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Talon Build Guide by LightDrago

Talon, the wind's Blades.

By LightDrago | Updated on August 30, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Talon
  • LoL Champion: Talon


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello, this is my build for Talon.
I've played talon for some time and i tried several build but none of them suited me really good.
My main is Akali and i liked the build i use for her and i think Talon and Akali are quite alike, so i made a talon build in the Akali style. (yes it sounds odd but i'll explain later in the build)

And one request, Plz no trolls :C (sorry Trundle ^^")
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Pros / Cons

    Good burst damage
    Low cooldown ult
    Also good damage during a longer fight because of his AD
    Silence AND teleport/shunpo like move
    Prevents excapes with stealth (Q-skill) such as those of Twitch, Evelynn and of course Akali and Vayne
    Looks awesome.

    VERY squishy (it'll take some practice if your used to tanks or offtanks)
    Ultimate can be hard to aim
    One stun and he's dead
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For the runes i chose the standard Armor Penetration Marks like most AD character, which should not need any explanation.

For the seals i took Health, since he is so squishy and does not really have a mana shortage (in which case i mostly take mana regen seals). It works good against all damage, you could also take dodge seals in combination with 21/9/0 masteries but that would be a guess that the enemy will mostly play AD. (maybe useful in 3 vs 3)

For the glyphs i took flat Cooldownreduction, he simply does not use AP or need mana. Besides this i prefer flat runes because it gives you a nice advantage in earlygame, which is the time for most assassins to get their headstart before teamfights start.

As for the quintessences i took Armor Penetration again, you might consider switching this with AD but i think this is far the most usefull.
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For the masteries i take 21/0/9 mostly, giving me a little bit more recovery and faster XP together with nicely increased damage.
If you find Talon a bit too squishy you could take 21/9/0 or 9/21/0. (Do mind that you wont need magic penetration as mastery since he has no single Magic Damage move.)
I think masteries are more a personal preference.
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Skill Sequence

Put one point in each skill starting with rake. (the order of the other 2 doesn't make much diffrence)

We take Rake (W) first since it's your best and most damaging move, besides it gives a nice slow which also activates your passive, so you max this skill first.

After maxing Rake (W) we go for Noxian Diplomacy (Q), this move deals quite some damage and is good for harrassment.

At last we take Cutthroat (E), the reason i take this one last is because you only need one level in it, the use of the other moves is simply bigger. Besides this move does not do any damage you will need. When you initiate with ur E, it's simply pwning them within 2 seconds or making them flee or be devoured. (With other words: They should be dead before they get to do anything after that 1 sec silence)
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Summoner Spells

Main rule for summoner spells, use it to flash through walls to escape or prevent an enemy from fleeing at the last second. There are only several which i would say can do without flash. (such as vladimir who uses his sanguine pool and ghost combo)

As for the second spell i'd say take Exhaust, its far the best spell for an AD nuke. Ignite is possible too but you will probibly have more use of Exhaust since it also slows enemies so they won't escape, and the decreased damage is REALLY useful in 1 v 1.

HEAL?...NO...(thats for supports or those who do not have anything else yet, you'll be dead before you get to use it or you'll waste it in lane)

CLEANSE?...possible for a good escape but i prefer flash and exhaust.

FORTIFY?...ew no. That's for supports.

RALLY?... Are you kidding me?

SMITE?.. only if you get a good talon-jungler build.

REVIVE?...Karthus only.

TELEPORT?...possible but i wouldn't take it, its more for AP casters/nukes. You will find flash and exhaust way better.


CLARITY?...I already told you you don't have a mana shortage.
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As i told you this is based on the Akali (or maybe katarina) build idea, only then its AD.

We start off with a Doran's Blade. (very good item earlygame, you can use the

Then we take boots of speed.

After that we take the brutalizer. (some nice damage before we start buildign something that takes more time, its kind of like the hextech revolver for katarina. It does nice damage)

Then we start building the trinity force beginning with a phage, then sheen and the rest.
The passive of this item is GREAT with any DPS, especially assassins.

Bilgewater Cutlass, YES. Lifesteal and nice AD, besides its active is great to nuke an enemy.
If you do not like this you can go on to the infernity edge which will boost your attack damage greatly and your crits.

If you really hunger for some lifesteal you can take the bloodthirster instead, its just what fits the situation.

After these items you can chose to finish your ghostblade (the active eats structures) or/and to finish ur hextech gunblade, it might seem useless of the AP but the active is worth it, because of the ueless AP i mostly take this item last.

And when you're done, get some elixers, ALWAYS.

If you really have trouble vs a high CC team or heavy magic damage or anoying Karthus ultimates you can chose to take Mercury Threads and or a Banshee's Veil. This is more a thing i'd say in general since any character can use this.

Build 2 is when you find Talon too squishy and really want some stability. It's not as efficient but the Frozen Mallet works like a Rylai scepter on Katarina or Akali.
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Team Work

When in a teamfight, try to target the most usefull caster of the enemy team (morgana, karthus,annivia). Your E-> Q -> W combo should tear him apart and prevent him form casting. Also try to save allies with your slow and silence whenever you can.

This was my build, i hope it suits you. It's typically a nuke build. Unique effects for a "First-hit Massive-Damage" strategy like a nuke should. It might not provide the best stats, but the passives and actives make your enemy have no chance.
League of Legends Build Guide Author LightDrago
LightDrago Talon Guide

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Talon, the wind's Blades.
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