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League of Legends Build Guide Author Girashi

Teemo and the Mushroom Forest

Girashi Last updated on January 18, 2011
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This my Teemo build for creating hundreds of happy mushrooms that means death for the other team. This build is all about area control utilizing mushrooms. Teemo will have high cooldown and attack speed for spreading his poison and planting mushrooms. You will still be an impressive ganker but also have the ability to use Teemo's mushrooms with tactful control that will result and much death. Teemo will be able to make his presenter felt all over the map. I will outline strategy and simple but effective mushroom placement, and how to handle different scenarios that will play out and how to use this build to address them. You will be the tactician, the look out, and the assassin.

What this build offers:
High AP and Magic Pen for strong blind and deadly poison and mushrooms.
High Cooldown reduction for building mushrooms
High ATK SPD for spreading poison and melting Heroes
High Mobility for getting around and setting up
A high lvl of strategic play
A lot of fun

Early Game:
Grab a Dagger and a Pot. Early game is your most important so play smart. You start by investing you first lvl into poison will allow you to control the creep line by spreading you poison to each of them. Your poison is also a great harassing tool along with blind. You can easily get first blood or at least an early kill with these two skills. Most players underestimate Teemo's poison and retreat far too late.

You want to get you Malandy as soon as possible. It is relatively inexpensive and depending on how you are doing in your lane you should get the funds for it quickly. Grab your boots (could substitute Mobility) if you have enough at this time as well. But since we have Teleport and Quick Move this takes second priority to Malanday. Now work on Nashor's. This is will make Teemo even deadlier, both with physical attacks and poison. Creeps and most heros will melt with this.


You should have Nashor's at this point and be working on Rylai's and depending how well you did early game you could possible just grab this up. At this point of the game we want to shut down the other team. We will gank and team fight and melt creep lines with poison distribution keeping pressure on the other team forcing them to address the huge creep lines you can amass with Teemo. You will be an opportunist, do be running around trying to lay waste to all the heroes. Be patient and build mushroom traps and wards. Experiment and analyze the other team, know who you can take down by yourself and who you can take down only with the aide of your team.

End Game:
By now you should have the Viod Staff and possibly your Rabadon's if not grab the Needlessly Large Rod. Now you can farm, harass and kill. Void staff is nessesary for making your mushrooms pop and do the most damage they can by having the oppositions MR gimped. Rabadon's is to add that end game punch to your poison, mushrooms and blind. If the game is lasting a long time your can switch out the Malandy.

    If the enemies are stacking MR grab another Void Staff.

    If your blind, poison, and mushrooms need a bit more killing power grab another Rabadon's for max ap.

    If your team needs to push hard and just not getting it done grab a Hextech Gunblade for some staying power during the push.

You are the tactician. Early, Mid, and End Game.

Your Tactics:

You will support your team in either pushing or defending lanes. And with this your mushrooms are key.

Early game you are amazing at laning. Mid is preferred so you can farm and feed like a fat kid at a buffet. But really you can do well in any lane if you spread poison to the creep waves and set up mushrooms in ways that will allow you to hold the lane almost indefinitely.

Mushroom Placement ABC's:
.....X.....X...X [T]

A. is your creep shroom. You stand behind this and fire. If the creeps make it this far they will melt when they it. If the opposing hero stays back at this point just clear the remain creeps quickly and replace this mushroom. a is located about 2/3 of the distance between your tower and theirs.

B. is your net. Early game it is unlikely that someone will try to gank you but b is a precaution. The top and bottom mushrooms are to catch any such attempt. The middle mushroom act as either another creep shroom or if your opponent advance you move here. If they get hit by this is and even a. if they were overly aggressive this should force them to retreat if you haven't already made them into a blind, poison oozing pin cushion.

C. is pain. It is a 2x3 death trap. You want to snare the other Heroes in this. Most will charge the tower along with their creep line. The creeps will melt and the Hero will be slowed and you and your tower will happily place them in the grave.

It will not always be possible to keep this mushroom formation up. Early game if you are pushing the creep lines by spreading poison to the whole enemy line, setting up this defense should be easy enough. All you have to do is remain passive for the most part toward the other Hero. Definitely take a kill opportunity if you see it, otherwise you're there to farm the creeps while you mushrooms compile then plant while your lane adversary is dealing with your creep wave. Once done however, harass them, make them mad, then lead them to their death or force them to blue pill.

Now each time your opponent pops a shroom vary the placement of the next one you set to replace it slightly, whether it is forward, back, up or down. This way if they think they know where you placed it and approach differently they'll be surprised and probably dead. Also stagger your mushrooms a bit. Don't be obsessive compulsive and line them up exactly. Your more likely to get a hit if you stagger just enough that you cover the whole area.

Lane Pushes:

If your teammate are pushing the enemy up back to their base. Turn on your Move Quick and run ahead (this is were grabbing boots of mobility might come more in handy) and prepare a mushroom ambush on the enemies most likely path, though avoid the direct middle or creeps will pop the shrooms, then meet back up with your team in the push or lay in wait if you know for certain that the enemy will get there. If all goes well and you've done your job, but covering all their most likely escape routes with a mushroom. Your team will obliterate them.

The same is true for if and enemy team is pushing down your lane. Run ahead and prepare a mushroom ambush. In this scenario I believe it would be better to lay in wait for them and along with a surprising mushroom, they get a little badger tearing their faces off.

Another thought on that is if you do join your team be sure to enter the fight in a different direction than where your mushrooms are located, the enemy team will be less likely to suspect they are being led into a mushroom ambush if they see you, let say come out of the jungle than if you come running up directly behind your teammates.

Mushroom Mapping:

Everyone who plays Teemo knows that the mushrooms are a great utility. Use them in the jungles as wards, and placing them in all entrances and exits to the jungle is river is also a great way to pick up easy kills. Placing them next to jungle creeps is also very advisable. As you find spare moments place a mushroom on the map. A good way to get this done is when you're going to a specific location and have your 3 mushrooms, rather than just running there with full pockets, drop a mushroom in some brush near by. This mushroom will help you see if someone goes by and perhaps it will even pop and earn you a kill. So be sure to never just sit on 3 mushrooms, drop them constantly, there is never a reason not to. If you decided to spend your time doing this by the end of the game you could have the entire map covered in mushrooms here and there and know where everybody is.

The Jungle:

It is yours. Fill it with your mushrooms. Farm the neutral creeps. Make anyone enemies who venture into it pay. You have high mobility, and will be on team support and ganking duty, so you will be traveling through the jungles a lot. As stated above take advantage of this and drop mushrooms as you go. Enemies will tred carefully and hesitate to follow you in or even go in if they know you're there... which if you play right they shouldn't. Ultimately use it them to your advantage.

Turret and Base Defense:
I have turned around losing games concentrating solely on base defense. This is where if mushrooms can shine. Use the ABC's technique above or a close approximation. Focus first on where your base is hurt the worst. Be sure to stagger mushrooms. Creeps will possibly be flying in led by a pusher. You don't want them to take out all of you mushrooms at once so use your space wisely. The best way to handle this is just with your auto and poison but if the group is to large run up and plop a mushroom in the middle of them to end it quickly.

You will want to concentrate on maintaining and building a defensive barrier of mushrooms so try to deal with a creep waves on your own before it hits any of already placed shrooms. Essentially you are going to be building a mushroom forest. If Heroes or creeps get in... they will not get out. That being said be sure to cover any areas the enemy could retreat. Also don't go chasing Heroes around, get a kill if you can but your job is build a forest of mushrooms.

This tactic not only as stated above helped win the game, but it also netted me kills and assists.

This is a build and strategy for someone who likes to plan and have their plans succeed. Use your mushrooms, the map, turrets, brush... everything to your advantage. Teemo is great at just flat out melting a Hero but when used a tactical support character he is twice as potent. You can help lead a team to victory offensively and defensively. Or if you're on a bad team, really tick off your opposition.

***more to come***