catch Ashe without using his adhesive.

A note on Cleanse!
while its great for "nah-na-nah-na-nah-nah" effects, that will get old, plus if they know you have it, they'll plan for it. Save cleanse (if possible) for the times when you're stuck next to a tower that's hitting you, or wait until you've been hit with multiple disables. My personal favorite is waiting until you're in Ryze's stun, with Rammus taunting you and Ashe shooting cold arrows into you, then all of a sudden you break free of all of it, toss ryze into the bushes and the blades of a capable Katarina, and escape; leaving your enemies enraged, hopefully dead, and above all, befuddled.

There are a couple champs you want to really watch out for with this build; they are:

Rammus, he's fast, and has two disables, but you can turn on a dime while moving at freight train speed, he can't, so you have to use your maneuverability to dodge him when he's rolling towards you, and save your cleanse for AFTER his taunt, because that will hurt more than the stun.

Ashe, she has slows, lots of them, catch her by surprise mid game, or simply overrun her late game, but don't get caught with your pants down, she'll make it hard to run away, so try not to approach her alone.

Teemo, he's a fast little bugger with poison and slowing mushrooms, the best advice I have is catch him off guard, hit him from the bushes or around a corner while he's on someone else or defending a turret, most players won't have time to react to that. And watch for those damn mushrooms while running, they can really **** your escape route if you're not careful.

Warwick, this little prick got an upgrade recently, you can't cleanse out of his ultimate, let me repeat that, you CANNOT CLEANSE OUT OF HIS ULTIMATE. It may only last seconds, but if he has allies and you don't, that's enough time for a royal gang-raping. Never approach him alone unless you're POSITIVE he's alone as well, and if possible, wait 10 seconds to get an ally with you. He heals constantly, which makes your poison worthless, he can leap onto you, so your adhesive is almost trash, and he can stun you and you can't get out of it, so your movement speed is useless if you get in range. Stay away from him until late game, then you should be tanky enough to last against him. And if you do encounter him in a teamfight, your best bet is to fling him into someone else, don't make him your problem.