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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Cooleo

Tank Tahm Kench OP Jungle

Tank Tahm Kench OP Jungle

Updated on December 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cooleo Build Guide By Cooleo 7,029 Views 0 Comments
7,029 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cooleo Tahm Kench Build Guide By Cooleo Updated on December 23, 2015
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Welcome to my Unkillable Devourer AP-Tank Tahm Kench Jungle Guide!

Yes! A Huge Tank, With Massive AP, great ganks, and (if played right)Unkillable mid-lategame!
Honestly i find this champ super easy to carry at lower elos and I constantly find myself with at least 10-15 kills a game, one or two deaths from mistakes that everyone makes, and tons of assists (From all the KS... Kill Secure not Kill Steals).
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Why Devourer Over Cinderhulk?

Before you say What is this troll doing saying this is a tanky Tahm Kench with Devourer?!?

Devourer allows you to apply your stacks much faster without using your Q (which applies a hard stun with 3 stacks)
After you applied all 3 stacks with your autos you will still have your q availaible which is really powerful and very underrated.
I guess you could replace it with Cinderhulk instead but personally i find it much easier to gank, get kills, and hard carry with Devourer.
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Pros / Cons


    Huge Tank!
    Massive AP Damage
    Can Easily 1v2 or even 1v3 if ahead!
    Amazing Jungle clear after your first back
    Good lv 3 gank potential
    -Fantastic ganks at level 6
    Amazing at Diving turrets(After your first defensive item)
    Great stun and slow (Q)
    Can 1v1 anyone even from behind!

    If you fall behind early you wont be super tanky till later on(which is bad)
    The first jungle clear can be difficult without a nice leash
    Can be counter jungled early.
    Before he is tanky hard cc(or silence before he uses his shield)can shut him down
    Very slow base move speed(made up for by Swiftness boots)
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This would be Optimal runes, Feel free to replace the Attack Speed Quints with flat Ability Power Quints or replace the CDR Blues with flat Magic Resist Blues.
(Im pretty poor so I mostly use Flat AP quints and 3 CDR blues with the rest Magic Resist!)
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Jungling Routes

Always take your W first! Always ask your bot lane for a leash!

First Clears

Blue Side

Start: Krugs (The Golems) Smite It!
Move to: Razerbeaks (Chickens)Save your smite!
And then: Red Braumbleback (Redbuff)Smite it for the HP back!
Decide: Gank? Continue Farming? or Back?

Red Side

Start At: Gromp (The Purple Frog Thing) Smite it!
Move to: Blue Braumbleback (Bluebuff) Save your Smite
And then:Wolves Smite it or dont, up to you!
Decide: Gank? Continue Farming? or Back?
League of Legends Build Guide Author Cooleo
Cooleo Tahm Kench Guide
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Tahm Kench OP Jungle

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