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Shyvana Build Guide by Impishnight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Impishnight

Tanky Shyv: Enter the Dragon

Impishnight Last updated on January 15, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my second guide for LoL! This is a guide to how I build Shyvana The Half Dragon. It is a regular tank build so much wasn't thought into it besides the reason why... The reason? Its simple Shyvana as a Dragon can cause massive damage and keep enemies back with the buff from transforming, they can easily be used to defend your teammates as well!

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Wait WHAT! Attack Runes on a Tank... You must be kidding me...

No actually I am quite serious, the runes that give you the advantage early game to get kills and to build your long and very expensive build. The best part is the armor penetration and extra strength stays with you so that you as a tank can still go all out like a normal melee dps!

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Facing all AP or all AD? What items do I remove? what do I replace the item

Well that's easy I do this for the following situations seeing that my situations are different for each occurrence!

All AP:
Remove thornmail for the easy going frozen mallet it gives hp and attack damage for you to pop up and say hello to your ap friends slowing them down and allowing your teammates to catch up... Seeing if they aren't already dead that is. :3

All AD:
This is even easier than the last! Replace your force of nature for a wriggles lantern! it gives you life-steal for the hp regeneration you are missing as well as attack power and armor!

~Important~ Even if there is one AP keep the force of nature! always remember that they can get a death fire grasp to ruin your day! not to mention the blow your hp regeneration gets when you remove force of nature!! If there is all a except one though feel free to change that out your dorans with atmas and frozen mallet should make up for it

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Skills, I start with Q right?

This is the most common mistake I have seen other Shyvana's do and it pisses me off! Start with burn out the reward is twice as sweet and lets you deal continuous damage as well as being able to stay right in front of your opponent the whole time! But the the best part is they think they learn your damage when at level 2 you smack them with your armor piercing Twin bite (that is if you follow the rune set) usually taking a good one and a half bars of health from champions early game!

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So How is shyvana a tank? I dont really see the point...

Shyvana when using her ultimate is the perfect tank! She can take nukes from Veigar and still have enough strength to stay in a battle! You can cover your allies as they run by pushing enmies back with your ulti then with your burnout as they run keeping yourself in between your enemy and them leaving a fiery dot behind you! If you notice them coming up twin bite them and continue following you teammate till he is at a point of safety and get your dragon butt into the battle!
Besides people when facing shyvana expect a stronger hit mid game so they will focus the person who is the biggest threat... YOU!
Your Ulti is your friend with it you can fly away from a 5v1 (including over walls), can gain extra defense, push enemies back, and most important deal damage to people in your path!

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This is my second build so if you would please comment!
Comment on opinions, ideas, questions, or things you do not understand! Happy Hunting!