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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Zipz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zipz

Tahm Kench Jungler Tips and Tricks

Zipz Last updated on July 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Tahm Kench with this build

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Early Game

In early game Tahm Kench is a very weak jungler because he doesn't start getting his strength until he gets his Ultimate. So you are going to want a hard leash from your bottom lane ideally having them leave either blue or red buff with about 400 health. Then I devour one of the lesser Monsters since you cant eat the Monster with the buff. If your ADC doesnt stick around for a good leash you will have to pop a health pot because your dmg is so low. Once they are cleared I go to either Golems or Frog depending on if you started Red or Blue buff. I get my Tough Skin at this point so 20% of all Monster dmg is going to be refunded to me. Make sure you use Devour and spit the monster as much as you can and to smite them. After this guy I will go to the Skuttler in the river so that I can recover a little bit of health with no dmg being dealt to me. Most junglers wouldn't bother with him at level 2 but since Devour will deal 20% of its max health it's killed pretty quickly. This gives you extra gold health and vision for early ganks on you Bot laners. Depending on how your leash went you should be able to clear the entire rest of the jungle or backing before last camp.

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Mid Game

Once you get to level six you start to get a much faster jungle clear since Devour will be doing a bunch of damage now and you will have your passive giving you extra damage for all bonus health you have. Usually I will do a few ganks at this point but don't try and go all in unless you know its an easy win. Usually using your ult to go behind enemy will be risky if your team does not pay attention as your gank is so far away your team sometimes wont expect it.

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Mid to late Game

After you have your Cinderhulk, Rod of Ages and Boots of Swiftness you can start using your ult to go behind the enemy players. There is no way for any lane to ward against this type of gank, they only have a few seconds from when they hear your ult to go off to start running back to there turret. Which if you placed your ult correctly will make them be right on top of you when you come up. I usually will Tongue lash them initially hit them twice and then swallow them. Once you have swallowed them they cant get out until you spit them out which gives your team time to catch up to finish the job.

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Late Game

By late game you should have enough health and damage output that you should rarely ever die. Always keep your sheild for when you are just barely about to die. If you were at full health at beggining of fight then you will have a shield that makes up your entire health pool if popped. In most team fights by the time you have gotten that low they have used all of there abilities and cannot get through your shield to take you down. It's like a Tryndamere ult but with 6 seconds of extra life instead of 5 and a 12 second CD.

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Tips and Tricks

Fighting against another Tahm Kench try and get your stacks built up so that you can swallow him first and hold him in as long as possible. This will tons of dmg to him as he's a health based character and if your lucky his stacks will fall off you when he's inside you so he doesn't swallow you back.

If you do play with a Thresh and end up Swallowing a Enemy or Ally you will take both of you together with Thresh's Lantern. Great for saving someone or for putting someone under a turret.

You can use your ultimate to take another person with you and you can wait up to 15 seconds for someone to come to you. Or if you want to travel to location right away just spam your ultimate on the position. This makes diving a Nexus super strong because your taking another with you and can spawn right next to it, usually killing it before enemy team can react.

Using your Tongue Lash plus Devour will ONLY grab minions or monster but not Allied Champs or Enemys (if this was possible it would make Thresh and Blitz obsolete).

If an team fight breaks out by Dragon or Baron and you need extra damage its sometimes better to eat the Skuttler and throw it at the enemy team doing AOE dmg to everyone in the area. But be careful as this wont allow you to eat anyone or grab your ADC before they die.

In a 1v1 try and build three stacks on them and use Tongue Lash to stun them after the stun duration has expired Devour them. As tempting as it is to Devour first as it'll do more dmg initially your stacks won't be on them after they are spit out. Once you spit them out Tongue Lash will be off CD so when they try to run they will not be able to get away (aside from a flash).