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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Agraanath

Tank 'n' Spank Jax

Agraanath Last updated on November 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm pretty new to writing guides, so I'm not sure how to import skill stats, etc. but this will be an overall guide to an easy win in a 3V3, and a quicker win in a 5V5.

Here is a quick win in a 3v3 using this build:

To start off, let's go over Jax's main skills, and his passive ability.

Jax's passive ability basically gives him more HP per Attack Damage and Ability Power.
3 HP per Attack Damage
2 HP per Ability Power

The first (Q) ability is called "Leap Strike", in a nut-shell, Jax will launch across a location to either an enemy, or an ally.
*If hitting an enemy, he deals damage based on AD+AP, with a base of 20>55>90>150.
*If hitting an ally, he just leaps away from any trouble.

The second (W) ability is called "Empower". This name basically speaks for itself.
Jax's next attack or ability has increased damage, I'll talk about this more later, and how it can be used for multi-killing.

The third (E) ability is called "Counter Strike", this ability is amazing if you're in a bind, or just want a quick kill.
Passive: Jax gains (10%,12%,14%,16%,18%) dodge chance.
Active: Jax stuns all enemies around him for a short period of time ((1,1.25,1.5,2.0,2.25) seconds)

The Ultimate (R) ability is called "Relentless Assault". This is a must-have, and goes great in combination with the Guinsoo's Rageblade.
*Passive: Jax gains 6% attack speed for 2.5 seconds upon each hit. This effect can stack up to 10 times, and rebuilds with each hit.
*Active: Jax's speed enables him to have increased Magic Resistance for a temporary time.

Now that we've covered the basic abilities, let's move on to the item build, and why I have selected these items.

*Ninja Tabi: This item gives a Movement Speed bonus [2], and also gives Jax a 12% dodge chance increase, along with 25 armor increase. The dodge is most important, because it'll enable use of Counter Strike in the future!
*Guinsoo's Rageblade: This item will take a little while to get, but it's worth it because of the Attack Damage and Ability Power it gives. It's passive also stacks with your ultimate ability, making your attack speed a maximum of 1.700+, without having any items otherwise.
*The Bloodthirster: I chose to put this item in the build because of the lifesteal, and high Attack Damage. Mainly because more attack damage gives Jax more HP, and the lifesteal will help you stay in the lane longer, and get more gold and levels quicker than the enemies. It costs 2750, so it'll take awhile to get, but it's worth it in the end.
*Atma's Impaler: This item is great to have, due to the Armor bonus, and the Critical Strike it gives. Hitting higher is always a good thing as Jax, because it'll allow you to land a few multi-kills, and ultimately get more gold, and build to future items.
*Phantom Dancer: It's always nice to have a little bit of Attack Speed, combined with a slight bit of critical strike, so go ahead and pick this one up, it'll help you move faster, attack faster (even without the ultimate/guinsoo's), and it'll make things a lot easier in the end.
*Hextech Gunblade: I highly recommend saving this item for last, because it's not entirely needed throughout the game. It's AP and AD gives a great advantage, because end-game you'll have a ton of HP, and then you add this on top of it for what should put you a little over 2.9K-3K HP, depending on how you altered the build. This item is basically just something to offload your gold that you don't need, but you could also get a Wit's End, depending on the enemy team.

That's all there is to the items, and I hope it was explained pretty good to where you could understand, but you can comment and ask about it, if you don't. Now I'll explain briefly about a short strategy to killing enemies extremely quick. This section won't be long, but it'll help you throughout the game.

*Early Game

In the early game, you may want to get with your team and do a 3-man gank, if you're in a 3v3, or if you're in a 5v5, head to your lane with your partner, and do so then. After the gank, if you were the one to get the First Blood, head back to base, and pick up your Ninja Tabi. Now, if you have leftover gold, you can buy a few Health Potions. You're going to want to simply farm minions for as long as possible, and if it means turret camping, do so. You're going to need to build up and get your Guinsoo's Rageblade by level 6 to be ultimately effective throughout the game.


For the middle part of the game, head through the jungles and find NPCs to kill, just to stack up your money. Look around, and find the Lizard-man, kill him as fast as you can, and go on about your business. Next, head up to the Dragon, and by this time you should have no problems solo-killing it, if you have Guinsoo's Rageblade and your ultimate. Now, you can decide on what you want to do, between Jungling, and staying in one lane. If you decide to jungle, go back to base, and get your Phantom Dancer early on, to increase movement speed. If you decide to hold one lane, if you have the gold for it, pick up your Bloodthirster, or otherwise, just gank the hell out of anything that comes near you.


Going without saying, this part of the game will be easiest for you, as Jax. You should have ~315 base AD, not counting any buffs or abilities from weapons, etc. At this point, you could easily destroy turrets without any minions around. However, of course, that isn't advised if there are enemy champions, so if you want to push, be sure to take them out first! Just continue doing as you did mid-game, only now you should be able to do it a lot better. Pick up the remaining items as the gold comes to you, and of course build up to them with the reagents each time you have to return to base.

Your Attack Order:
The way you'll want to attack is like this:
(Q)Leap-Strike -> (E) [if you dodge] Counter Strike -> (W) Empower -> Auto-attack.

If you get in a bind against a mage, use your ultimate, and stun them ASAP, then just run away if you are nearly dead, or just finish them off ;)

Thanks for reading my guide, and I hope it helps. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Also, add me on LoL if you would like to team with me sometime!
Name: Agraanath