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Talon Build Guide by Ducktape140

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ducktape140

Talon- Don't Cross Him.

Ducktape140 Last updated on June 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Talon for a while trying to find that balance between Offense, and Defense. I believe this may be it. I particularly love this build, because (if your bloodthirster is totally farmed) you can kill Baron Nashor single handedly. No joke try it.

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You probably find the item arrangement strange if your a frequent Talon player, so let me explain my reasons

Your Berserkers Greaves are there to get you a quick leg up in dealing damage.

Wriggles Lantern is for Defense: Armor reduce health loss, and Life steal For Health regen. The Free sight ward really comes in handy early game if your opponent in always in the bushes, and late game to keep tabs on Baron Nashor.

(Note: The order of the next three items doesn't really matter)

The Phantom Dancer is EXTREMELY helpful for Talon. Movement speed, and no unit collision helps him to get in, or out of situations fast, and since his spells do not include Flash. It can save your butt. The Attack speed helps too, especially with the next items

Ravenous Hydra cuts through the enemy minions better than a hot knife through butter, and with the added life steal you can get you life up fast if you need to (I kill the wolves, or stone golems in the jungle when I'm in a pinch).

Bloodthirster is a near given on any Talon build. At this point you become a force to be reckoned with. Your life steal easily frustrates, and possibly scares your enemy your dealing ~400 damage per second, and getting about half of that back as health.

Finally Trinity Force. It took me a while to add this because it's so expensive, and can take forever to buy. Your main focus for this is Spell Blade so Sheen should be the item you fill your last item slot with. Talons abilities are meant to be cast quickly, so you can make use of this passive a few times in a battle before you have to wait for cool downs. Upgrading from Sheen to Trinity Force gives you a 25% chance to slow the enemy, and therefore a 25% chance to use Talons passive, Mercy, and deal an additional 10% damage (~70 per hit with the full build).

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Build Pros / Cons

The great things about this build is you are healing for 315 points per hit making it hard for one person to take you down, and you can honestly take Baron Nashor by yourself if you know how to use your abilities, and have a fully farmed Bloodthirster. The added movement speed helps you to catch fleeing enemy's, and finish them off.

The Bad thing is in order to reap the full benefits of this build you HAVE TO ATTACK. If you run away you will take damage. If you think you're probably going to die anyway DIE FIGHTING, and don't chicken out. I've come out on top in several close calls because I had the gonads to keep fighting. Even if you do die you will do some good damage before then most likely making your enemy recall.

In short Good: life steal, and movement speed. Bad: NO RUNNING

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Please leave a comment on this, and let me know how to improve this build. Also a confirmation on Talon vs Baron would be appreciated. Thank you