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Nasus Build Guide by Kiusthugs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kiusthugs

Take Nasus for a Walk in the Jungle

Kiusthugs Last updated on August 28, 2013
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Hey! Right in front of you is my personal Nasus guide. I've literally just pick him out of the ordinary when picking a champ to jungle with. After countless games, i found a perfect build for him and win unwinnable games. You should play Nasus! Easy, fun, ELOMAKER!

My name is Kiusthugs, I am in the NA server.
This is my first guide. I know its not flashy as others. I don't know how to put some mini pics for now.

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Nasus Pros & Cons

Arguably the best late game.
-Your q stacks (veigar reference) meaning you have no limit of how much damage you can deal
-Wither is an amazing CC ability. Everyone knows the feeling as an adc getting withered.
-Very cost efficient, ult gives a good amount of health giving about 1000g of gold just from your kit, lifesteal passive about 1600g of gold when lvl 18. Wither is almost like the BOTRK active but stronger.
-Can literally carry a game by yourself with a farmed nasus
-Easy to master with common sense
-Solo dragon at lvl 6 with ease
-Take down towers in a matter of a couple seconds
-Used in competitive play
-Early game not the best
-Gets kited for having no gap closers in kit
-Strong counter junglers ruin nasus day..... He needs farm
-Blue buff reliant in most cases especially early game.

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Why take Nasus Jungle?

As of todays meta in S3. There are popular bullies that makes it difficult to play nasus toplane. Everyone knows that you want a q stack... When your about to hit a creep, people usually go all in at you and you have nothing to do but to runaway and waste mana on wither. And when you do hit a creep with your q, your damage output goes down when the enemy jumps at you. This is why you take nasus in the jungle. Easy free farm and have the ability to take buffs if needed

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Most important thing to remember is to stack you "q". I cant stress enough how important that is and its what makes Nasus an original champion. Yes, it is worth to wait about 5 sec or less for a q stack IMO if you mess up or it just so happens to be in CD.

Route you should take is pretty standard. S3

GANK or not.... Just farm q yeah?

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My prefered play with Nasus and brief description on chosen Items

As a jungle main. I literally build most of my junglers like a carry. I dont build support items such as locket, forzen heart, or shuireylas. Probably because i dont trust my teammates to do good ;(......LOL In the LCS you see pro players building those items because they know what he can expect out of his team. Yet i do build the necessary items that are relevant to a team such as being the tank.
Items: Why do I prefer this Build?

Spirit of the Ancient Golem- The obvious tank/jungling item

Iceborn Gauntlet- Sheen proc, Armor, Passive (slow), CDR

You can run any types of boots depending on situation of enemy team comp or preference

Spirit Visage- Why not buy items that get buffed? Increases passive, gives CDR, health and resistance

Sunfire Cape- Extra bit of helping damage, Health and Armor

Blood Thirster- This item is super funny on him, you cannot believe how much lifesteal he has at lvl 18 combining his passive, Spirit Visage and BT


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Peel or Focus? That is the question. I actually decide on who i am up against. I there is enemy Zed that can burst down your carry... I would most likely peel. If your carry is fed, you will most likely win the fight if you take down the enemy carry yourself while you carry is putting damage on whoever is raping them.

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Expecting a Ward? Walk up in a obvious ward spot and see if the enemy is getting CS.
If not... Find another way to gank.
There are many different types of ganks, such as:
Lane Ganks: Gank through the brush in side the lane and tell your teammate to push so minons dont give vision
River Gank: Brush in the river is the easiest place to be positioned when ganking. It is also the most popular place to ward. Beware this type of area.
Diving: Literally going balls deep, your going to be on that is going to be taking the tower and burning summoners. You go in there jungle brush and go behind the tower brush.

Doing a gank: What i found to be the most effective way to gank properly is to go in when you are there. Dont sit inside the brush, most likely it is warded and you will waste time. Tell your teammates with 5 pings you are going in hot to gank. RUSH IN and most likely no one will notice you coming in. RUN PAST THE WARD.

Funny Trick: Your laner would probably be mad if you do this but the outcome might succeed into getting a kill. Okay, with blue buff in hand go into a lane, and stay there. Literally spirit fire the enemy numerous times in lane and take his health down really low and then walk up and... DIVE

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Nasus Compared to other Junglers

Dueling: Nasus is really good at dueling due to wither and passive. Ive literally had an expereince where i was a 4 item hecarim with Spirit jungle item, iceborn gauntlet, boots and spirit visage. I go counter jungle a 2 item nasus with a unfinished spirit jungle item and a finished tiamat and iceborn gauntlet. I "E" charged in at max without him withering me, and we duel. After about 5 seconds i noticed my health is at 50% and he is at 75% and i was just like "WTF". I ult him and he still came out victorius when i was trying to runaway. This explains Nasus is on the good side of dueling invades.

Counter jungling: Nasus is okay at this. Clear is fast, but escape is horrible. Wither and summoners will get you out of a bad situation when needed.

Ganking Power: He is very stong in this category. Red buff appliant, wither, and possibly a finished iceborn gaunlet should lead to easy kills.

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Best Skin

Pharaoh Nasus all day! It has more detail than any AVAILABLE SKIN AS OF NOW (excluding riot nasus) Staff is changed, changes color from ultimate and goes along with his background.