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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Girashi

Spreading the Curse and Making Friends!

Girashi Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Trundle... What can I say? I like him. He is fun to play. He is a win. Unless you just woke up and are sitting at the computer in your boxers scratching my bum... 1v5ing... realizing you really need coffee and your team hates me for feeding out opposition... But if that isn't you, then Trundle is a win.

Something I find interesting and pretty helpful when playing is that Trundle is underestimated by pretty much everybody... Then it is your job to learn them good. Umm hmm. Many champs will run up thinking they can take you out only to get bitten and suffer from agony, they are now doing less damage and taking more. The poor fool is continually smacked in the face with a big fiery stick, death become eminent and finally they get the sense to run. However a giant pillar erupts in front of them, the earth beneath them becomes contaminated and now too late. Trudle is move and hitting about 1000000x faster, or at least fast enough to get the kill. Lesson learned.

Overall this guide will explain how to do the above with all the style and beauty that belongs to Trundle. What I think makes Trundle unique is his flexibility. He can jungle, gank, dps, and if needed be a tank... Even if that isn't your goal you'll want to prepare for that hate of the other team and build some defense. Trundle can be built in different ways and in my experience playing him I have assemble a few different item builds, as well as alternate choices, and also the masteries and runes that works for me and what I like from Trundle. Hopefully as you use this guide you'll take some ideas away and make you're own Trundle that suits you as he can be built in a number of ways.

~ On thing I do ask is if you do rate and comment do so constructively. Don't be a turdbuger just because you use slightly different items or play the champ just a bit different.

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Pros and Cons

- High and Consistent Damage
- Survivability
- Jungle King
- Chase and Escape
- Unique Skills
- Flexible - Different items will make a considerably different Trundle.
- Underestimated
- Beautiful

- Early game can be challenging.
- Item Dependent - You NEED gold!
- Has a big ol' target on his face. (People will target you, especially if you excel at killing them)
- Other champs will be jealous of Trundle's beauty! Vanity is a sad thing...

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Decompose - Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for a percentage of their maximum health.

He heals 2/3/4/5/6% (at lvl:1/5/9/12/15) of the enemies maximum health.

~ What this passive means for you is survivability. Minions, neutrals, and hero dying heals you.

~ Jungling made far easier and past your first few levels will allow you to ditch potions when using the Rabid Bite / Contaminate combo.

~ Lane for longer. You won't heal a huge amount but for every minion death you'll get a little green and can keep plugging away.

~ Tower Diving is cake. Of course early game not so much. However mid and late game you can chase a fleeing enemy with ease, bite them, and smack um with you big stick, and heal all that damage back from their death.

Rabid Bite - Trundle bites his opponent, dealing damage and sapping some of their attack damage.

Cooldown: 4 seconds
Cost: Cost: 40 Mana
Physical Damage: Physical Damage: 30/45/60/75/90 (+0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2 per Attack Damage)
Bonus Attack Damage: 20/25/30/35/40

~ Max this out first. This is a very useful ability. Which is understating it. This is what kills. It resets your auto attack. Meaning that as soon as your club makes first contact hit Q. So it is an auto hit, Q, and then powered up auto, all at once. This is amazing for jungling and is the way to get maximum damage with Trundle.

~ It is more so situational for fights. If you up against a AP Champ lead with the Auto/Q/SuperAuto. On the other hand if you're against a AD champ lead with Q if you know you'll get the first hit in. This will lower their AD and boost yours going into this fight, and that little bit could make a huge difference. If you know they will likely hit you first or you know you'll easily be able to out damage them, then go with the norm, Auto/Q/SuperAuto.

~ Rabid Bite is your can of spam, open it and feed it to your opposition with your big spiky club. Its cool down will finish before the buff wears off so you next bite even harder. *sigh* If only it stacked... but still it is pretty amazing. It will squish squishies and really only gimp tanks and melees... Unless you of course use the Armor Pen as I recommend *cough* *cough*, then they too will melt into a puddle of butter.

- Trundle infects a target location with his curse, gaining attack speed, movement speed, and crowd control reduction while on it.

Duration: 8 seconds
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Cost: 60 Mana
Movement Speed: 20/25/30/35/40%
Atk Speed: 20/30/40/50/60%
CC Reduction: 20/25/30/35/40%

~ Grab this at lvl 2. If I were going to choose a second ability to max after Rabid Bite it would be this. It has great utility, it has a huge aoe, adds crazy damage with atk speed, great CC evasion, and when enemies see this circle of happiness appear they will often run. Let me explain why.

~ 8 seconds of pain. Increased attack speed which scales significantly at each lvl. Take a bite out an enemy and watch the health pools drop as you wallop enemies and minions unfortunately in the bounds of your happy circle. One of my favorite ways to use it is to bring down towers in seconds. Bite a minion, or Champ if tower is low, for increased damage an bat away at the thing.

~ 8 seconds of movement speed. You can be everywhere in your circle. Guard your teammates. Block an incoming CC spell. Run past a tank to get to a squishy. Chase down a fleeing enemy. Tower Dive . And yes, Trundle does sometimes need a quick get away and this is your ticket. Really whatever you want to accomplish in those 8 seconds you can do with this.

~ 8 seconds of can't touch this. If the above wasn't enough the CC reduction on this ability is insane. Exhaust... is nothing. Morgana... is nothing. Ashe is yes... nothing. If you get Mercury's Treads you can't be stopped. Feel free to take the CC spells in the face and then shrug it off.

~ I take utility tree mainly for this ability. 15 cooldown is a long time to wait. 7 seconds is just to long too to wait after the circle poofs away, for me at least... I like this ability a lot. I use it continuously in fights and when it is over and I'm waiting for it to finish the cooldown I'm not a happy camper. It has snagged me kills, towers and saved my life countless times. I know it might seem eccentric but this is my Trundle build... not yours. Use what you like throw out what you don't.

Pillar of Filth[/u] - Trundle creates a plagued beacon at a target location, which becomes impassable terrain and slows all nearby enemy units.

Cooldown: 23/20/17/14/11 seconds
Cost: 60 Mana
Slow: 25/30/35/40/45%

~This ability is a fun one. And to will take a bit of practice to use. As a rough estimate of the casting area for this ability I divide in to thirds. The outer 1/3 is were the glowing slowing stuff is, and the inner 2/3 is the pillar, which is the impassable part. How you place this will determine what effect it will have. I'll talk a bit about this later.

~ To be honest I don't use it with a lot of finesse as some people might. Sure I do get some amazing placements now and then. And so far I have yet to aid in a teammates death with this. Yay, for not killing your team! In fact, I have saved many teammates as well as myself using this. What is great like all of Trundle's abilities is how much it scales each lvl. At 5 with 45% reduced speed the pillar is just mean. Trundle can move like a fat kid chasing an icecream truck, and now he can throw out a road spike and get the goodies.

~ Placement is key:

~If an enemy is near the edge of impassable terrain, some trees for instance, place the pillar's inner 2/3 against the trees just ahead of your target and they will be trapped and have to move around the pillar in order to keep going. And yeah they'll be killed. They will be moving too slowly to get all the way around it and forward again.

~ You can also the smaller jungle paths with this which is useful to block the enemy team from escaping or advancing.

~ In team fights you have a few options. You can use the pillar as a mass slow on the whole team. You can use it to separate a member or two from the rest of their team. And us it to separate a dps from one of your teammates. To do this place the pillar directly between the enemy and your teammate and as it spawns it will push them apart. This can also be used in helping teammates escape.

~ I mainly use this to get the kill or help a teammate get one, I'm not stingy. For some people like to run from me after I put a whooping on them... Well I wasn't done with them so I put this bad boy in their path. Trapping if possible of course, throw down Contaminate between me and them, more so on their side and rush in for the kill as they are helpless to get away.

Agony - Trundle immediately steals his target's health and a percentage of their armor and magic resistance. Over the next 6 seconds the amount of health, armor, and magic resistance stolen is doubled.

Cost: 75 Mana
Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds
Health Stolen (Magic Damage): 100/175/250 (+0.6 per Ability Power)
Armor & Magic Resist: 15/20/25%

~ This is the cherry on top of Trundle. What is better then crippling your enemy and buffing yourself... Wait don't we already do that? Yes! Now we just add more! You steal a portion of health, armor, and magic resist from you target and give it to yourself. Over the next 6 seconds it doubles, which will be when your enemy will be spamming their big hitters so in using this Trundle will mitigate most of the damage... Of course how much you take will depend on the target.

~ Tanks: Great targets for you ult. Who else stacks a surplus of all these stats? Who else will suffer the most from losing 25% of their health, armor, and magic resist? Who will give Trundle the most return for using Agony? They'll still have armor, magic resist and a load of hp but that is what the rest of your items are for.

~ Melee DPS: Most build slight tankiness in order to survive the front lines so when you strip away that little bit of armor and magic resist they have, then penetrate it with the rest of your items, they are now classified as "squishy" to Trundle.

~ Squishies: They are always squishy and likely are build with AP or AD and not much of three stats you steal. A great way to use this on them is when they are fleeing with just a hit or so left. Agony is ranged and will do the job to get that last bit of damage needed to pop those balloons full of $ and exp! This tactic can be used on anyone of course, don't reserve this punishment only for the squishies.

~ Team battle target for this spell. Tank > Melee DPS > Squishy. That isn't to say this is your primary target, though it usually is, but ultimately use this to give yourself the best advantage in a fight. Also always cast in 1vs1 battles, unless you think it is absolutely unnecessary and at times you know you can just go pop your poor victim without it.

Other Thoughts & Advice:

~ I like to grab each skill. Bite at 1, Contaminate at 2, and Pillar at 3. Then recommend maxing Bite. This is so I can have maximum control possible with Trundle out of the gates.

~ After Rabid Bite is maxed I alternate between Contaminate and Pillar. In this way they are both useful and one isn't gimped until the end of the game. Also if I'm alternating the enemy won't know what to expect. This is mainly the case with pillar.

~ If you hit them with lvl 1 and keep it at lvl 1 until you finally have to lvl it late game, the enemy your fighting will come to expect it, know how much they will be slowed and how to compensate for it. However if I bring a lvl 2 pillar to the fight a few levels later you can throw them off and catch them off guard. Now perhaps I give the enemy too much credit, and sometimes I do, but I know I pay attention to these things and try to anticipate and compensate for my enemies abilities and I prefer to play a bit more defensively if it will keep me alive and score more kills. Anywho... just a thought.

~ Use Bite. Use it again. And again. Don't wait for your buff to wear off. Hit hard. Hit often. This is Trundle's main source of damage. And with AD, Atk Speed and Magic Pen items it will be tearing the enemies apart.

~ Contaminate can be used as a scare tactic. After you beat the tar out of your lane opponents a few times when they see this they will back off. Stay in the brush. Use it as a feint. They will likely think you pulled out if you didn't engage them after throwing your ability down. Then pillar behind them when they over extend, then contaminate, agony and bite.

~ Play with Trundle's abilities. Experiment. Find out if you like pillar or contaminate better. Or if you like them both. Do you want to lvl both or max out one? Do you need more atk speed? Is you current lvl of pillar adequate for your needs or are they getting away?

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Item Build 1 - The All Around

The general gist of my item choices is to get Trudle's attacks to hit hard and to give him some survivability as he will become a target.

Build 1

Wriggle's Lantern - This is our first item. It is realativly inexpensive and will not only make jungling a piece of cake but it stats will also aid Trundle greatly through out the game until we replace it at the end if we need to. Armor, AD, and Lifesteal for a reasonable price. And on top of all of that it can pop out a ward every three minutes. Get it. No arguments.

Mercury's Treads- These boots will make Trundle an unstoppable force along with Contaminate. The stacked CC reduction will allow you to shrug off exhaust, Morgana, and Ashe with ease. Now if you're against a team that doesn't have a lot of CC I would recommend Berserker's Greaves. Atk Speed on Trundle is always welcome. Heck if you think the CC reduc from Contaminate is good enough for you go ahead and grab Berserker's instead.

~ These next 3 weapon items can be gotten in any order you like. But this is my recommended purchasing path.

Last Whisper
- Another cheap item. 40 AD and 40% Armor Pen. It is just snazzy for Trundle. This will make his bite hit like a bus. Enough said.

Frozen Mallet
- AD and a good chunk of HP. A very nice item for Trundle. The slow it adds to your attacks will make if far easier to take down enemy champs and save you a pillar or two. However if you want to be rutheless go ahead and throw up a pillar and laugh manically as they try to get away. BUAhahahaha!

The Black Cleaver
- Some extra atk speed to add to your Contaminate is quite nice and the AD and Armor Pen is even better. You should be able to keep the 3 stacks up with ease.

Force of Nature - I like this on Trundle. Magic Resist, movement speed, and best hp regen you can get. This will put him at about 100 HP/5 seconds. So you heal to max in about 30 if you just stood doing nothing. Which you won't so this plus health from kills will keep your HP up as long as your not acting like Rambo and 1vs5ing.

~ Replacing Wriggle's Lantern. If the game has gone on fooooreeeevvvver... And you have money burning a hole in you pocket here are some suggestions to replace Wriggle's with as you doubtless really are using it anymore.

These next items are ones that you can choose replace Wriggle's. Also many of these are items you could replace others based on the situation or your play style.


- Do you need some Armor? Well it depends on the team your fighting against. Plus I'm a bit vindictive... By now your at about 10/0-3/10 and the melees will likely try to hit you first. Well now they will suffer 30% of there attack back. That is just fun.

Warmog's Armor
- Overkill... Yes! It give a huge amount of HP and a good amount of HP Regen. You might not get all 15 stacks... and really do you need to? Just the base stats alone along with Force of Nature will make you nearly impossible to kill.


The Bloodthirster
- This is great replacement and my usual alternative. You get increased AD and the Life Steal which is great too. You could easily fill it too at this point in the game. Also if you wanted to get this item you could grab it earlier in your item build as well.

Atma's Impaler
- Another good item for Trundle but IMO only if you decide to get Warmonger's instead of Force of Nature. You won't get as much AD with this as with the Bloodthirster otherwise. Once again you may find you like Trundle better with that set up. That is what makes him such an interesting champ. You can adjust him for your current needs in battle.

Infinity Edge - This is expensive. Though it does give a large chunk of AD and now you have a decent crit chance. Just a suggestion if that sounds appealing to you.

Phantom Dancer - If you want more Atk Speed and Crit on your Trundle grab this. Plus it come with movement speed which is also a plus.

Madred's Bloodrazor - AD, Atk Speed, and a bit of Armor. Pretty good. Plus the extra damage based on the targets life percentage. You'll be able to take down juicy tanks at a good speed with this.

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Item Build 2 - Playing With Snowballs

This build is about offensive snowballing. I made this in light of my thoughts I wrote at the end of the guide. This build is one which snowballs quickly or melts, though only if you die a lot. Which really is only going to happen if your teammates were kind enough to feed the enemies. Which does happen no matter what build you use. Just don't be that guy. :P

We once again start with Wriggle's Lantern that first bit of defense does make a difference. If you don't have the Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions to start off, killing the 2 golems is tough and staying power will be limited since autos will hit you a bit harder. Plus you'll want this because even though you are switching to more of an offensive item set. If you want to get rid of it wait until selling will allow you to buy The Black Cleaver.

Mercury's Treads- Same as above.

Leviathan - Snowball items... Some days I love them... some days I weep for hours in my failure. (Mainly because the other team got fed so bad I get his item and I'm all happy then I'm suddenly two shotted by an over fed Tryndamere.) Anyway if you get the stack quickly you'll have a large enough HP to win the fights and get your stacks full.

Sword of the Occult - Our second snow ball. If you have laned and jungled well enough and can pick this up along side of the Leviathan at the same time. Go for it. You could pass over your boots for the time being especially if at this point you have some great opportunities to gank, get a kill or at least an assist. The sooner the ball starts rolling the better. Heck if you've done exceedingly well at gimping your lane opponent then you can grab these two before Wriggle's or just bypass it all together if your filling the stacks at a good rate and don't think you need it.

The Black Cleaver - Pretty much the same as above not a lot more to say only, I choose this over Last Whisper because of the atk speed. You could swap the two however if you feel it will serve your purposes better. A case being your against a very tanky team.

The Bloodthirster - This is our survivability item. Great damage. Great life steal. And anything you kill makes those two stats stronger. A quick fill for Trundle.

Phantom Dancer - I take this to make the life still hit more often. Now Trundle will crit with a fairly decent chance. And mainly I like the movement speed since we didn't take to slow our enemies down. Now we just have to out run them. :)


If you need armor read above. Also consider Guardian Angel as team fights don't always go the way you want and with it you should be able to preserver you stacks.

For an alternative weapon I recommend Sword of the Divine. 5% more attack speed is cool, and meshes with our The Bloodthirster and the life steal of course, but... What makes this item brutal is it's activated ability. 8 seconds of unavoidable damage and another 30 armor pen, this will destroy the strongest tank and most heavily stacked dodge champ. If you're having trouble taking down a certain champ in your match. This is the item you want.

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Item Build 3 - WOW!!!

This has become one of my favorite builds. I find it very fun espcially if you mainly jungled and only harrassed and killed the enemy team here and there. At around lvl 15 you'll explode and unleash crazy amounts of damage. Just try to make sure you're getting the jump on the enemy not just running straight at them like a dumby... I think this item build comes from my continual playtime with Trundle. And what I think I've come to want when I play him and something that can really make this champ a real heavyweight. I like it.

~ I play as an ambush champ, popping out after coming to a full heal on neutral mobs. Don't attack with a gimped life bar, the enemy will target you as a weaker target. You want to make sure you in their faces smacking them and healing yourself before they start attacking you.

As always I start with Wriggle's Lantern. I just like it for amount of gold that can be earned with it proc. Plus with this build the life steal and ad recharge Trundle even more.

Next I choose Berserker's Greaves. I choose this because I think it benefits this build better early on. It will feed our life steal and allow for Trundle to jungle much harder and last in skirmishes. Later though if the enemy has heavy CC replace with Merc Treads of course.

Now here is where we diverge from the other builds. We grab The Bloodthirster early on. With your money get the scepter first for the lifesteal to continue farming the neutrals and minions with no downtime.

Next is Last Whisper. I get this because it is cheap and you can now get your build up AD through and maximize you health regen from life steal.

~ The tanks and melees who you had to duke it out with before will now take notice as you're hitting them for big damage

This is were it get real fun. Phantom Dancer... By now you you've creamed a their the other team several times since you've gotten Last Whisper, now there will be nothing left of them. The move speed will out pace any runners, the atk speed will allow you to wallop away as you chase them, and quite possibly you didn't have to do either the above with the crit chance as they die before they knew what hit them.

~ Here is where the enemy thinks, "Did he just crit me and take 1/3 of my life away? I'd better run...?" Dead. This is if they even noticed the crit over the number it times you just smacked them with your club, hitting them for about 3-400 each time. Meanwhile, your health is staying near maximum.

Now we armor up. Guardian Angel is my choice. It gives the revive every five, and its def buffs are good too. Of course choose the armor you need for the threat you face. But likely you'll need armor because you'll be a target now. You may even need to armor up sooner in some cases depending on how the enemy prioritizes. My recommendation is that you let someone else be the fight initiator and jump in when you feel the time is right.

It is possible to with some safely 1vs2 with this build at this point. But I caution against it. Most teams will rush to the aide of their allies especially if they know that Trundle will drop their allies like flies unless he is overwhelmed by enough damage with this build as you will constantly be healing big numbers with lifesteal, AD and Atk Speed.

Now this is where you shutdown the other team entirely... A second Phantom Dancer. Sell you Wriggle's for this if you haven't yet for other items. It shouldn't be hard to afford since you're dropping their champs like nothing. This will make you move... There will be no escape for you enemies and you can get out of any unfavorable fights with ease. You will crit a lot, at it will hurt. 4-600ish per hit (crits included) depending on armor, and even higher after a bite. And how fast will you be hitting these poor fools? Well you'll have +135% from items(if you keep berserker') +60 from Contaminate = 195% increase to attack speed... And you can reset your auto with Bite... Though I don't think you'll be able to time it at this point... Also if you're finding that you don't need armor, grab this instead of Guardian.

~ If the game gets this far... Just enjoy racking up more kills and assists because quite frankly your damage output with a second phantom dancer is ridiculous. You probably won't get this far into any game.

Now it is possible that you have some good tanks. If you can get away with it grab you can grab more AD with another The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver for great Armor pen, more damage, and atk speed or even consider Sword of the Divine for its crazy atk speed but really for its active, 8 seconds of unavoidable damage plus 30 armor pen, with Trundle hitting about 2-4 times/second with how fast you're moving you could finish a whole team fight yourself if you have meat shield.

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Final Thoughts on Trundle Builds

My biggest thing is about making sure you leave room for Armor Pen because Trundle needs it. You will be stacking AD and it needs to get through somehow. Whether you devote items to it or Runes. Just make sure you have enough.

Trundle's passive is not enough to keep him on his feet. You need to build another way for him to survive as well. I like lifesteal (this can be coupled with high AD and Atk Speed for great results). You could however focus on HP regen, just get enough of it. Or do a combo if you find that suits you better.

Don't spread yourself too thin. When building an item set focus it on an area of Trundle that you want to exploit for you advantage. There are core elements you want with different aspects to each one. Gold Accumulation (Kills, Farm, Jungle), Survival (HP Pool, Regen, HP Steal) + (Armor and Magic Res as needed),
Damage(AD, Atk Speed, Crit, Penitration). What is great is that many items fill a few if not several of these aspects at once. Look for interesting combination that will surprise your enemies.

Overall try different set ups, look around at other guides as well. Ultimately have fun you can combine items in interesting ways to make Trundle get the job done.

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Runes and Masteries

My mastery selection and runes have changed, and may likely change again. My current mastery choice leans more toward offense. I am finding it more useful than my previous use of the utility tree. My runes are simple, Armor Pen and HP. I get get flat HP since I use this small boost to help in the early lvls. I feel I am getting more bang for my buck and can focus my item builds more as I cover some areas with a combination of the mastery and runes I would otherwise have to dedicate an item for.

~ Just know that Trundle can benefit from each different tree and a combination of different masteries and runes. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, people should take Defense for more survivability, Offense to make Trundle's club hit a bit harder, or the higher Utility for a bit of CD reduction and movement speed, all are outstanding on Trundle. Trundle is very flexible and you might like playing him with a different mastery set up.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - Just take it. You will use it. This is what you need to jungle early and get quick gold throughout the game. Use it to kill and steal blue and red buff, farm cannon minions, and speed up your jungling and lane pushes.

- I just like this spell. It is great for getting kills, maybe even first blood. Early on you bite hits pretty hard. Pop this run in and get the kill. It is great for map presence, after ganking on lane you fly over to the other lane at breakneck speed and get another kill before they knew what hit them. Great utility spell. Chase or Run. I like it. I use it.

- I'd take this if I wasn't going to get the Frozen Mallet. This will pin your enemy in place along with pillar and lets you tenderize them with your pointy club.

Those would be my recommended spells but whichever ones you prefer you can mix them into you own Trundle play style.

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How to Use Trundle's Pointy Stick

Early Game - This is challenging when playing Trundle. You have yet to stack AD and Armor Pen, and while you'll get contaminate even before first blood is out you need to be a careful opportunist. I tend to play it safe until about 6. Though I can sometime get 1-4 kills before that depending how well I time my assaults.

Anywho... Start with Cloth Armor, 5x Health Potion, and Rabid Bite. Go to the two mini golems and kill them. Auto,Q,Auto then Potion, and use smite. This will give you lvl 2. Grab Contaminate. Now at this point I pop another potion if I need to and coordinate a kill with the other player in the lane I'm next to. Soon you'll be lvl 3 and you get your pillar. At this point if you haven't yet you should be able to get a kill in your lane. Let them push up a bit and when they over extend initiate your attack, put your pillar behind them as soon as they retreat. Throw down contaminate and use ghost if you want to. You should easily take down your enemy.

~ Doing this I am able to get to lvl 5-6 while my opponents are still only lvls 1 or 2 even.

Your goal is to get gold. Always go and kill the 2 Golems and the Ghosts when you get the opportunity. When you get enough go get you Wriggles and some boots. You can now jungle at you leisure, the neutral mobs will crumble, killing the dragon will be cake. If laning is not getting you the gold, focus more on jungling. You should always be looking for an opportuity to gank. Kills and Assists will come easy if you get your timing down. Know your limits as well. Don't be the the feeding trough. No one likes that guy. :P

Mid Game
- Now your starting to become a killing machine. Your jungling is an in between ganking activity used to heal yourself back up and get even more gold. Try to keep the blue buff on from here on out. If your opponents aren't posing much of of threat focus toward your AD. On the other hand you will have made more than a few of opposition mad and they will be looking to take you down. Just be careful. If they are becoming troublesome focus on getting HP,Magic Resist, and Armor if you need it.

~ If you are careful and look for your opportunities to get the kill mid game will be a feast leading you into end game where you will be unstoppable.

End Game - You should have at least 4 of your items if not all of them. If not... don't worry. Sometimes you'll be a heavy focus target of the other team and you might not have compiled your gold the way you might like, whether enemies keep getting away or you get ganged up on and squashed with no mercy. Just run around the jungle in between fights to fill you pocket up a bit more quickly. Most of all don't get frustrated and more importantly don't become over confident. If you start playing sloppy thinking you are the bee's knees, and no one can take you down... That one time when you over extend their team will descend upon you like a mob of rabid carnivorous squirrels.

You can be one of the main pushers. No one will dare take you on solo and some won't even 2v1 you because you can take them out. As the enemy engages your team in the lanes your team should be able to pick up at least a kill or two if you play your abilities right. Time your pillar. Use it to snag and enemy and separate them from the rest of their team. This poor trapped guy is not yours, unless you absolutely need to take them out. I say this because most of the time a team member or two will turn around to help their trapped teammate. Throw down contaminate and go after them. Frozen Mallet or your crazy movement speed will come in handy keeping them from getting away. After you get this kill if there is still a chance, pop Ghost, and go after any still nearby squishies or other low health champs.

~ Trundle is great at aiding in team wipes

End game is fun. If you played well and have your item build, you will be a beast. With the stacked AD, Armor Pen, Atk Speed, and other stats you will be a formidable champ that can take down any in your way. Your team fight capabilities will break the other team. You can gimp there tanks and trap their squishies. Just make sure you let your tanks initiate and then jump in. Though sometimes that will be you if your with a bunch of casters but then they should be able the job done. Also keep and out out. If you find that one or two off their member are just the right distance from the rest of the team... Get 'Em!

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Well I hope I helped. If not... and you are going 0/100/0 then maybe you're doing something wrong. I am not claiming to be the best Trundle player out there. I do quite well however. What I can promise is that Trundle will surprise you. He is not a complicated champ, but a solid killer. He will take only a bit of practice to get used to, and you should enjoy how easily you can take enemies down and survive to fight more. Have fun, play smart, and use an excessively large club to beat your opponents into oblivion.

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Thought and Expeience - A log of my ventures with Trundle.

This is a section I think will be a valuable part of this guide. Here I will comment and give you my thoughts from the games I've been playing. How I adapted or later how I should have adapted to better. This here will be a reminder to me as I play as much as helpful ideas and advice to you. So here you go.

~ In games I have been plagued with the choice of whether to be purely aggressive or passive/aggressive. Why you might ask? I find that if I'm purely aggressive I get hate a lot faster and even sometimes before I'm really ready for their whole team to be targeting me as the major threat.

When I am taking down the people in the lane too aggressively the lanes are often switched or their mid tries for a gank. I become a primary target. The other team builds defense up way earlier than I want them to as well, not all the time though, just the smart ones.

Me... I don't like this. It forces me into confrontations I don't want and will slow down my item progression because I end up getting in fights too far away from my tower when being aggressive and then I become to vulnerable especially if mid comes up to aid the other two and I'm just not getting any gold. Even if I get a kill, the price is often too high, I can usually get away back behind my tower but I still have to b back.

So all of that being said here is what I recommend. Kill the 2 golems. Get you lvl. Harass the lane back to their tower. Pick up a kill or two if you can. Then back off. Kill the wolves and ghosts. Take any opportunity to gank you can. By now you should be lvled enough to easily kill the blue buff without thinking, "Oh **** will my hp hold out?" And you have earned enough for Wriggle's and possibly some boots.

Now jungle hard. Do both side when possible. Help the lanes as you do but don't be so aggressive that you're killing everybody. You don't want to be the target. If the enemy your laner is fighting is trying to flee. Just throw up a pillar to help your teammate get the kill, don't go for it yourself. Throw down a contaminate and harass a player for a few seconds then go back to jungling. You want to be maximizing you gold income, and killing the jungle neutrals is faster and easier then slugging it out in the lanes.

You're going to be everywhere. Put down wards. Wriggle's has one, use it. Look for opportunities to end sprees. If a champ is not on a spree, they are not worth killing. Let your team handle them. You want gold.

Why do all this? At the end of mid game and going into late game you'll be stacked and the other team won't be ready for it. Each of them will have had a small tussle with you here and there, some may have been killed by you but really you haven't been actively pursing the other team enough for them to know that you're about to tear them several new ones. Most people haven't encountered Trundle, they will be clueless and reckless thinking that they can take you now that they have their items too... Wrong! Agony>Bite>Pillar>Contaminate>Auto>Bite>Auto>Bite... Dead. Trap an enemy with you with pillar while it also keeps their teammates away from you. Run back into the jungle. Then reengage the same way.

~ Even if you try to play passive or if you just want to be aggressive, you should consider grabbing armor(s) early if you are finding it more beneficial to you and your team to be on the attack rather than being so jungle focused. It is better that you survive than than to get a kill and die and be out for a time.

~ This may seem a bit contradictory to the above paragraphs. However I find every game I have to make the choice based on my teammates, the enemies, and how I am doing overall. The sooner you commit to a passive, passive/aggressive, or purely aggressive style, the better off you'll be. You'll be able to figure out your item order, and whether you can just stack AD and attack speed or if you need more armor and or magic resist.

~ My favorite game is when I can jungle with few skirmishes and can just run through the jungle popping the neutrals with Wriggle's and jumping out of the bushes for a quick kill here and there. Then around lvl 15 give or take I have a filled Bloodthirster and Last Whisper, I then precede to buy armor or atk speed, and can now begin picking my targets. I will have watched some fights, taken part in others and I will know who my top targets are, who my easiest are, and who I should avoid without team support.

~ I'm finding it funny... about every 1 in 4 games I get the "What is Trundle?" I just smile and say nothing. :)