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League of Legends Build Guide Author M4nk3y

Tankivia - The Bulky Phoenix

M4nk3y Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

Tankivia - The Bulky Phoenix

Hello everyone and welcome to my tank build for Anivia, which makes her an extremely strong pick in the Twisted Treeline, while also being viable in Summoner's Rift.
The reason for Anivia being so strong even without AP items, is that her attacks deal great burst even without stacking AP, giving us the opportunity to counter her squishieness (if that's even a word lol) Good luck trying this out and thanks for picking my build :) (note: She does not become a real tank, but she WILL have amazing survivability)



Acronyms used
Explanation about items above
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game
Thank You :)


Acronyms used

FF=Flash Frost
fb=first blood
FB=Frost Bite
GS=Glacial Storm
TT=Twisted Treeline
SR=Summoners Rift
AP=Ability Power
MR=Magic Resist
AD=Attack Damage
TF=Twisted Fate

Explanation about items above

The items shown above up till Frozen Heart is my core build. I use this EVERY match, or atleast for as far as I can get it. If I'm finished with the above items I will pick items that give me the best defense against my opponents.

Physical DPS
for example Tryndamere:

Thornmail: You can get Thornmail for the great armor boost and the passive, returning damage to the attacker.

Randuins Omen: You can also get Randuin's Omen, giving you a bit a health and regen, and also nice armor, while having an amazing passive, that slows the attacker's attack speed and movement speed. It also has a sweet active, slowing the attack speed and movement speed when used.

Caster DPS
for example Veigar

Banshees Veil: This item is great because of it's passive. It also gives sweet MR and Health and Mana. Get this when you're getting cc'd alot and can't get out of it. Also try to be careful not to waste it's passive on for example Ashe's Volley, because these also trigger it's passive.

Abbysal Scepter: Another amazing item, since it gives AP (W00t), MR and a MR Reduction Aura. This aura is also amazing, since it reduces your opponent's MR. You could call this the anti-caster staff for casters.

Force of Nature: This item kicks *** as MR, AND gives a kick-*** passive. 0.35% may not seem that much, but if you use this item combined with Warmogs, you'll have a sick amount of Health regen. So I recommmend taking this in combination with Warmogs (quite expensive though and you don't need this most of the games)

Quicksilver Sash: You already have mercs and Banshees, but still annoyed by CC? Get this item and you can run into any CC and /dance at them! You should try and learn to use this item first though.

for example Mordekaiser

Void Staff: Are your enemies stacking MR? No problem, just get Void Staff. I know this is a tank build, but you will still need to dish out some damage output to be something else then just a meat tank.

These were all the situational items I could think of right now, let me know if you have great suggestions.


Early Game

When the game starts, you buy a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potions. If you are quite a decent Anivia player, you should take a solo lane. Try to get most last hits and use your FF-FB combo to harass.

Don't waste to much mana on FF if there's a high chance it'll miss, because you are very mana hungry until you get your Catalyst The Protector. Recall when you have 925 gold if you're low on hp and mana.

If not, try to farm up/get a kill to get 1275 gold. This way you can buy Catalyst and Boots of Speed. When you have these return to your lane and farm up again. You can use alot more mana now, because everytime you level up, you will restore alot of mana. When you have around 2k gold, recall again for boots of your choice: Mercury Treads for heavy CC teams, Ninja Tabi for heavy Physical DPS teams, or Sorcerer's Boots for if the other two aren't really needed and Tear of the Goddess.

You can recall earlier and buy either of these, but I recommend farming up since you'll level alot and Catalyst will keep you in the run for these levels. When you have these items it's time for midgame.



By now you're alot less manahungry and should check what your opponents are buying:

Is that Ezreal going AD or AP?
Is that a AP TF? Lol wut
Sion got Archangels already?

By this you can choose which defensive items you should start building.
If they have atleast 1 Physical DPS then buy Glacial Shroud as soon as possible. You can build into Frozen Heart if you want, or not if there are casters you need to negate first by buying MR.

In Mid-game, Anivia is at her beak, and you will barely see the difference between an AP Anivia or a Tankivia, especially if you have the CD reduction (Glacial Shroud). You'll be dishing out alot of damage, so people will probably start focusing you, and that is what you want for late game when you have your MR and armor.

Since you're a beast with damage output, you can probably score a few gank kills. Finish your Archangel's Staff and Rod of Ages/Banshees Veil and you'll be very dangerous. Most games don't last until lategame, because midgame is where I finish my core-build, but if people start getting fully builded, here it comes: LATEGAME



By now your damage output is getting a tad lower, but that's not a problem at all, since
they can't take you down either. You'll be such a pain in the ***, that their entire team will focus you.

And if they do, they will start saying stuff like: WTF DA BIRD IZNT DEING AT ALL!! HOW!?!? And that's good, 'cause your team will have alot of roaming now. Even if they are able to take you down, you will still have your egg, and unless your teammates are down, they won't be making you into an omelet with all those shiny armors. Just keep pushing and win the game already ^_^!!



For masteries I take the standard caster tree: 9/0/21, because this will give you the utility and extra magic penetration Anivia really needs, especially on a build not relying on damage out-put only. You could try any other masteries, but I highly recommend this.



For Runes I take:

Magic Penetration Marks, they are primary's in here so that's a great bonus.
Mana Regen per level Seals, also primary's and Anivia really needs the extra Mana Regen.
Ability Power per level Glyphs, this will give you some sweet AP, since CDR isn't really needed with Frozen Heart and Elixirs.
Flat Ability Power Quintessences, this is great for a good early game.


Thanks for reading my guide, hope it helps. Good luck playing and please rate and leave a comment why and what you rated. I could always take some advice, so don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell me! Thank you!!