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Ashe Build Guide by halfabandaid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author halfabandaid

Tanky DPS Ashe

halfabandaid Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The way the build order works is simple. You keep filling slots until you have no more. At the end of the build you will sell The Wriggles for the bloodthirster, but grab a full run of pots before you do so. After you have enough, sell the wriggles and snag the bloodthirster, and get it stacked.

You can rush the wriggle's fully, or do only the razors then boots. Either way works fine.

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Skill Order

I understand why some people are put off by the fact that you do not fill in the frost arrow quickly. This is for good reason. If you are making sure that you are wearing a red buff most of the time, you do not really need a high level frost arrow until late game. In addition, with your exhaust you will allow you to pick up anyone that can outrun you. If that doesn't cut it, shoot them in the *** with your ultimate and then they really aren't getting away. The hawkshot is far more valuable to the team, as one hawkshot can save your entire team or allow you to ace their team. So keep leveling it and keep shooting it. My recommendation for the spots are dragon, ACROSS blue buff, not on it(so more at the wolf camp behind blue), and the mid bushes once you have the range.

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Early Game

First and foremost, you go bottom. However, you start at mid and hit the enemy champion with your crit arrow. This will help middle immensely. You then walk to bottom through your jungle. By the time you get there your arrow should be back to about 40 percent, just kill the minion's with your w until it up again.

So, everyone is used to an Ashe that is soft and can somewhat easily be pushed out of a lane provided that they don't have a support with them. With the health regen runes that is a little bit harder to do, paired with the minuscule leech from the doran's. Once you get your claws, you will be able to farm pretty much unfettered since you have a chance of just one shotting the minions. In addition, due to the claws, you can easily pick up dragon early if you go either mid or bottom. I recommend bottom with someone who can roam. When you are by yourself, make sure you get all the last hits on this minions.

In addition, you do not want to push down the enemy turret while you are on bottom. I know this doesn't seem like it would be smart, considering that Ashe is great for that. However, you get a chance to push a turret, snag up dragon instead. Once you get your zeal you can solo dragon easily. Dragon's win games more so than taking a turret, since taking the turret impairs the farm of whoever was on the lane.

General philosophy is once you have wriggles, start stealing the enemy blue and taking your red. Tell the jungler he can suck it and take their red. A double buffed ashe with this build is brutal.

Also, at this stage of the game, do not go for kills. The minions are far more important. Wait until mid game to start the killing. Generally you want assists here, as you still get 70% of the gold from the kill, and you can assist across the map with your arrow. However, if someone drastically over extends or does something otherwise ******ed, take advantage of it. Though 20 minions give about the same gold as a champ kill, killing the minion's doesn't deny the xp of the enemy champ.

You should not leave your lane overly much until you are level 13-15. Even then, if you walk past a minion, kill it.

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Mid Game

For mid game it is standard Ashe play. At this point in the game, you do not want to get into 2 v 1's, naturally. You are still squishy. By this point you should have a completed Edge, so you should be putting out a good deal amount of Damage. The phantom dancer will compound this, as you will have a much higher crit and attackspeed. Just hide behind your tanks and you will be fine.

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End Game

Once you have your warmog, then this is when it really gets fun. The Atma's just makes it worse. At this point in the game you should be pushing 3.3 k health or there abouts, and you have a ton of armor as well. This means that if it punches you, you will melt its face. There are still a few champions you need to be wary of however.

Caitlyn - mad crazy damage output can still kill you, provided you don't have summoner's or ulti's.

Karthus - Make sure you are not standing in his AOE

Amumu - Percentage health magic damage

Malzahar - Percentage health magic damage

Mordekaiser - Percentage health magic damage

Singed - don't let him kite you

However, beyond that, I have seen this build 3 v 1 people before. It is brutal, because most people in the thick of it will see Ashe and dive her. That doesn't quite work on this build because you can soak any spell combo aside from Malz, and then come back to rape them. Any physical damage is severely gimped, as well as you having a lot of health to soak what little remains.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you don't have a jungle, then the wriggle's is absolutely essential. The fact that whenever your lane is overpushed you can go snap up golems red or wraiths is lifesaving, as you never need to overextend. In addition, you just pulling off the lane to get these will help the other lanes, since no one will want to get hit by an ashe arrow + gank, so they will become less aggressive if they called the mia.

Only go for the last hits. If you killed 20 minions, you should have shot maybe 21 arrows. If the enemy gets in range, auto-attack them, but don't engage. Once you and the jungle both have claws, dragon should die. Then every time it comes back, kill it. The amount of gold dragon gives your team is a game winner.

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Wriggles and warding

Since you have a wriggles


Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a bunch of people with wriggles, yet no wards on the map. Whenever you have free space, buy some wards too. Famous words, "Wards win Games"