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Taric Build Guide by Bigmaman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bigmaman

taric-support,tank-GO TO THE VICTORY

Bigmaman Last updated on August 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Taric and what he do

Ok now some people think that te way to play is to have the more kill in the game but the real thing is you have to win the game. Taric is there for a support role. You have to lane with a champion that can deal hight damage and that can be dangerous late game. Your job is easy you have to feed your partner.Ask your partner that when you stun someone he have to deal hight damage to it. So he will be alert to your stun and make an advantage for us.Oh and when you heal your partner you heal yourself to ut when you heal just you you double the heal effect on you. And don't use your W for farm ok. Because that give an aura to your partner and you that grow your armor and magic resist so its important to use it just if its necessairy.

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for my Mark I go for magic penetratio so I can do a little bit more damage with my stun and shield.And I don't know what can be use for mark beside magic pen.For my seal I go for flat armor so my early game is very more easy and I can tank more for my partner.Glyph I go flat magic resist for the same resons early game very easy. That can make difference on be killed or assist your partner enought for a kill.For my quint I go for mana regen per lvl. This one can be contested but all the times I hav a big problem with my mana all the it's low and in the moment I need it she's low. So I go for mana regen to solve this problem. But if you think that you can take the blue buff the most of the time dont take that take more flat health or gold per sec.

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for my masteries I go for a 0 713 because in defense I dont care to have 2 percent chance to dodge I just want to take my magic resist armor and 30 second cooldown reduction on my heal. After that I'm a support caster so I go for mana regen movement speed flash buuf duration gold per sec and all of that. Someone can ask that and tanky so I have to go an 0 21 9 but the movement speed in the utility can make the differents beetwen a stun that make a kill or nothing because your stun have not a range of 1000 so you have to be quick for stuning someone.

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other possible items

I can think of other items that can helps.
When or vs a ton players that are AD take Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads and take an early Thornmail take no Abyssal Mask. and finish with a Guardian Angel so your ready to be a succeful support tank.An other item that can be good is a Rod of Ages
that give you mana health and ability power all that is good for you but you have to buy it early because you gain stack every min so you want to have your max stack before the game end.

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My items I start with a regrowth pendant with a mana pot. Because early on my lane I try to take first blood so I use a lot of mana. Try to play carefully when it's need but really aggressive for kill. Because you have to feed your partner.after and early with 2 or three assist I recall and I finish my philosopher stone and take an heart of gold + boots of speed. My second recall is for my kage lucky pick and for finish my mercury treads. than aegis of legion. I take a lot of aura because IM a support and IM there to help my partner (team) to sucefully play. with aura you help it a lot. so my aegis,frozen heart and abyssal scepter are aura and help everyone. My frozen heart is there to stop my problem of mana and to give me a ton of armor.abyssal scepter and rylai is there for give me a little bit of abillity power + health and magic resist. And my last items is a banshee veil. Can stop one spell every minute and give mana health and magic resist

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence are variable a lot.My first skill is all the time my E(stun) for the first blood every time my second are my q for my health but after that sometime if we work well I place most of my skill in my E and a little bit in my W and just one in my q because we harras a LOT.but if it's work bad or normal I take one or two in my E and stack in my W and a little bit in my Q. But me most of the time I harras a lot so I take a bunch of my skill in my E.YOur ultimate is really good for destroy turret and heal yourself and its good in team fight.but Its really mana hungry,when your pushing and your aat the turret spam your ulti and destroy the turret but you have to stop it before that you can't cast an other spell like a stun for saving the life of you and your team mates.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spell are clairvoyance and flash that I love a lot with taric because my clairvoyance can be use in many situation it can prevents a gank know if the team is doing the baron or to check the jugler and flash... flash is just flash I love it and I take it in every of my champion. exhaust but not ignite because your not there to take kill but to help your partner to take it.teleprt can be viable.ghost to if you dislike flash.cleanse I tink it's not really good because you just have to buy an quicksilver sash and every thing is good.Quicksilver sash is the same thing of cleanse but he clear every thing on you and give you like 50 magic.

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Team Work

ok for the team work you have to help your partner a lot but with your stun don't be afraid to go gank mid. But before push your lane very hardly to have the time to go gank take an assist and return to your lane for protect your turret. An other thing that I have to talk about. It's not because your a support tank that your invincible ok so don't take all damage switch with your partner take damage go away a little bit and return in like that you can kill a bunch of people.they run to kill you and during this time your partner atta ck it when the ennemies start to attack your firend return attack it during your partner go away stun it and take the kill that you can make your ennemie piss of. talk with your team call allof your mia and ask your team to call all of mia. take dragon and baron all the time you can. lvl 13 or something like that if all go well take the baron that can make a HUGE different. use your stun to save he *** of people and to give a kill for your team. Something you can do is if you see someone in difficulty run to it ask it to go in your direction when he appear stun the dangerous ennemie heal your partner if its needed use your summoner spell to. and attack the other guy and when your partner is safe return to your sheep. but be bright if they are four on the guys don't go die with it. in team fight heal people every time you can don't use your W becuse his aura is needed.stun people that is going to go away.but back if it's need if you know that your coming to looses the team fight ask your team to back and be in team gank gank gank and kill turret it«,s like that we win it'S with team work help your team mates talk with it and the game is win. Ask your team to help you to have the blue buff because with it you can cast your ulti and all your spell all the time and not be mana hungry.

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role of a support

When your a support you have to buy some items that the carry don't. Because other player have to spent their money in thing that can make their stronger. But some items like ward or oracle elixir( with that all your team can see stealth champion and ward that can be a great thing vs twitch,shaco evelyn etc.) It's you that have to buy that. ward can be nice for prevent a gank like you put a ward in the bush that every people go for gank. When you see the champion in the bush go away and you had been save you life and the life of your partner.

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OK the farming. At the begging when you have just your beggining items don't farm let your team mate take all minions kill to have a good start you focus on the good moment to stun your ennemies. DONT FARM WITH YOUR W because that can kill you and your partner and check your mana bar don't use your heal all the time and have no mana to stun someone that can be a kill for you and your team mate.

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thank you for reading my guide of taric. I know that I have no picture but I don't knnow how to post it but I will try to post some picture and plzz comment criticism is very good for helping us to grow our guide and vote. I hope you enjoy my guide and make you a better player.;)