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League of Legends Build Guide Author darksplash2


darksplash2 Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Hay guys my name is Christian. I am here to try and guide to to becoming the best Caitlyn on the planet. The hero's i play are vladamir, veigar, ashe, caitlyn, and tryndamere. I main ashe and caityln though just like many other people. There are a lot of things to go over so let us get started. You will need to learn to farm because otherwise this build is not possible in 45-50 minutes. You will get close to this build if not finish it if the game drags on which works for your advantage. Like ashe, caitlyn is also a late game Attach Dammage ranger carry. I just got out of a game where i had 350 minion kills. i went 13/6/7. The entire team was scared of me and for a very good reason. My health exceed 2700 hp and my mana exceeded 1000. Just think about that for a minute? i did about 2000k Critical Hits. Speed was almost 2.0. Yes this is an amazing build if you are good with Caitie and like to switch things up. Not only are you a tank but you can kill tanks as well.

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so guys i have talked to many caities in the past and well i have decided that the best way to make her rune page is to give her tons of armor penetration, maguc resist, and mana regen. Therefore, i am using 3 Quints of Desolation. 9 greater marks of desolation. 9 glyphs of shielding and 9 seals of clarity. this rune page should be amazing for any long range carry. Hope it works and you like it. for ASHE it is amazing by the way lol

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Summoner Spells

I have many summoner spell options obviously. but for caitie id prefer to use ghost and flash because her biggest problem is that she is always focused and it gives her a way out of tough situations. She has range but she is slow early game and people like xin zhao and tryndamere can kill her easily early game. Saving herself will be helpful because you dont feed and if used properly can help you go in save your teammate and run immediately. Make sure to memorize these hot keys and use them as often as possible. but use good judgement. they are never a waste if you live so do not forget that.

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So the question is what items do i get and in what order? well this question is very hard to answer but i am going to say the best way to start off with caitlyn regardless of who you are midding or lanning against is a doran's blade. This is for a good reason. It gives you health, life steal, and extra attack damage which is very useful for her early game. Some people might say get boots but she is overpowered in my opinion early game so she really does not need boots if you are good with her and keep your distance and play smart. The next item i almost always get first after the doran's blade is the berserker greaves. They give me enhanced movevement of 2 and extra attack speed which proves useful mid and late game and even early game. After this i like to hit hard by working my way up to a infinity edge .. try to get a B.F. sword first but if you need the pickaxe then take it first if you do not have enough money. Your infinity edge should almost always be your first item this is your base item that will start the destruction of the other team. Once i have built that i usually dont have enough money for another B.F. sword so i just get a dagger which builds my second big item a black cleaver. After my black cleaver i build my zeal which turns into a trinity force which is what is going to give you that high critical chance. You now have lots of critical chance damage and attack speed. like i said with these items alone you should be gettting solid kills and or assists. After this i build a giant's belt then a phage which turns into your next big item a frozen mallet. this will give you that tanky health and it will slow people which is your substitute for ashe's slow. i laughed when i saw a alistar see me and then run away from me hahaha. that was a glorious moment. PEOPLe would have started to stack lots of armor against you so to counter this you build a bloodthirster in any order you like. After that you can choose to sell your boots and get a phantom dancer or keep them and stay with thaat build which is fine too. the phantom dancer just gives you more attack speeed and more critical chance which in turn allows you to kill them faster.

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Skill Sequence

my skill sequence varies on the opponnent/s i am facing usually i just stick with going to max out my Q first which is your skill shot. but before i max it out completely i make sure to get at least the E which is your life SAVING net. Also, dont forget to pick up at least one skill in your ward/trap. These skills if used correctly will allow you to be the more dominant player of the game regardless of who is winning. Your choice on which skills o get and when is critical but not that important as long as you max your Q and have at least 1 in your other skills. YOUR ULT should always be leveled up whenever it can be so that would be level 6,11, and 16.

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the masteries i chose were for a reason stick closely to them. 22/0/8 or 21/0/9. do not stray from these masteries as they will NOT MAXIMIZE your game abilities. I like to get the extra one in Utility where you can have your Ghost last longer and increases your speed.

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Pros / Cons

Pros are :
She is a great ad long range carry
She does tons of damage
She is good at 1v1 people on a map if built USING MY BUILD
She can escape using 3 methods, her net and her summoner spells.
Her ult has a short cooldown and her early game is amazing
AutoATTCk for the win
She is not Squishy with this build

She WILL BE targeted and focused out of the group usually

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Unique Skills ( Skill SHOT) Important Early Game

well i like to mid alot for the reason i rarely lose agasint anyone mid. with the exception that everyone has their bad games every once in a while. OK MY ONLY PIECE OF ADVICCE CONCERNING her skill shot is that when you aim with it i like to use the CIRCLE which you can change in options to have your aim as a straight line or circle. Anyways, i always aim with the thought,, always plan for a change in variable scenerio. If you time it right and do it quick enough your skill **** should always hit them most of the time. MY ADVICE IS shoot to hit if he stays in one one position or moves. if he is good.. expect him to move SOOO shoot close to his body but more closely to the left or right of him that way if he does decide to stay in the same spot he will get hit and if he moves a little bit to the left or right he will also get hit. WIth my rune page your mana should not be a problem is you use your skill shot well.

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if you dont farm well period then your going to have lots of trouble. the way you get caitie to become tanky is by killing lots and lots of minions so dont b afraid to kill monster in your jungle to. i got around 360 minion kills for this build plus kills and assist so DONT forget that.

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Team Work

You really wont be the one initaiting the fight but you can once this build is nearly complete or already complete. Remmeber you have your 3 methods of escape do do not be afraid to be aggressive with caitie. YOUR AUTOATTACK is key to this build. WITHOUT IT your not going to do the damage to survive fights. Do not forget that. Use your traps wisely an put them in common spots where enemies might try and gank you from or just use them as an escape route! Use your head and be creative when it comes to using caitie. She can go through certain objects if you use you E (net) correctly.