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League of Legends Build Guide Author loxodonus2514

Taking Teemo to the Top

loxodonus2514 Last updated on June 4, 2011
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This is my first shot at a guide and it's mostly for my own benefit. That being said, feel free to read and comment your heart out. Teemo was the first champion I bought and I've gained a ton of experience with him. I see a lot of guides that claim he's mostly support or mid but in my experience he's one of the most versatile characters we've got.

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This is going to be where I explain how to get the most out of of Captain Teemo. I'm new to writing guides so I'll be adding pictures and links once I have the knowledge. In the meantime I will explain as best I can. If you're not mid (which you frequently will be) then try to get up top. You'll be able to lane a bit easier and you'll be closer to Baron when he spawns so you can keep an eye on him. Early game you just going to have the oomph to punch out a player in one shot so use your Blinding Dart to harass them instead. Try to guess when they might push hard and dart em right as they go to pop some spells. If its a pretty average stand off, then run in dart em and back out of their range. In between those blinding darts, try to spread your poison around the minions rather than blast one down at a time. This helps keep your minions from pushing too fast and will give you a better chance of last hitting a few of them. If you opponent does get greedy just Blinding Dart them and bail to your tower. Often times they'll over step and you can fire off Ignite, Toxic Shot, and Blinding Dart again when it cools down. Pre level 6 this will put most any champ to half health and make them recall. After level 6, if your lane is pretty locked down then start finding places to put your Noxious Traps. any of the shrubs near your tower are good spots. Try to keep one in front of Baron at all times. After you've downed towers put a couple at the jungle entrances you pass to try to stop those pesky gankers. If you have a lane that is really hurting to push their minions off then feel free to run in the middle of the pile and plant a mushroom. It will pop pretty much all the minions in that spot and push your lane back in your favor. Camouflage is going to make you able to snipe with careful use. If you know that someone is crossing to a new lane you can stand in the bush where they will most likely be emerging and catch them right as they dive in. On the other side if your lane is pretty empty you can back just out of their sight range and stealth. Often times they will assume you backed off and walk past you. If they do then you can snipe em from behind and cut off their escape route.

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My rune setup is pretty basic. I don't think the stats you gain are significant enough to bother trying to spread them any thinner than that and the attack speed this build provides makes the AP worth it. The Seal of Evasion were more of a test that went better than expected. The guys that are going to give you the most trouble are other attack speed guys and dodging a few of their attacks makes all the difference. Especially when you're at mid.

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Again pretty straightforward. I wanted to make sure I could snipe tanks early and the Archaic Knowledge and Sunder really do get there most of the time. One of your main jobs is going to be finding their X/0 guy and making him X/1. If you see they have a jungler then it's definitely going to come in handy taking those buffs away from them.

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Attack speed Attack speed Attack speed. Your biggest advantage is that element of surprise buff and you want to make sure that the enemy doesn't get a fair fight. You lose fair fights with Teemo until you are geared to the teeth. On that note if your opposite is really putting the heels to you you can take Phantom Dancer a bit earlier. You'll want that Dagger early and the one pot you can buy. You can sneak that first pre minion kill out with the attack speed buff, Ignite, and Ghost. If your record is good (hopefully so) after you pickup Zeal then buy [Bloodthirster]]. If you aren't doing so hot or you can't seem to get those last few points of your opponents life then grab Frozen Mallet instead. The guaranteed slow will stop those runners from getting away and the little health bump will save more than might realize. Madred's Bloodrazor is normally what I'll grab at the end to make killing the fatties easier but it's pretty interchangeable with Zeke's Harbinger or Guinsoo's Rageblade. Just decide which of those three major effects is gonna hit the widest portion of their team and go for it.

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Skill Sequence

I just filled out a general guide for the skills here. I make sure I pickup one level of each first and then I recommend leveling whichever is most useful first. Blinding Dart if the enemy champions are pushing harder than you, and Toxic Shot if you need to farm up minions or have no problem in your lane fights.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost really is the most useful spell you can grab. With Berserker's Greaves It's almost impossible for anyone to outrun you whether they're chasing you, or you're chasing them it's not going to spend much time off cooldown. Ignite might not be your exact style. If so you can use Exhaust here too. I prefer Ignite because no matter how much slow you stick on someone, they might just have a teleport, jump, or some other nonsense that gets them out of range and exhaust might be irrelevant and wasted. Ignite lets you get a TON of DOT damage piled on that will frequently kill them off even if they do manage to bail out before you can dart em to death.