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Shen Build Guide by Fate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fate

Tank/ Ad Shen- Killing Blow

Fate Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In my build with Shen, I believe you would find it very well, because usually people would go either full AD, or just plain old tank, but in my build you will have fun and win at the same time. It's both AD and Tank!

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Your Runes should consist of getting CoolDown Reduction, Armor, and Magic Resist. I just showed you Secondary Runes to the different types of runes, but you could always make it better by choosing the Primary Runes, although those are more expensive.

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Your masteries should follow the 24-3-3 results. Since you already have a Tank rune page, might as well have an AD, mastery page.

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First, you would start out with a Regrowth Pendant to already have a head start on the Warmog's you would buy later. Get a HP potion as well. After, you get enough money, be sure to always buy boots. Especially, Mercury's Treads. Once, this is done buy a Sunfire Cape and a Ruby Crystal. After, get a Guardian Angle, which will help you in team battles a lot, since you're the tank. Finally, you could get your Warmog's after the Gaurdian. You should have about 3.6k hp after the stack of Warmog's. Then, get a Frozen Mallet and Infinity Edge as your last 2 items to help you to get some kills.(In the place where it says "Shen:" on the top, the HP description is without the stacks of Warmog's)

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Skill Sequence

Level 1: Vorpal Blade Level 2: Shadow Dash Level 3: Feint
Level 4: Vorpal Blade Level 5: Vorpal Blade Level 6: Stand United
Level 7: Shadow Dash Level 8: Vorpal Blade Level 9: Vorpal Blade(MAX)
Level 10: Shadow Dash Level 11: Stand United Level 12: Shadow Dash
Level 13: Shadow Dash Level 14: Feint Level 15: Feint
Level 16: Stand United(MAX) Level 17: Feint Level 18: Feint(MAX, LAST LEVEL)

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Summoner Spells

You would get the following spells for the following reasons:

-Exhaust: To slow enemy, reducing 40% movement speed. Reduces attack damage dealth by 70%. Finally, it reduces the ability and item damage dealt by 35% for a limit of time. Usually, used in team battles, if your opponent is trying to run away or if they do a lot of damage. It could also be used for a 1 v 1, to get easy kills.

-Ignite: To kill enemy when low hp. Works great with exhaust because it gives you time to catch up with your opponent and ignite them before the turret hits you. Ignite does better damage depending on your level, true damage. Reduces HP Reg. by 50%, potions almost useless.

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Ranked Play

If you are in a Ranked game you should always do these things:

- Harras with Ki Strike (Passive)
- Harras with Vorpal Blade
- Be aggressive, but not greedy, there is a difference
- Always use Stand United to turret dive with teammates
- Gank a lot, but be sure to maintain level

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If you choose to jungle, be sure to use smite instead of ignite. Exhaust will help you more throughout the game. Always level up on your Vorpal Blade if you are going to jungle, until Level 6. Be sure to start out with Cloth Armor and get 5 HP Potions. Since Shen has energy you dont need to go for the Blue Golem Buff, stay with the Red Lizard, or other creeps. After you are done with the jungle, just follow the build I showed you on the top.

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Teamwork might be the most important thing in the game. Teamwork is the key to win. Always use you Ultimate if you see someone in a battle alone, or is about to die. Even when you think they are going to live, use your Ult anyway because you never know. Your Ult will come back fast from the Rune Page set-up. Always help teammate with taunt as well. If they are getting chased, sacrifice yourself for them, taunt the opponents while your Teammates goes "B." You will have Gaurdian Angle so when you are regenerating from your Guardian Angle, it gives you Team enough time to come and help you get away.

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Use your Vorpal Blade a lot to kill minions and farm. This is why you should buy a Sunfire Cape, to farm minions and to also kill off opponent's HP. Your Ki Strike and Vorpal Blade go very good with each other. Use your Vorpal Blade, then finish the minion off with Ki Strike, they both come back fast so this is another way to kill many minions.

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Since this is my first time ever doing this I tried very hard on it. To make it as satisfying as possible. I hope you enjoy this build and technique, I worked very hard on it, so I'm sure it will be very good. Remember to harrass and to not be seen by anyone because...
- If light is so fast, how come it's never caught a Ninja?
(Shen's Joke In the League of Legends)