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Morgana Build Guide by Glasshole36

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Glasshole36

Tanky Morgana Support

Glasshole36 Last updated on October 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Morgana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank Very easy to predict or see when he is going for a pull or knockup, so you can just Black Shield yourself or your ADC and have no problems.
Thresh The long cast time on Thresh's Q allows you to safely cast Black Shield on the target and make Thresh useless in lane.
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Hey guys, this is my first guide and it is for my favorite champion. Numerous times I have carried bot lanes and teamfights with this build and strategy, so I hope you enjoy!

I like this build because it gives a good balance between cooldown reduction and tankiness, which allows you to initiate teamfights of kite out single targets. In lane, you can almost always get both flashes from the opposing bottom lane, and usually a kill to go along with it.

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Dark Binding (Q) - Always start Dark Binding with Morgana. At level 1, you can land a Q on the ADC and with a little help from your ADC, they will be at 50% health when the stun is finally over. This snare is incredibly long so take full advantage to autoattack while they are bound. Morganas Q should be maxed first.

Tormented Soil (W) - I usually take W second in order to farm Spellthiefs Edge. Whenever you hit a Q or the other team's ADC and Support are together, use your W to get the gold from Spellthiefs. Morganas W should be maxed second.

Black Shiled (E) - The only time I get this ability second is when the other team has a pull or stun, such as Blitzcrank or Thresh. You should be able to react to the animations in time to cast Morgana's E on the appropriate target while laning.

Soul Shackles (R) - As soon as you hit level 6, you should be looking for a kill. When you land a Q, move in to get on top of the ADC while using your R and E. This allows you to re-snare them if the decide to flash. when the Stun from the ultimate is over, exhaust them the Q them again. In total, they are stun/snared for about 7 seconds, which s plenty of time for a kill with help from your ADC.

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As support, you need gold. Since you have an AoE ability, and you are AP, Spellthiefs Edge is definitely the best item to start. Typically, I also get two cookies (from health pots) and two mana pots, along with the stealth totem.

The first time back, you should get Sightsone and boots, as well as trade out you stealth totem for the sweeper. If you have the extra gold, get a vision ward and a couple pots. If you are having trouble in lane, you should upgrade your Spellthiefs in order to get more gold.

After your first but, you should rush CDR boots and Zhonyas. Zhonyas is one of the best items for Morgana because she can use the active while using her ult. However, you need to position yourself so the target or targets cannot escape while she is invulnerable.

The rest of the items I typically build for her are the tanky AP items.
-Rod of Ages- Great for mana while giving a good AP boost and health.
-Rylai's- Great tanky item. Also allows for an AoE slow when you use Tormented Soil.
-Ruby Sightstone- More health!

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Making Plays

First rule of supporting is to protect your ADC. However, this Morgana build also lets her become a great initiator when it comes to teamfights. If you have the team backing you up, dont be afraid to flash, q, ult, then zhonyas when youre uncomfortable. Even though this build makes you tanky, you can still do quite a bit of damage while you are locking most of the team down.

You can also kite out single targets pretty well. Rylais is a great slow when paired with your W. You can also keep stunning them over and over while they chase you. With a little bit of CDR and health, Morgana can be an unkillable target 1v1.

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As a Morgana main, I just felt like sharing my favorite support build for the champion as well as give some easy strategies. I love this champion because of her insane snare time on her Q and its great to keep a single target stunned for what seems like minutes. I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this build. Good luck!