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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ollieman

Tanking Nidalee

Ollieman Last updated on May 29, 2011
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Brute Force
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Defense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hell Yeah ,
This is the tanking version of Nidalee , i find it kinda unique because it's gameplay is way different then DPS Nidalee.
Try it out before voting .
Do not trollvote me , please leave a comment why :).

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Who is Nidalee and why take her?

Nidalee is the The Bestial Huntress.
Cost:3150 or975

Why ?
She is a great fighter / tanker.
Nearly no CD so she's always ready to fight.
She has 7 great abilities ( actually 8 ).
All-round player shes capable of dealing dmg while tanking ( this guide explains ) .

I also got a picture.
Though this is with a skin :P ( normally you are brown - yellow )
Shes a Human Form almost naked woman which her ultimate transforms her into an Cougar , and then will get an new set of abilities.
Enjoy Reading , looking and trying out !

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I took 0 / 21 / 9 for the defense and dodge rate , also some health and mana regen in utility tree , some extra gold and exp gaining ( if you are 1-2 lvl ahead on person you tank , it will a big difference)
Nidalee needs - / 21 / - because she lacks defense , armor , dodge and some health so i took 21 in defense.
She will have an epic armor start at early game which can make her mid game fed and late game unstoppable , the spears deal around 400-600 damage depending on the range .

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Ghost : It's an great chasing tool, great synergy with Cleanse and Pounce.

Cleanse : Nice for make alot of CC dissapear and reduces incoming ones , as i said great synergy between ghost and pounce.

Others you may take :

Flash : It's great for escaping or either get that low hp enemy , but i dont like it very much since its nerfed.

Teleport : Great for laning in 5v5 , do not take it in 3v3.

Ignite : Great for finishing off , jump out with Pounce or Flash.

Clarity : You may take this when you get in mana probs early game , thats why i took mana pot but if you waste alot of mana consider to take this spell.

Fortify : It's great for when you are dead and your tower is being destroyed and you just need like 2-3 more seconds to get to your tower and kill the enemy.


Heal : For what ? you got an heal skill.

Revive : No Need

Smite : You ain't a jungler....are you?

Clairvoyance : Bushwack all the way.

Rally : You are an tanker , no need.

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I'll explain you why i took magic resist runes : Nidalee lacks MAGIC RESIST.
Same reason for the dodges , if you want to be an tank nidalee you have to consider taking this runes.

The dodge is because Cougar also gives some dodge so it has a great synergy and as an tanker you need balanced magic resist and balanced armor so thats why i took this runes ; she gots more armor than magic resist when starting a game.

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Both Rylai's and Frozen Mallet gives lots and LOTS of hp ( also AD and AP ) , but the passive is just epic with her ultimate AND spear throw ; it stacks.
Frozen Mallet gives 700 HP and 20 Attack Damage and his unique passive slows opponents by 40% ( melee attacks ; in cougar form)
I took Phage mid game before Giants belt because phage is much more better in Mid Game .
Though giant's belt for the recipe of Rylai's is good because she lacks HP early game so you should need a boost

Rylai's gives 500 HP and 80 Ability Power and Unique passive which slows down 30% with spells ( 15% with AoE Spells ; in human form , your spear or bushwack)
I took force of nature because of the magic resist and the HP regen , also some movement speed to walk across the map slighty faster , it will boost your cougar form because you will get movement speed from your ulti.
And thornmail for tanking dmg and also give them dmg at same time ( taking less damage also ).
You get damage with thornmail ( even reduced ) but it will give 30% back to the attacker ( only for basic attacks ) so if you see a tryndamere which deals alot of dmg late game you can easily tank him and still deal lots and lots of damage .
a lil calculating if tryndamere hits 400 in 1 second you reflect 120 Damage that just awesome when fighting him , also if you get in trouble you can easily heal yourself ( with a slightyly AP boost from Rylai's you heal more ).

Guinsoo's are greatly stackable when tanking because you will stay longer and use more abilities .
Also the AP & AD boost are quite nice .
I like the passive (On attack or spell cast, increases your attack speed by 4% and ability power by 6. Lasts 5 seconds (stacks up to 8 times).) well that just great for tanking nidalee because she doesn't deal alot of damage mid-late game so if you stack guinsoo to 8 and get into cougar form --> takedown you still deal moderate damage ; enough to kill somebody while you are still half HP.

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Skill Rotation

-->-->-->-- >-->-->-->
Harass enemies with Javelin Toss get your chance when you are insured you will get an kill nor getting killed when getting kill bushwack enemies in bushes ( bushwack... means like bushtrap ? Logical ) ask teammates to initiate and you will tank and get some kills !

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Lucky recallers at tower?!

Well , if you played this game some time you must have seen the lucky bastards which going to recall at the tower .
If you kill this with an melee character , its called tower diving .
But nidalee dont needs tower diving , though she wont even get hit by the tower if you do it sneaky and fast .
You see an enemy with 200-300 HP and he was so lucky to ran out of fight.
NO...not anymore Nidalee gots an spear which can be used to kill those who survived the battle.
I got alot of kills because some tards don't know who Nidalee is and what shes capable of.
Like this ;

3v3: Someone's running behind the top ( works vica versa with bot ) tower and you go sneaky verryyyyyy sneaky hiding in the bushes , you throw an spear.. and youre done

5v5 :
It's the same as 3v3 , they wanna recall at tower , you sneak in bushes and throw an spear and they do : WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
Done the job again.

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HELL YEAH she can jungle , but i dont use to often .
It's the same way as all the other jungle routes

1 : Wolves

2 : Blue Golem

3: Wraiths

4 : Lizard

5 : Mini Golems

: Optional is the Dragon .
It's north-east of the mini golems ( 5 ).

You can tank Baron Nashor and counter jungling is very easy due to the slow and cougar abilities with finishing off with the spear.

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Pros / Cons .

- She has a great survivability because of her heal.
- Great escaping mechanism
- Sniper Spear ( No recallers at tower )
- Her Cougar form does lots of dmg.
- Insured kill when having both frozen mallet and Rylai's.

- With runes makes alot of difference
- Expensive
- Needs some experience

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Bushwack in the ''FB'' bushes to see enemies , warn teammates how much there are.
Lvl 3 you got healing , straightforward just heal yourself when wounded and when you feel like you need an AS boost
Start harassing with spears when you see a chance to get in with cougar just dmg then a bit and jump out with Pounce.
When you got Rylai's throw spears / auto attack to slow go in with cougar chase them down with ghost and you got an kill.
Takedown does epic damage to an single target so grab your chance when somebody is laning on his own , to make sure he will die you could use ghost before or flash for last hit ;)
Or throw spears / slow them and let your teammate help and go without ghost.
You shine when you got frozen mallet so show them to dont mess with you and kill sum.
Also get low hp squishies like twitch in an team fight ( Twitch ks alot ) .
Same reason for Teemo and all that ranged squishies .
Last game i played with this build and i had a surprisingly good score 11/2/4 , its because you slow people and same time damage + tanking .
No so awesome ? Okay :[
You get easy kills if you backdoor them because they are epicly slowed so WINNING!!!

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Ah abilities.
Javelin Toss :
Nidalee tosses her javelin, dealing magic damage on impact that increases depending on the distance between Nidalee and the target at the time it is hit. The multiplier caps at 2.5

GREAT HARASSMENT , finishing tool or sniper the recallers at tower.
Takedown (Cougar): Nidalee's next attack deals additional damage, then the damage is multiplied based on how low her opponent's life is, at the most the damage will be doubled. This attack cannot be dodged.

Great damage , then the damage is multiplied based on how low her opponent's life is, This one is so good for tanker because she doesn't deal very much damage but this skill changes that fact ;).
Bushwack :
Nidalee lays a trap that deals damage over 2 seconds, reveals the targets, and reduces their armor and magic resistance for 12 seconds. Traps last for 4 minutes.

Traps are always handy , this also reduces magic res , reveals targets ( even stealthed) and deals DMG.[/color]
Nidalee lunges forward, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies.

Okay , i love this skill.
It's slightly faster then walking ( use this when walking over the map )
But it's has a great synergy with the slowing passives.
Primal Surge: Nidalee heals an ally champion and grants them bonus attack speed for 7 seconds.

Best healing skill in the world , i love it because it adds attack speed , and it heals.
Great skill for tanker.
Swipe : Nidalee claws at enemies in front of her, dealing magic damage.

Some nice AoE dmg also great , but it does not add very much to the tanking Nidalee itself.
Aspect of the Cougar : Nidalee transforms herself into a cougar; gaining a new set of abilities, 10% dodge, and 20 movement speed in the process.

Says it all , very nice skill it adds some nice boosts and most of all new abilities.

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Skill Sequence

I took bushwack to spy in bushes , i maxed out healing for when tanking healing yourself , also finishing off opponents with your spear , Easy as that !

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Cya :P